Worksheets & Templates

As a teacher, you want to keep your classroom exciting and engaging so your students...

Worksheets and Templates

As a teacher, you want to keep your classroom exciting and engaging so your students develop a passion for learning. Part of that is having lesson plan templates in your back pocket, ready to use at any time. When teaching the extra little learners, it is important to have Elementary School Lesson Plan Templates that your students will not only enjoy participating in but also will be able to hold student's attention for an entire lesson (which as teachers know, is not always easy). 

If you’re anything like me, preparing for the new school year or term is a big planning time. And the first few weeks of school are often spent in the classrooms getting students into the groove for the new school year. Aesthetic and trendy worksheets and clear, easy-to-read lesson plan templates are the perfect addition to your teacher toolkit when it comes to planning ahead for the school year and hitting all the key criteria in the teaching curriculum. 

Lesson planning can be fun, but it can also be a huge time commitment, especially if you’re new to teaching or are shifting between grade levels. After spending a whole lot of years in the classroom, there’s one thing I know for sure… an effective lesson plan is essential for any teacher. With this in mind, I have created editable and printable Primary/Elementary School Lesson Plan Templates to save you time and give your students a clear idea of what the learning content will be.

These lesson plans are suitable for students in elementary or primary school, with templates like our Bugs and Minibeasts Unit which features differentiated pages for students in K-2. Discover creative lessons and templates covering a variety of non-fiction units that young students love. You can find lessons all the way from learning about Community Helpers, Procedure Writing and Writing Goals to lessons about  frogs, butterflies or the water cycle

These lesson templates are perfect for teachers, teaching assistants, teacher's aides, and anyone in the education sector who needs to have lesson plans ready on the fly. Say you’re out sick and have a substitute teacher covering your class, let’s build a day full of lessons for your 1st grade, primary school class. The goal is 5-6 lessons ready to go that any casual relief teacher or substitute can pick up straight away. 

The school bell rings, and the classroom is buzzing. Let's kick off the day with an icebreaker from the Back To School Activities Pack, the students can get to know their teacher for the day and be reminded of classroom expectations. Next, let's have some focus with our Non-Fiction Reading Unit before the kids are ready for a snack. Before lunch, we can learn all about Measurement and how to write stories in the Narratives Unit. And before the little ones are all worn out for the day, we’ve learned everything there is to know about Australian Animals and students can’t wait to tell their parents new nursery rhymes from the Nursery Rhymes Activity Pack. Job well done. 

So, BFF, if you’re looking for some editable, customisable and printable lesson plan templates for your elementary or primary school class, check out my collection of Worksheets & Templates for teachers available online now. 

Find the perfect lesson templates for you and have fun making them! While you’re getting stuck in creating an amazing learning schedule, why not browse through my First Day of School Signs, Classroom Door Displays and a lot of Classroom Decor to get ready for the first day of school and transform your classroom from drab to fab!