First Day of School Signs

First Day of School Signs

Ahh…The first day of school! Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed children walking into your class. Excitement in their eyes as they meet their new classmates. And….a few back-to-school jitters thrown in for good measure. While student pictures are a great way to celebrate your class, why not take photos of them holding First Day of School Signs too? This is a fun way for parents to get involved and it helps students feel more engaged on their first day.

Whatever year level you’re teaching, first day of school signs are a fabulous way to mark the significance of the school year. And a fun (and meaningful) way to create memories for your students and their parents on their first day of school!

One thing I remember from my teaching days is how busy things are in the lead up to starting the school year. So, BFF, you might be wondering when you’re going to have the time to make a photo-worthy first day of school sign. Good news: I’ve got you covered!

To make your own First Day of School Signs, all you need to do is choose a sign that matches your classroom decor theme. Whether you’re going for a Insta-worthy Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor theme or a Spotty Neutral Classroom Decor theme or even a bright and colorful Tropical Classroom Decor theme, I’ve got a First Day of School Sign to sync with your style.

Once you’ve found your dream decor theme (and browsing all my classroom decor theme bundles is encouraged) then all that’s left is to choose the print the year level page you are after, trim the white edges and place into a photo frame.

Then, you can give your brand new First Day of School Sign to your students to hold on their first day and take a snap! You may even like to let their parents take a photo with their child holding it too. What a marvelous way to make memories that will last a lifetime!

So, BFF, if you’re looking for some fun First Day of School Signs to use at the beginning of the school year, check out my printable First Day of School Signs for teachers. They're fun and a great way to capture an important memory for your classroom. The best thing about these signs is that they’re ready to use and completely editable.

Find the perfect First Day of School Signs for you and have fun making them! While you’re thinking about the look and feel of your learning environment, why not browse through my Classroom Posters, Classroom Door Displays and a whole lot of Classroom Decor to get ready for the first day of school and transform your classroom from drab to fab!