Inclusive Classroom Resources

Resources For An Inclusive Classroom

As teachers and educators, we have a lot of work to do when it comes to creating truly inclusive spaces. When it comes to creating inclusive classrooms there are some great resources and strategies available to help. But of course, when it comes to the real ‘heavy lifting’ of inclusive education, our work needs to be rooted in anti-racism. We need to prioritize learning from lived experiences and amplify marginalized voices. Filling your classroom with visual cues, posters, and displays is key to creating an exciting and engaging classroom right? While these are great resources for developing students' passion for learning, they are also essential for creating a welcoming classroom environment.

Every little learner has their own strengths and challenges when it comes to their learning. Having an inclusive classroom means you can support all of your students and their specific needs. From students with learning difficulties and those who use hearing aids, to children with autism, there are resources to help all your students in their learning.

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On the Miss Jacobs Little Learners site you can find sign language alphabet posters (both American and Australian sign languages), visuals timetables, hand signal displays and much much more to help support your little learners. 

Decorating your classroom can be fun, but it can also be a huge time commitment, especially if you’re new to teaching or are shifting between grade levels. After spending a whole lot of years in the classroom, there’s one thing I know for sure… effective visual aids are essential for any teacher. With this in mind, I have created editable and printable resources to save you time and give your students a clear guide to help them learn to spell, read and write. 

Whatever year level you’re teaching, my resources and decor are a great way to make your classroom more engaging (and more fun!) for your students. ​​And in my humble opinion, you can never have too many displays hanging in your classroom. Why? Well, displays engage students and help them to remember information. Plus, they set a positive and friendly tone for everyone in the room. Inclusive classroom resources are perfect for teachers, teaching assistants, assistant teachers, teacher's aides, and anyone in the education sector who needs to decorate their classroom while keeping inclusivity front of mind.  

To fill your classroom with visual cues and decor, the first thing you need to do is choose a decor theme that you love. Whether you’re going for a soft Spotty Pastels theme, a neutral modern boho vibe, or maybe Botanical is your style, there is a decor theme to suit any style. And the best bit? You can save time and money by grabbing your resources in a themed classroom decor bundle.

Once you’ve found your dream decor theme (and browsing all my classroom decor theme bundles is encouraged!) edit the message on your sign, print, trim the white edges and pin it up in your classroom and you're done. And BFF, I have an eco-friendly tip for you: if you’re displaying posters above head height you can put the planet first by skipping on laminating (and you’ll save time waiting for the lamination machine too).

Teachers, I know you're busy, so I have got you covered with classroom decor that’s ready to use with just one click. If you love the idea of having colorful posters and visual displays, but don't have the time to make it yourself, these resources are for you. 

So, BFF, if you’re looking for some editable, customizable and printable Classroom resources to make your classroom a safe and supportive space and an empowering learning environment, check out my range of inclusive classroom resources for teachers and build your own space for students to feel safe and included. 

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