Visual Timetables

Classroom Visual Timetable

As a teacher, you want to keep your classroom exciting and engaging so your students have a passion for learning. And you also want to keep your students organised and on track. Visual Classroom Timetables are a great way to do this. But who’s got time to spend making a Classroom Timetable from scratch? A Visual Timetable helps your little learners not only understand and prepare for upcoming events and see where they are on the timeline of the day. The simple layout allows children to easily access information and know what is next in their day or week so they can be ready and prepared. Parents love them too!

Keep your class on task and in the loop with what's on for the day with this Modern Editable Daily Schedule available in different themes and decors. Children in the early years depend heavily on visual aids in the classroom. So when I designed my Visual Classroom Timetable I made sure to include over 120 daily classroom activities and subjects to assist you in visually displaying an outline for the school day so that your children can keep track of their day. The fact that it is editable means that you can type in your own text to suit the language specific to your classroom – perfect for the bilingual classroom if you teach French or Spanish.

Every day, our students embark on a wide variety of activities. How do we ensure they have a good understanding of what happens next? Visual Timetables are an engaging way to encourage knowledge of daily routines and a great teaching tool to help students with learning difficulties understand their environment and routines. Visualizing the routine helps kids feel more in control, while taking away your oral explanations means you'll save your voice!

Timetables are an excellent way for children to take control of their day and for parents to see at a glance what's going on. With editable labels and space for tracking, these daily schedule charts give young students a place to learn about their activities, develop an understanding of subject areas, and get excited about completing all the tasks on their list.

One thing I remember from my teaching days is how busy things are in the lead up to starting the school year (or at any time for that matter – haha!). So, BFF, you might be wondering when you’re going to have the time to make a memorable Visual Timetable for your classroom? Good news: I’ve got you covered!

To make your own Visual Timetable, all you need to do is choose a decor theme that you love. The modern boho vibes visual timetable is an excellent choice for elementary/primary school kids. The botanical farmhouse visual timetable gives you a visual guide to the order of your day. The simple design makes for an understated look, perfect for older students. I’ve got a variety of Visual Timetables to sync with your style and theme. And the best bit? You can save time and money by grabbing the Visual Timetable in a themed classroom decor bundle.

Once you’ve found your dream decor theme (and browsing all my classroom decor theme bundles is encouraged), then all that’s left is to add your message and print the Visual Timetable, trim the white edges and stick it on your wall or keep them in a  PowerPoint editable version whatever that works for you! And BFF, I have an eco-friendly tip for you: if you’re displaying anything above head height, you can put the planet first by skipping laminating (and you’ll save time waiting for the lamination machine, too).

So, BFF, check out my printable Visual Classroom Timetables for teachers if you’re looking for some easy to make (and pretty to look at)Visual Timetables that are a great visual representation of your schedule for the day. Plus, they’re ready to use and completely editable – so you can easily add your own personal touch and keep the Visual Timetable regularly updated.

Find the perfect visual timetable for you, and have fun making them! While you’re thinking about the look and feel of your learning environment, why not browse through my Classroom Posters, First Day of School Signs and a whole lot of Classroom Decor to get ready for the first day of school and transform your classroom from drab to fab!