Reading Groups

Reading Groups

Welcome to Miss Jacobs' Little Learners, your go-to destination for all teaching resources and classroom decor! My extensive collection of templates are designed to enhance the learning experience of young students, help you create your dreamy classroom and and support you in your lesson planning. 

Discover a wide range of engaging reading group materials, carefully curated to cater to the unique and individual needs of your students. Whether you're a teacher, parent, or homeschooling educator, my reading group resources will empower you to organize your little readers with a fun range of labels.

Reading groups in the classroom foster engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking while catering to different skill levels. They provide opportunities for students to explore texts, share ideas, and develop comprehension skills. By discussing content, students gain diverse perspectives, enhance communication, and strengthen their analytical abilities. These groups, formed based on reading proficiency, enable targeted instruction and personalized support, allowing students to build upon their abilities. Through scaffolded discussions and shared reading experiences, students gradually develop their comprehension, vocabulary, and analytical skills, nurturing growth, encouraging peer learning, and empowering students to advance at their own pace. This approach promotes a love for reading and creates a supportive learning environment.

With my range of reading resources, you can easily structure your reading groups and guide discussions effectively amongst different reading levels.

Building your reading resource toolkit is as easy 

  1. Grab your Guided Reading folder
  2. Head to your Running Records page from last term
  3. Look at what instructional reading level each student was at in June
  4. Go to your Reading Groups page in your folder
  5. Recreate your groups according to your students’ last level
  6. Create new Reading Group posters and hang them on your wall!

Each reading group resource is thoughtfully designed to fit a classroom theme and spark student curiosity. Our resources aim to organize this recurring classroom activity with a creative flair, engaging students to pursue their guided reading with enthusiasm.  

If you're not sure where to start with planning and organizing your classroom reading groups, check out my guide for setting up reading groups in your classroom. 

Join countless educators who have optimized their classroom organization with templates like my reading group resources. Help your students experience a variety of texts suited to their reading ability, develop analytical skills, and foster a lifelong love for reading with Miss Jacobs' Little Learners.

Please feel free to contact me via instagram or email showing off how you use my teaching resources in your classrooms! 

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