Affirmation Stations

Classroom Affirmation Stations

As teachers, you want to keep your classroom a positive and empowering place for students to thrive and grow as learners and as individuals. Every teacher wants to encourage their students and remind them of their strengths. Positive affirmations are a great technique to build confidence in little learners. 

If you’re anything like me, preparing for the new school year or term is a big planning time. And the first few weeks of school are often spent in the classrooms getting students into the groove for the new school year. A Classroom Affirmation Station is the perfect way to welcome little learners into your classroom and let them know it’s a happy and safe place to be. 

The biggest advantage of setting up an affirmation station in your classroom is that it is available for students when needed. I believe that if we can give our students the tools to support themselves, then they'll be able to succeed in all their endeavors. You can use them to get to know your students better and build their self-esteem. Students can leave their affirmations at the station or take one and use it as a reminder throughout the day. If students want to, they can also leave their own affirmations at the station - but if students don't want to share theirs, that's okay, too!

To make your own Classroom Affirmation Mirror, the first thing you need to do is choose a decor theme that you love. Whether you’re going for an Insta-worthy Boho Rainbow theme, a neutral modern boho vibe or maybe Boho Plants is your style, there is a decor theme to suit any style. And the best bit? You can save time and money by grabbing your Affirmation Stations in a themed classroom decor bundle.

Once you’ve found your dream decor theme (and browsing all my classroom decor theme bundles is encouraged!) You can type in your inspirational affirmation messages or hand-write them using a black marker. And BFF, I have an eco-friendly tip for you: if you’re displaying the posters above head height, you can put the planet first by skipping laminating (and you’ll save time waiting for the lamination machine too).

Teachers, I know you're busy, so I have got you covered with classroom decor that’s ready to use with just one click. If you love the idea of having colorful affirmations or a classroom affirmation mirror, but don't have the time to make it yourself, these resources are for you. 

Whatever year level you’re teaching, my Classroom Affirmation Stations are a great way to make your classroom more welcoming, encouraging and more fun for your students. Affirmation Stations engage students and help them to build better relationships with themselves and others. Plus, they set a positive and empathetic tone for everyone in the room. The Affirmation Displays are perfect for teachers, teaching assistants, assistant teachers, teacher's aides, and anyone in the education sector who needs to decorate their classroom.

So, BFF, if you’re looking for some editable, customisable and printable Classroom resources to make your classroom a safe and supportive space and an empowering learning environment, check out my printable Classroom Affirmation Stations for teachers and build your very own classroom affirmation mirror. 

Find the perfect Classroom Affirmation Stations for you and have fun making them! While thinking about the look and feel of your learning environment, why not browse through my Visual Timetables, Teacher Toolbox Labels and a lot of Classroom Decor to get ready for the school year and transform your classroom from drab to fab!