My favorite ideas for a Boho Classroom Setup

My favorite ideas for a Boho Classroom Setup - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

There's just something about those calm, earthy tones in my Boho classroom themes that teachers can't get enough of, and trust me, I totally get it! 

It all started a few years back when other classroom decor creators were going all out with bright and colorful themes. While pops of color have their place – especially with younger kids they can easily veer into overwhelming territory and might not work if you want to create a calming and neutral classroom environment. I wanted to keep those lovely hues but in a more laid-back, Boho-inspired palette that would suit any teacher and grade level. Plus, the best part? You can easily mix and match these collections. Nothing better than revisiting a decor theme you loved before or seamlessly blending new resources with the old ones.

Over time, my Boho collections have grown from the popular Boho Vibes to newer ones like Boho Plants and the minimalist Simple Boho. If you're searching for a timeless classroom theme that exudes tranquility and timeless beauty, continue reading to explore my Boho collections.  

Boho Vibes

Boho Vibes was one of my first Boho classroom themes, and it's still one of my best selling decor collections! It features a desert neutral palette with deep, soft and earthy tones.

This is what some lovely teachers in our community said about this decor bundle:

"Love this pack so much, so calming and beautiful - perfect for my upper primary students, I've heard so many of them say that they love how it's not such a 'little kids' classroom. I loved it so much I'm getting the neutral rainbows to mix and match!" Michaela Teaches

"I love this bundle so much! The colors are so soothing and do not trigger my migraines like bright colors do. I’ve also gotten so many compliments on my room decor this year both from admin, fellow teachers, and students. Love love love this resource." Emma G.

@teachinglittlemindss standing in front of her Boho Vibes classroom wall holding a teacher introduction card.

Boho Vibes classroom display by @teachinglittlemindss.

Sabrina @teachinglittlemindss has created such a cute decor display using my Boho Vibes theme, it matches the green wall so well too! You can get all these resources in the Boho Vibes bundle: from bunting lettering packs to alphabet and times tables classroom posters and classroom labels.

Boho Plants

This one goes to all my plant-loving teachers out there! A bit of greenery really elevates the whole classroom environment, and nature inspired decor is a great way to bring some natural, earthy and calming vibes into your classroom.

If you feel like your classroom is looking and feeling a bit dull and needs a breath of fresh air, Boho Plants is the perfect cure. Seeing so many of my fellow teachers combine this theme with real plants in their classroom just takes this decor theme to the next level. Additionally, establishing a habit of caring for a few classroom plants is an excellent means to engage your students in showcasing responsibility while maintaining a clean and inviting classroom environment.

Boho Plant alphabet posters on a classroom wall.

Boho Plants Alphabet Posters feature these adorable watercolor styled animal illustrations to help your students learn the ABCs.

Boho Rainbow Neutrals

"Purchasing the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle has saved me so much time. I have been trying to create a calm and inviting environment for a while now and stumbled upon the Boho Rainbow theme which I love. Teamed with brown paper backgrounds and hessian borders it works perfectly, but I was struggling to coordinate it with my files and trays etc ( I have a lot of bright coloured old furniture). Then I discovered t bundle and it is perfect 🤩 I purchased it straight away and set to work updating and uplifting my learning environment. The children and staff love it and find it so warm and inviting and I love the fact everything matches." 

This amazing review left for my Boho Rainbow classroom decor bundle makes me so happy to read, it's what my bundles are all about: adding value to your existing resources, and the neutral toned Boho palette so easily matches to a variety of backgrounds: perfect if you want your decor theme to seamlessly blend into your existing classroom environment. Just one of the reasons Boho Rainbow remains one of my longest best-selling decor themes!

@lololoveslearning holding an iced coffee in front of her Boho Rainbow Growth Mindset Display.

Beautiful growth mindset display by @lololoveslearning.

Boho Rainbow creates the cutest growth mindset displays, teaching our students the value of a positive can-do mindset and believing in their own potential, as demonstrated here by @lololoveslearning.

Also on the blog: Tips to Support a Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Library nook with a display quote in my Boho Rainbow theme.

Library nook by @teachingwithmissappel15 using my Boho Rainbow lettering.

My bulletin board lettering packs are one of the most versatile resources you can use: here @teachingwithmissappel15 has created a beautiful reading nook and quote display using my Boho rainbow bulletin board printables.

Modern Rainbow

While this decor theme technically isn't from the Boho range, it can be the perfect substitute if you're looking for that Boho Style in a cooler tone highlighting calm colors and blue hues. This modern calming Boho theme creates such a stylish, tranquil classroom environment where both you and your students feel at ease working and learning.

Remember that all my decor theme bundles, including Modern Rainbow, are full of editable resources, so you can easily customize them to fit your needs whilst sticking to the decor theme.

Teacher Trolley with Modern Boho theme labels.

Teacher Trolley labels in Modern Rainbow will keep any classroom items well organized.

Keep your resources, files, teaching supplies, hair ties, keys (the list goes ON) organized with a Teacher Trolley! This is one of my favorite organizational tools that will make keeping your desk clean that much easier, plus it's super easy to make it look cute with my editable labels

Simple Boho

If you're a fan of minimalistic classroom decor and want a blank canvas with neutral tones for your own decor additions and student work, but still want that free spirited bohemian style, Simple Boho brings exactly that. This newer theme is perfect for any season and grade level, whilst still bringing a gentle splash of color to your learning environment.

Product examples of what you get in my Simple Boho bundle.

Simple Boho Bundle is packed with value in editable resources to suit your classroom needs.

Spotty Boho

Spotty Boho combines two great themes of my classroom decor design: black and white dots and beautiful Boho colors and vibrant rainbows. I've definitely got a soft spot (sorry not sorry) for anything with spots on it, and they do add that joyous and playful vibe into this decor theme too. 

"This bundle transformed my overwhelming, bright classroom into the calm, neutral classroom that I have been striving for!" Alecia Speager

These are exactly the words I was looking for when I designed this decor collection, and I'm so glad to see it across some beautiful classrooms in my Instagram feed. standing in front of her Spotty Boho affirmation station mirror.

Spotty Boho affirmation station by

Affirmation stations are so easy to set up using my decor resources: all you'll need is a mirror and my printable resources, and you've got a great classroom tool to help your students learn about positive self-talk and empowerment.

A wow work wall in Spotty Boho with @buy.from.beth standing in front of it.

Spotty Boho Wow work wall by @buy.from.beth.

Beth from @buy.from.beth has used my Spotty Boho Amazing Work Coming Soon posters to create this beautiful wow work wall display! You can grab these by signing up to my Free Resource Library, with this one and many other editable resources available for you to use.

Which Boho classroom decor ideas are your favorite?

I totally get that redecorating every year can be a bit of a hassle. I'm a big believer in making the most of what you already have or easily sprucing up a theme you've used before. With my Boho collections, I've designed them with mixing and matching in mind. So, if you're having trouble deciding between themes, don't hesitate to blend elements from different Boho decor themes. It's all about making it work for you!

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Which of these Boho decor themes caught your eye? Whether it's the calm feels of Boho Vibes, the cool serenity of Modern Rainbow, or lush Boho Plants, each collection has been crafted with your classroom's unique personality in mind to make sure you find a style that looks and feels like you. If you're feeling a tad indecisive, jump into the Miss Jacobs Little Learners Instagram feed that's filled with beautiful classroom creations from my amazing community of teachers, featuring many of these collections.

Whichever of these themes you choose for your classroom decor, each one offers everything you need to build an engaging, tranquil, and inspirational learning space where your students can flourish and thrive.


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