Mix and match is back baby! My top picks for the best classroom decor combinations.

Yes, you read that right… Along with double denim and claw clips, mix and match has made its triumphant return from the ‘90s and ‘00s and is HERE to transform your classroom into the most EPIC space for learning.

But can we please leave low rise jeans in the past? K thanks.

As an educator and #ClassroomDecorQueen, creating modern and engaging learning environments is my jam. But… choosing a single decor theme for my own classroom would be an incredibly tough decision. Seriously, it’s like asking me to choose which of my children I love the most (impossible!).

Plus with so many beautiful classroom decor themes available, why settle for just one? So, rather than choose, I’ve paired together a host of different decor combinations – from soothing neutrals and playful pastels to earthy tones and boho vibes. 

It's time to create a space that reflects your personal aesthetic (is the envy of other style-savvy teachers) and makes a lasting impression on your students.

It gets better! Once you find a combo you like, buy two decor bundles and save 10% off! Use code DOUBLETHEFUN at checkout and don’t forget to tag me in your fave decor duos!


Boho Vibes X Spotty Neutrals

If your ideal classroom aesthetic is bohemian charm meets playful sophistication, then this classroom decor duo featuring Boho Vibes and Spotty Neutrals is spot on (pun intended!). With its warm golden hues and soft pastels, Boho Vibes pairs perfectly with the earthy tones and chocolatey color palette of Spotty Neutrals. It’s #goldenhour, the classroom edition.

Australiana X Ombre Neutrals

Inspired by the landscape and wildlife of the bushlands of the country I call home, the Australiana decor theme features blush pinks and silvery greys reminiscent of blossoming native plants. Oh and let’s not forget the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Australian animals (who doesn’t want to adorn their classroom walls with cute koalas?!) Its perfect match? My Ombre Neutrals decor theme with its gentle color gradient that effortlessly integrates into any decor scheme. 

Boho Plants X Boho Vibes

If you identify as a plant parent with a penchant for macrame hanging planters and terracotta pots, you’ll love this mix and match magic! Combine Boho Plants and Boho Vibes to create a learning environment that feels light and airy all year round. Which, I might add, is particularly lovely when it's time to retreat into your report writing cave and you need a serene space to focus. BYO fancy ceramic coffee mug to complete the look – and make sure it doesn’t end up in the staff room because you *know* you’ll never get it back.

Spotty Pastels X Simple Brights

If you’re a firm believer that every day should be a celebration of creativity and self-expression, then I think you’ll love the dynamic duo that is Spotty Pastels and Simple Brights. In this pairing that packs punch, bright pinks and oranges are balanced with softer hues of baby blue and mint making this the sweetest combo for achieving that rainbow classroom look – minus the overwhelm. It reminds me of *that* teacher who struts down the corridors rocking a bold color-blocked outfit. We all know the one.

Boho Rainbow X Simple Boho 

Often in relationships, opposites attract. Similarly, sometimes what sounds like a classroom decor clash makes for the perfect match. Boho Rainbow and Simple Boho proves it. With muted tones and a minimalist aesthetic Simple Boho brings the calm and collected, while Boho Rainbow bursts onto the scene adding pops of color and a playful touch. The result? A classroom that marries bold with calm. This perfect pairing creates a classroom so inviting that it feels like your second home – but with glue sticks and glitter instead of laundry, HA!

Spotty Neutrals X Modern Jungle 

Make every day an adventure with this epic classroom decor combo of Modern Jungle and Spotty Neutrals. Here, the earthy jungle tones, a splash of animal print, leafy greens and STUNNING animal illustrations of Modern Jungle pair perfectly with the calming color palette and muted tones of Spotty Neutrals.

Create your own personalized classroom theme in just a few clicks.

Let’s crunch the numbers! With 20 (and counting!) decor themes at your disposal, you have almost 200 different pairings to play with. That's a whole lot of creative potential to design a classroom that truly reflects your personal style. Mix and match, experiment, and explore, until you find the perfect combination of decor bundles to bring your classroom vision to life. 

And don’t forget to use code DOUBLETHEFUN at checkout and take advantage of our exclusive offer: buy two decor bundles and save 10%!

Mix and match is back baby! My top picks for the best classroom decor combinations. - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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