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My brand-new, gorgeous Simple Boho Classroom Decor Bundle will add the perfect, gentle splash of joy and calm to your classroom!

Designed with a neutral boho color palette, this soft-hued pack is sure to bring a gentle vibrance to your classroom - perfect for all grades and seasons!

This Simple Boho decor bundle includes everything you need to set up an amazing educational space for you and your students! Most of the elements are EDITABLE which means you can easily customize them to cater to the needs of your students and the requirements of your school. Furthermore, I have ensured that this pack is BILINGUAL FRIENDLY which easily allows teachers to edit the text and type in Spanish or French – just as an example.
Aussie Fonts included are: NSW, QLD, SA and VIC/WA.

Transform your classroom from drab to fab, with Miss Jacobs Little Learners’ modern classroom decor!

This Simple Boho Classroom Decor Bundle includes:
  1. Affirmation Station (PDF & Editable)
  2. Alphabet Posters (PDF & Editable) 3 Versions, with & without alphabet images
    1. Fonts Include: Standard Primary Font, Cursive Font, Australian State Fonts (NSW, QLD, SA, VIC/WA)
      1. Version 1: Minimalistic Boho design with alphabet associated images
      2. Version 2: Colour Strip with alphabet associated images
      3. Version 3: Square Boho design with no images
  3. Alphabet Word Wall Headers (Editable) standard primary font and Aussie State fonts  (NSW, QLD, SA, VIC/WA).
  4. Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters (Editable)
  5. ASL (American Sign Language) Alphabet Posters (PDF & Editable)
  6. Auslan (Australian Sign Language Posters (PDF & Editable)
  7. Binder Covers and Spines - (Editable) + Spines in 3 sizes, styled to match
  8. Birthday Display - (Editable)
  9. Bulletin Board Borders (PDF)
  10. Bulletin Board Bunting and Banners - 25 designs (Editable)
  11. Classroom Calendar and Weather Display - (PDF & Editable) 2 Versions - Pocket Chart Size and Standard Size
    • plus Weather chart
  12. Classroom Jobs with Header - (PDF & Editable)
  13. Clock Numbers
  14. Classroom Labels - medium tub, large tub, round, square, Tote Tray, Magazine & Tolsby (Editable)  Labels are all editable for you to organise your teaching resources but also create things like your own Classroom Affirmation Station or Library Bin Labels
  15. Classroom Posters in Portrait and Landscape - EDITABLE (Type in your own classroom rules or values, motivational quotes and signs etc)
  16. Classroom Rules Posters (PDF & Editable)
  17. Days and Months of the Year Flashcards (PDF & Editable)
  18. Days at School Tally (Editable)
  19. Door Display - 4 designs to choose from (Editable)
  20. Flip Calendar - 3 designs to choose from (Editable)
  21. Hand Signal Posters - (PDF & Editable)
  22. Learning Intentions, Success Criteria (PDF & Editable)
  23. Meet the Teacher Templates (Editable)
  24. Newsletters (PDF & Editable)
  25. Number Posters - 0-30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 (PDF & Editable)
  26. Shape Posters (PDF & Editable)
  27. Slides (Editable)
  28. Student Desk Plates & Goal Mats (with Alphabet and Numbers) (Editable)
  29. Teacher Toolbox Labels - (Editable)
  30. Teacher Trolley / 10 Drawer Cart Labels - 3 styles (Editable)
  31. Visual Timetable with Clocks (PDF & Editable)
  32. Voice Levels Display (PDF & Editable)
  33. Welcome Posters (PDF & Editable)
Bring your classroom to life with Simple Boho today!

Please note, this is a downloadable, digital file that you can access immediately after purchase.

To open the files you will be required to have a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. 

To edit: If the product description stipulates that the file is editable, it will be editable only in Microsoft PowerPoint. You will need to have access to Microsoft Powerpoint to be able to type in your text. You can access a free trial here

‘Editable’ refers to the *text* within the file being customisable. Images and colour palettes are not editable. Simply type into the text boxes provided or add in your own to edit.

Please ensure your PDF reader and MS PowerPoint software is up to date to avoid compatibility issues.

Purchase of this resource entitles the purchaser the right to reproduce pages in limited quantities for single classroom or homeschool use only.

Duplication for a friend, another staff member, entire school or commercial purpose without purchase of an additional license is strictly forbidden.

Copying any part of this resource and/or placing it on the internet in any form (even a personal or classroom website/ school server) is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Copyright ©Chantelle Jacobs

Miss Jacobs Little Learners Pty Ltd

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SIMPLE BOHO Classroom Decor BUNDLE | Neutral Boho Decor

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