Create an Affirmation Station in 4 Easy Steps!

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Picking a favourite resource is like picking a favorite song – there are SO many, and I love them for all kinds of different reasons (my favorite songs are probably Forever – Chris Brown and anything by Sam Smith, in case you were curious!).

But there’s something special about my Affirmation Stations, and I think it’s not even about the resource itself – but it’s about the power that this gives the little learners who use it, the power of self-confidence and self-worth.

Sorry to hit you with #allthefeels so early in the blog – but it’s true! Along with a growth mindset, helping your students to grow their self-esteem is one of the most impactful lessons you’ll teach, and will stay with them for years to come.

teacher stands in a mirror that she has decorated with positive affirmations around the sides.
MJLL BFF @msstokesclass has set up this gorgeous Affirmation Station for her third graders.

So what is an Affirmation Station, anyway?

Well friend, I’m *so* glad you asked. An affirmation is a short – but empowering – phrase. You know the song ‘I Am Woman’? Stay with me here – but if you can remember singing “I am strong, I am invincible,” these are perfect examples! Sing those lines enough times, and you can take on a-ny-thing.

So, an Affirmation Station is all about creating an intentional space in your classroom that prompts your students to affirm themselves, and get that encouragement and support they so desperately need at this age.

The best part of having an Affirmation Station set up, though? It’s available for students when they need it. This can be a really personal process for some students – and if they don’t want to share those affirmations with you? That’s totally okay! It’s giving them the space to explore their relationships with themselves that counts.

teacher stands in a mirror taking a selfie. Around the outside are positive affirmations that she has created using my Boho Rainbow editable labels.
I love how @sped.with.meag has created her own Affirmation Station with my Boho Rainbow editable labels!

How do I go about setting an affirmation station up for my classroom?

It is literally so easy to set up an Affirmation Station, that you can have one in your classroom by tomorrow! For such a small effort, you can have such a big impact.

1. Get your supplies

One of the key components of your Affirmation Station is a full-length mirror! The idea is that as your students say or think their affirmations, they can be looking at (and connecting with) themselves.

You’ll also need some paper or card to print out your affirmations. If you don’t have a laminator or you’re trying to cut down on laminating, opt for a thicker card stock so that your affirmations won’t curl.

Then, assemble your usual classroom decor line up – scissors, tape or adhesive putty (we call it Blu Tack in Aus, but I actually have no idea what the US equivalent is!) – and you’re ready to go!

2. Create your affirmations

Alright, you crafty teacher you! It’s time to get creative and think up some affirmations! Put yourself into your little learners’ shoes and think about how they might like to be described, or how they might like to feel about themselves. Listening to any positive feedback shared between students is always a great place to start (aside from being incredibly heart-melting!).

Traits like “kind,” “valued,” “capable,” and “loyal” are awesome to include – you want any student to be able to read these and feel that they’re true.

Next, you’ll want to pop these into a doc or Canva template, perhaps add some colors or graphics, the sky’s the limit, really! A lot of you have ended up customizing my Boho Rainbow Classroom Labels for your Affirmation Stations and they look inCREDible.

teacher is kneeling in front of a mirror as she takes a photo. Around the mirror are positive affirmations printed in all different colors.
@firstiefriends_ has created an amazing Affirmation Station with my Boho Rainbow editable labels – I love it so much, it’s on the product page on my website!

Don’t forget to create a header that will sit on top of your mirror! This will work as the framing statement to kick off all the affirmations. I like to use “I am…” for this, so that the affirmations are coming from inside the student. You could also use “You are…”

If you’d prefer to use a pre-made set of affirmations, I’ve got you covered! Check out my Modern Rainbow Affirmation Station. This is editable, by the way, so you can add in some of your own affirmations or change the language if you need to.

3. Assemble all your elements

Now comes the exciting part – putting it all together! Print and cut out your affirmations, and place these around either long edge of your mirror. Finish it off with your header at the top.

Now stand back, look in the mirror and take your Affirmation Station out for a test drive. Don’t be shy – teachers need a little self-love sometimes, too!

4. Introduce to your students, and watch the magic happen

Let your students know why you’ve created the Affirmation Station, and encourage them to make it a part of their routine as they enter the classroom each morning.

They can pick an affirmation that reflects how they’re feeling that day, or set it as a goal of how they want to be feeling at the end of it.

They can share these with you, or keep them to themselves. But however your little learners choose to use this Affirmation Station, I promise that you’ll be able to tell when its magic starts working!

teacher stands in front of a mirror that she has decorated as a botanical Affirmation Station. It’s covered in paper leaves, with affirmations woven throughout.
@young.minds.bloom has put a botanical spin on her Affirmation Station! I love how she’s tied in the theme of personal growth.
Tegan has used these editable labels to create her Botanical Themed Affirmation Station

You’ll notice your students feeling more empowered, treating each other with respect and empathy, lifting each other up at every opportunity, and feeling more positive in the classroom environment.

And teachers can definitely benefit from a daily dose of positivity, too!

Looking for some Pre-made Affirmation Stations?

Check out my range of pre-made Affirmation Stations in a variety of various classroom decor themes below!



rainbow-affirmation-station for classroom

Have you implemented an Affirmation Station in your classroom?

I’d love to hear about your experience and what changes you noticed in your students! Of course, I’d love to sticky beak at your classroom decor, too. Let me know in the comments or send me an email!


Create an Affirmation Station in 4 Easy Steps! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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