My favorite ideas for a boho classroom theme.

There’s nothing more I love than seeing my classroom decor resources come to life in your classrooms. I’m tagged in hundreds of stunning learning spaces over on my Instagram account so I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite boho-theme classroom setups. 

This list of neutral-toned, modern boho-inspired classrooms has been designed by teachers who have used pieces from my Boho Vibes and Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor packs. Combined with their own unique sense of style and flair, these talented teachers have created an absolutely beautiful space for themselves and their students to learn and thrive!

Not only were these inspirational teachers kind enough to allow me to share the images below with you all, but they have also put together some classroom decor teacher tips to assist you when designing your current and/or future classroom.

It can sometimes be tricky to imagine what my classroom decor bundles might look like within your own space, so now is your chance to envision your very own boho-theme classroom setup!

The Boho Vibes Bundle

This stunning classroom setup has been created by Grade Prep teacher, Cedella (@goodmorningmiss_s) who has paired Boho Vibes Decor with a variety of soft, natural textures and earthy tones to create this modern, calming vibe for her classroom.

“My name is Cedella, and I have been teaching for Prep for four years. I adore it. It’s extremely challenging but also incredibly rewarding! The growth in a year blows me away and is always made incredibly obvious when your new class of Preps start their first weeks.

My favorite space? There are so many little spaces that bring me joy! But at the moment I am loving our new investigation table! It’s packed with such a variety of learning opportunities (currently for number) plus it looks super inviting!


I have so many little teacher hacks and amazing finds, mostly shared to me by beautiful colleagues (as collaboration is the best hack of all!). My fave would have to be the magic of a bull clip for cutting resources! You can cut out multiple pages of the same thing without it sliding around! Game changer 🙌


When it comes to classroom setups, I love to pick things that are calming and express my style. I always like to go with soft/subtle themes. Particularly in Prep, the rooms get very lively with color as students make it their own through art and student-responsive spaces – so I feel the decor is best when it blends in without making the classroom look too busy.

Of course, decorating your room is in no way necessary and should only be done if it brings you happiness. If you choose to decorate, it should add to the joy, not the stress!”

Teacher Nikita (@kindy_with_keets) has also used my Boho Vibes Classroom Decor Bundle to create this stylish, yet functional learning environment for her Kindy class.

I absolutely love the minimalist look she has designed for her classroom! It’s just the right amount of pretty, without causing overwhelm for her students.


“My name is Nikita and I’m the face behind @kindy_with_keets. I am a graduate teacher and I feel so lucky to be teaching kindergarten this year in a wonderful school that fits perfectly with my philosophy and vision for my classroom!

My favorite part of my classroom setup is definitely my main hub! I have everything around me that I need to run my lessons smoothly and effectively. My classroom calendar, acknowledgment of country, and classroom jobs are all easily accessible and my interactive whiteboard makes everything so much easier.


I love having my classroom in order and presented beautifully. One of my favorite parts of teaching is being able to express my creativity through displays and resources. This year I have found a love for making resources to suit my class' needs that are beautiful and functional. I believe I work better in a classroom that is organized as it makes me feel calm and proud of the space I’ve created.”


Dreamy Boho Rainbow 

Third Grade teacher Nina (@tidyteacher), has gone for a soft, neutral palette in her classroom this year and has used my Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle to achieve this look. Plus, the pops of blush pink and greenery combined with the rainbow decor really give her classroom a warm and inviting feel.

“I’m Nina from @tidyteacher. I’ve been teaching for four years in NSW, Australia, and fall more in love with what I do every day. I love creating a calm, happy, and creative space for my students. Not because this makes me a better teacher, but because I love seeing them feel at home in a place they spend so much of their time.

My favorite areas of my classroom would be what I call the ‘crate station’ which is where I sit with students in small groups or when providing students with one-to-one support. They feel privileged and proud to be selected to sit at this table with me!


Another favorite area would be the whole back wall of my classroom! This is the area where students look for support throughout the day. Each area of the wall is labeled as one of our key areas of learning such as ‘Maths’, ‘Spelling’, ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’ etc so that students can locate the subjects they need the most assistance with, making them independent learners!”




Modern Boho Vibes (with an earthy twist)

This earthy-toned classroom set up has been put together by Kate (@shawaboutprimary), who is a pre-primary and Grade 1 teacher. She has used my Boho Vibes Decor with some neutral toned furnishings to really give her boho meets earthy chic theme classroom a homely and cosy feel!


“I’m Kate and I have been a teacher for one year. Over the last year, I did a lot of contract and relieving work. 2021 is my first year teaching from the beginning of the year and therefore my first proper classroom set up! It was amazing having a blank canvas be able to make the space anything that I liked. I absolutely loved coming into work each day of the holidays to see my classroom evolve and become a space that I knew I’d want to spend time in.

Teaching pre-primary and year one, it was important for me to make the space open and calming so their little energies could disperse throughout the space. I run a play based pedagogy entwined with some independent desk work. During my first week, I had some real ‘pinch me moments’ where I got to see my students use the space as I had intended.”

Amanda, (@teachingwithmissamanda) a Melbourne Prep teacher, has blended my Boho Vibes decor with her Walker Learning approach classroom beautifully! Her classroom has such a chilled feel to it, don’t you think? All of the tones in her boho themed classroom just blend in such a calm and homey way! I can imagine all of her little Preppies love walking into their classroom each morning! 

Here are the decor printables she’s used to create her beautiful learning space:

Alphabet Word Wall
Classroom Calendar and Weather Display
Days at School Tally Display
Visual Timetable
Alphabet Posters


Get the boho look for your classroom with these classroom decor collections. 

Discover my range of give enchanting collections in my shop, designed to breathe life into your whimsical classroom. Whether you desire the serene elegance of Simple Boho and Boho Plants, the gorgeous allure of Boho Rainbow and Boho Vibes, or the subtle textural accents of Spotty Boho, there's a stunning boho inspired decor bundle perfectly suited for every teacher seeking this distinctive style

So there you have it! Just a few of my favourite boho theme classroom set up! I hope seeing these beautiful learning spaces has got your creative juices flowing, too. The possibilities are endless!


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