Nature Themed Classroom Decor

Nature Themed Classroom

Miss Jacobs' Little Learners is here for all your creative classroom decor needs! Have a look through my wide range of nature-themed classroom decor options that will add an engaging, earthy and interactive atmosphere to your classroom. Our collections include a variety of customizable resources and accessories, so you can find the perfect fit for your classroom and teaching style.

Throughout the year there are various opportunities to teach your students about the broad topic of nature and environment, just a hand full of Australian examples include Clean Up Australia Day, Earth Hour, National Tree Day and World Environment Day with America also experiencing their fair share of environmental awareness occasions to mark on the calendar such as Arbor Day, National Clean Energy Week, America Recycles Day and National Green Week. All of these events are prime opportunities to lean into your creative side with your lesson materials.

Heres where I come in... whether its my Modern Jungle, Botanical or Boho Plants decor bundles, I have a nature theme for every learning environment. Available decorations range from Bulletin Board Lettering Packs to Cactus-themed Trolley Labels and sooo many more. 

Our Editable Displays and resources will help you create a clear classroom theme for your students to enquire about and expand on their learning through engagement and curiosity with their favourite plants and animals surrounding them.

In addition to our decor options, we also offer a range of other classroom ideas and teaching resources, such as nature-inspired Inquiry Units such as Plants, Butterflies and Caterpillars, and Bugs and Minibeasts. All designed to make your job a little easier and remain in line with your environmental education desires. Our resources are created by experienced educators, so you can trust that they're aligned with the common core standards of the classroom while also remaining a fun and inspirational space for students.

By decorating your learning environment with our nature classroom material, you are investing in not only the presentation of your classroom, but also your students' learning. Our nature-themed decor will help create an immersive and engaging environment that will make learning more enjoyable for your students.

These Classroom Decor Bundles go hand in hand with the cheapest decor there is... nature itself! Nature themed classroom ideas are often accentuated by the inclusion of actual natural elements that students can tangibly engage with, this ranges from sticks and rocks you find in the garden to the variety of plants (real or fake depending on how green your thumbs are) or terrariums to further your students understanding of the environment and the ecosystems within it! 

So why wait? Browse our collection of nature themed classroom decor today. You could  transform your classroom into a mini safari with our Modern Jungle collection or experience the Australian outback with our Australiana collection. With our range of nature-themed decor, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your classroom.