Learning Intentions

Learning Intentions

As teachers, we understand the importance of setting clear learning intentions for our students. That's why Miss Jacobs' Little Learners offers a collection of customizable learning intentions worksheets and decor, specifically designed to help you achieve your teaching goals.

My learning intention classroom materials provide a clear structure for your students to visualize their education goals for any given lesson while ensuring that they remain engaged. With a variety of formats and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your teaching style and classroom aesthetic. 

My templates are fully editable, which means you can customize them to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you're teaching persuasive writing, mathematics, or reading, you can tailor resources to help you lay out the objectives of a lesson for your students, so you can focus on delivering high-quality instruction that meets your student's needs.

In addition to my learning intention templates, I offer a range of other teaching resources, including worksheets, games, and assessments, all designed to make your job a little easier, with the bonus of creating an engaging and interactive environment for your students. My resources are created by experienced educators, so you can trust that they're aligned with the common core standards of the classroom.

Investing in my learning intention templates is an investment in your teaching and your student's learning. With my templates, your students will be able to clearly understand what they are learning and their set objective or expected outcome from an engaging lesson. It’s important for students to understand not only their long-term learning goals but also the learning expectations of individual lessons, this ensures maximum effort can be given to understanding the intended exercise.

So why wait? Browse my  collection of templates today and help your students understand and achieve their learning goals for every lesson that you deliver!

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