Decor Bundles

Classroom Decor Bundles

As educators, we strive to create an encapsulating learning environment that inspires our students to develop and learn in ways we tailor for them. One essential element in transforming a classroom into an engaging space is the selection of classroom decor and a cohesive classroom theme. Miss Jacobs Little Learners offers a diverse collection of Classroom Decor Bundles, curated to help you create a visually appealing and motivating atmosphere for your students.

Each of my bundles caters to a different style or classroom need! From neighboring designs like the Boho Rainbow and Spotty Boho to something considerably more vibrant like my Rainbow Brights Bundle. If you're after filling a particular hole in your pre-existing classroom set up, then perhaps my subject specific bundles are more what you are after. Check out my Ombre Neutrals Math Poster Bundle or my Modern Jungle English Poster Bundle

Trust me, I understand the demands of a teacher's busy schedule. That's why my Classroom Decor Bundles are meticulously crafted to save you time and effort. Instead of searching for individual decor pieces, my bundles offer a convenient and efficient solution. With just one purchase, you'll have all the essential decorations you need to create an engaging and welcoming learning environment. You can spend less time shopping around and more time focusing on what truly matters – teaching and inspiring your students.

If you’re looking to create a nature-themed classroom for example, the Botanical, Boho Plants, Modern Jungle or Australiana bundles are perfect. Or if you are really just looking for some simple and elegant pieces to fill your classroom, the Simple Boho, Ombre Neutrals or Pastels bundle could be the right choice for your learning space.

Our Classroom Decor Bundles are designed to be editable and adaptable. I understand that every classroom is unique, and you may have specific preferences or requirements. That's why I provide you with the flexibility to personalize the decorations. You can easily add your students' names, incorporate your preferred color schemes, or modify certain elements to align with your teaching style. This ensures that my bundles seamlessly integrate into your classroom and reflect your own creative touch.

Is color your thing? The Spotty Brights or Simple Brights classroom decor bundle is perfection. Or if Boho is what you’re after, Boho Rainbow, Boho Vibes and or Spotty Boho is the perfect theme for you. 

Creating an inspiring classroom environment is a powerful tool in fostering student engagement and learning. Let Miss Jacobs Little Learners' Classroom Decor Bundles be your partner in creating a space that motivates and excites your students. Explore my collection today and discover the perfect bundle to transform your classroom into a vibrant and inviting place where learning thrives.