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My Favorite Classroom Decoration Ideas for Teachers - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

This will come as a surprise to no one, but my absolute favorite thing about a new school year was always coming up with classroom design ideas and pulling together a coherent theme. Trust me, it wasn’t always as easy as it is now to decorate your classroom (picking a bundle of printable resources in a super cute theme and you're all set!) Back then it required a lot of researching, mixing, matching and DIY-ing, but seeing a new class settle into their learning environment always made the effort oh-so worth it.

We all know how much preparation goes into planning a new school year, and classroom decor can feel like just another job to add to the endless list during that back to school season. To check off the decor part, I’ve put together some of my essential classroom decorating ideas to help you get started, and create a fun, beautiful and inspiring place to learn.

Picking your classroom decor theme

Starting off with my favorite step, picking your classroom theme! I’m a big believer in less is more, and picking one theme for the year ahead will help your classroom feel consistent and make the decoration process easy and seamless.

You don't want your classroom to appear overwhelming with too many things going on, but mixing and matching decor themes similar to each other is definitely an option – especially if you wish to recycle a theme from a previous year.

If you’re in for a fresh start, I guarantee you'll find a decor theme from the MJLL collection that fits your aesthetic this year.

Also on the blog: My top picks for the best classroom decor combinations.

Nature inspired themes

There are so many perks to picking a nature-themed classroom: they are timeless, fit every season, and bring a calm natural energy to your learning environment.


Calling all my plant-lovers, this is the theme for you! My botanical bundle is the way to make your classroom evergreen and alive with fresh, calm and natural prints.

Classroom Door Display showcasing the botanical collection from Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Classroom Door Display in Botanical.


This decor collection has a special place in my heart, featuring beautiful Australian native flora and fauna. Your little learners will love seeing the kangaroos, platypuses, wombats and other cute Australian animals as part of their classroom.

Classroom calendar labels from the Miss Jacobs Little Learners Australiana decor collection

Australiana bundle in beautiful colors of Australian flora.

Modern Jungle

Fans of animal print, I heard you when I designed this decor collection filled with earthy jungle tones, leafy greenery and animal imagery that your students will be obsessed with.

The complete Modern Jungle classroom decor collection from Miss Jacobs Little Learners

My Modern Jungle Bundle featuring wild animals and jungle greens will make your classroom feel like another world.

Boho themes

My collection of Boho decor themes includes Boho Rainbow, Spotty Boho, Simple Boho, Boho Plants and Boho Vibes. What connects all these decor themes are stylish and calm neutral colors, perfect for that timeless classroom look.

Labels from the Spotty Boho Classroom Decor collection from Miss Jacobs Little Learners

My Spotty Boho Trolley Labels

A real life Boho Rainbow classroom by @mycozyclassroom using Classroom decor from Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Boho Rainbow classroom by @mycozyclassroom looking so cute!

Pastels themes

There’s something about pastels that just fit any and every classroom, and will give your space enough color without being too overwhelming. Whether you’re after that polka dot look or a more retro vibe, I’ve got you covered.

Spotty Pastels

Featuring a mix of black and white spots with muted rainbow colors, this collection remains one of my most popular ones.

Pastel classroom decor from the Miss Jacobs Little Learners Spotty pastels range

Spotty Pastels Bundle lighting up this whole classroom wall!

Daisy Gingham Pastels

My newest decor collection is a mix of daisy themed elements and soft pastel gingham prints that just happens to go perfectly with summer dresses – just saying!

A classroom "days at school" display in the popular Daisy Gingham Pastels Classroom decor theme.

Daisy Gingham Pastels wall by @miss_grosse.

Bright themes

If your classroom needs a good pick-me up, a good splash of color might just do the trick. I have a few vibrant yet coordinated themes for a colorful and fun classroom vibe.


My Tropical decor theme brings the holiday feels year round to your entire classroom, with bright colors and fruity imagery. If summer was a decor theme, it would be this one!

Reading Group organizers featuring the brightly colored Tropical Vibes decor theme from Miss Jacobs Little Learners.

Tropical Reading Group Labels keeping your classroom supplies organized.

Spotty Brights

Spotty Brights is an eye-catching theme made out of a beautiful rainbow color palette mixed with spots.

Bright and colorful classroom decor from the Spotty Brights classroom decor collection.

Spotty Brights Bundle will have everything you need to create a pretty and colorful classroom.

Time to make it happen - where to start with classroom decorations?

Now you’ve got a theme, it’s time to bring it to life. All of my bundles come with editable resources, so the sky is your limit with ideas on how to bring your classroom to life with a new decor collection. I’ve gathered some of my must-haves that work for any classroom.

Decide and decorate your learning areas

Establishing learning areas in your classroom helps make the space for students more engaging, educating and fun. Start by creating a few different designated areas for different activities around the room. My Bulletin Board Lettering Packs are perfect for this (see this blog for bulletin board ideas if you need some inspiration).

Boho Vibes decor used in @miss_grosse's classroom.

Boho Vibes classroom by @miss_grosse.

Affirmation Station Labels from the Miss Jacobs Little Learners Boho Plants classroom decor collection.

Boho Plants Affirmation Station

Classroom organization but make it aesthetic

I’m sure if there were studies done on this, they would find that having a beautiful decor theme as part of your classroom organization makes it so much more enjoyable to tidy up, keep school supplies organized and yes, I’ll say it, even to mark, file and do all your other classroom admin. Some classroom organizational tools that come in every decor theme are: 

Binder covers for teachers in the Daisy Gingham Neutrals decor theme by Miss Jacobs Little Learners.

Daisy Gingham – Neutrals Binder Covers

Teacher Toolbox labels in the Modern Rainbow classroom decor theme by Miss Jacobs Little Learners. 

Modern Rainbow Teacher Toolbox Labels

Classroom Management Tools

Classroom decor can also be one of the best ways to make it more fun for your students to learn about classroom rules, jobs and voice levels. Setting these resources up is a great opportunity to involve your students in the decor process while going through the importance of rules and expectations set together as a team.

  • Voice Level Displays: This tool is a teacher-favorite, and the thing you need to create a quieter classroom and remind students of appropriate voice levels during different classroom activities.
  • Classroom Jobs Display: There is a way to always get those daily jobs done, and it is having a clearly displayed classroom jobs list in a designated spot for your students to see.
  • Hand Signals: Teaching your students a way to nonverbally communicate what they need will help to have less distractions and a calmer and quieter learning environment.

Classroom Voice Level Display labels in the Spotty Boho Classroom decor theme.

Spotty Boho Voice Level Display by

Classroom Hand Signals in the Australiana classroom decor theme by Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Hand Signals in Australiana

I know it might seem like there is a LOT you can include, but starting from a few different classroom areas with the help of my decor resources will already get you on your way to a beautiful and engaging classroom environment. Your classroom should look and feel unique to you, so don’t forget other decorating ideas and finishing touches like plants, cute rugs, wallpapers or lights.

A warm and inviting learning environment where you feel motivated to teach and work will help engage students, enhance learning and inspire creativity.

Happy decorating!


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