A Closer Look at my BRAND NEW Boho Plants Range

Have you ever felt that giddy feeling inside when you just know you’ve nailed something? As a raging perfectionist, I can tell you it doesn’t come often. But when it does? It’s so exciting!

And BFFs - I felt that A LOT as I worked on my latest decor collection, and I’m SO excited to share it with you today! This is a BIG statement to make but... it could even be my favorite collection to date. So without further ado, allow me to introduce… The Boho Plants Range!

Chantelle stands in front of a large grey wall and points upwards. Over her head text reads, ‘The Boho Plants Range has arrived.’ She’s wearing a blue dress and has long blonde hair.
The day has arrived!

I am well known among my family and friends for my passion for plants, and my talent for killing them within days. A green thumb, I am not! In fact, the glorious Mrs Edgar (@mrsedgarsclass on Instagram) and I have a long-running competition about who is the most enthusiastic-but-awful plant mum. She has a plant cemetery in her backyard, so I think she wins! 

If you’re a plant lover (and perhaps also a plant killer) you’re going to love this collection. It brings all the benefits of greenery, but with zero maintenance!

A graphic reads ‘Let’s take a closer look. The brown text sits on a cream coloured paint swipe and in the background, we can see a blurry photo of the Plants Range decor on a shelf.
Keep scrollin’ for that planty-goodness!

With the Boho Plants Range, I wanted to help you create a relaxing and stylish classroom environment. Somewhere that feels fresh, coordinated and calming. As you scroll, you’ll see this collection has my usual mixture of boho, minimal and rustic aspects, but with a bit of a twist.

Rather than using a rainbow of colors this time, I wanted to really focus on a limited palette, using more neutral tones and gorgeous textures. I’ve made sure it’s the perfect balance of warm and engaging for the kids, but soft, soothing and stylish for the grown-ups too!

Boho + plants + organization = heaven!

My favorite place to start with classroom decor is with storage - there’s just something so satisfying about beautiful storage labels, and well-organized binders. They really help tie a theme together and maintain organization throughout the school year.

This range = Teacher’s new BFF!

No teacher should be without a trolley and a toolbox! My trolley labels and toolbox labels are editable, so you can organize them in the way that works best for you. Whether that’s having a drawer for each day, one for each subject, or a ‘to-do’ ‘done’ and ‘in progress’ drawer - the choice is yours.

Organization has never looked so good!

Another really effective resource is the reading group labels, that allow you to keep your guided reading groups visible and organized. They’re totally editable, so you can call your groups whatever you like. (Why not keep the plant theme going and call the reading groups something like ‘seedlings’ ‘monsteras’ or ‘snap dragons’!)

A series of three magazine holder boxes is lined up with MJLL decor labels on the front, they’re designed to hold reading books. Behind the boxes, are three posters on a wall. The posters show the name of the reading group and the names of the children in the group. The predominant colour is a warm sandy colour, and there are illustrations of plants in the corner.

Do you have a reading group system in your classroom?

Now, no classroom is complete without a series of alphabet posters! They’re an iconic part of every classroom and perfect for that space above the whiteboard. I’ve gone for beautifully illustrated animals within for the Boho Plants Range, and the colors are so versatile.

The Alphabet Posters come in a range of beautiful fonts including Australian school-standard fonts, as well as Auslan and ASL alphabets.

A beautiful birthday display is a great way to carry the theme across your classroom and will help your kiddos feel celebrated and at home.

Possibly my favorite product in the whole Plant Range!

As the sizing and text are totally customizable, you can make the birthday display fit a big space or a small one. (And as one of the most beautiful elements in the Boho Plants Range, I vote big!)

I love a supersized display!

Your whiteboard and bulletin board are two really key areas when it comes to classroom decor. There are so many things you can do with this prime real estate, so here are some of my absolute favorite ideas.

Help your students learn the days of the week and all about the weather with a Classroom Calendar pack. They’ll love the interactivity of changing the display each day.

So much goodness in the calendar display!

Use the calendar and daily schedule resources to help your class feel grounded and enjoy the predictability of a routine.

Looks like a job for the Display Captain!

Until I work out how to design decor that hangs effortlessly like the video above, why not nominate a student to be your ‘Display Captain.’ They can update the displays each day, gain a little responsibility, while you get a bit of time back!

A real-time depiction of how fast time is going this year!

And on that note - here’s a hack to make your day a little easier. Rather than writing the date on the board each day, hang my Flip Calendar Display on a little rod and bracket and just flip it over each day. Too easy!

A rod is mounted on a whiteboard to create a classroom flip calendar. Three words hang from the rod - the name of the day, the date and the month. They’re affixed to the rod with large rings and can be flipped over.
Who doesn’t love a good teacher hack!

BFFs, two of the most meaningful things you can create in a classroom are Affirmation Stations and Motivational Displays. Creating space (literally!) for kids to focus on gratitude, validation and resilience is a powerful thing. And with the Boho Plants Range, it’ll look beautiful too!

I am bursting to see this in your classrooms!
Image shows a Product front cover with a wide range of the new Boho Plants decor products.

So - there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this closeup look at my brand new Boho Plants Range. There’s so much more to discover, so make sure you go and check it out. As always, my hot tip is to grab the entire Boho Plants Bundle - you get one of absolutely everything, and it’s half the price of buying it all separately.

A graphic says ‘What’s in the Plants Bundle’ and lists all of the elements contained therein. It includes things like Affirmation Station, Alphabet Posters. Classroom Posters, Door Displays and more.

Can’t recommend the Bundle enough!

I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts about the new Boho Plants Range, and if you’ve got any questions I’m just a DM away!


A Closer Look at my BRAND NEW Boho Plants Range - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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