5 Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Themes

If you’re midway through your summer break, I hope this finds you with a cocktail or mocktail in hand! But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably also starting to dream about what next year will look like. So today I’m sharing five of the best classroom themes you need on your Pinterest board. And don’t worry if it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, I’ve got you covered!


Start With a Colour Scheme

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a theme - but I see themes a little differently than some of the ideas you see on Pinterest. Rather than choosing an alliterative theme based on my name, like ‘Miss Jacobs’ Giraffes’ or ‘Chantelle’s Sharks’ I tend to start with an overall colour palette. 

A graphic shows a range of colour combinations in earthy, pastel and organic colours.

It all starts with colour!

Starting with a colour palette in mind means your theme is broad and can flex with the seasons throughout the school year. You can easily carry a colour palette through your different lessons, occasions, communications and displays, without having to hunt too hard for niche graphics and decor. (Thank goodness too - I’m sure there’s no such thing as good giraffe decor!).


Take Cues From Home Decor

Once I’ve chosen a colour palette, I then enable my Target addiction and have a little scroll through what’s new in their homewares section. It’s like a sampling platter of the latest trends and I find it sparks all kinds of ideas. (Tell me I’m not the only person to find Target inspiring!).

Bigger home decor items help embed a theme with little effort - consider rugs, storage carts and bulletin boards for displaying student work. While I try not to buy too much, each year I grab a few things that I’d be happy to bring home after the school year is out.


1. Neutrals Classroom Theme

A graphic shows a collection of home decor items in neutral tones including a jute style rug, white and beige cushions and a woven basket in a grey rope.

Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Theme 1

The first Pinterest-worthy classroom theme is all about neutrals - think taupes, beige tones and lots of organic textures. This palette would pair best with my Spotty Neutrals, Boho Vibes, Earthy Rainbow and Boho Plants ranges.

A classroom corner features a textured rug in neutral tones, with a cream coloured bean bag and @miss_grosse_ sitting on it holding books up. She is surrounded by a cute bookshelf and a wall display that reads ‘you are capable of amazing things’ in Miss Jacobs Boho Vibes Neutral letting pack.

Here’s a perfect example of pinterest-worthy neutrals mixed with Boho Vibes lettering display and editable posters from @miss_grosse_!

Products that will help you achieve this look:

2. Plant and Greenery Classroom Theme

A graphic shows a collection of home decor items in neutral tones including a jute-style rug, wine and white cushions and a woven basket in a white rope. We also see a woven lamp.

Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Theme 2

Next up - we have a green and neutral palette. Plants are huge right now - which feels like a funny thing to say, but it’s true! Mixing natural green tones with earthy neutrals feel fresh, modern and relaxing. This colour palette pairs best with my Boho Plants and Botanical ranges.

A classroom corner features a small white fabric tent, and a rug in neutral tones, with an Indigenous art print. The wall features alphabet posters from my Spotty Neutral range. There are a number of plants and a small cande bookshelf. All of the tones match, including the sandy coloured exposed brick wall.

Here’s a gorgeous example of earthy goodness from @teachingwithmissblechynden. Stunning!

Products that will help you achieve this look:


3. Pastels Classroom Theme

A graphic shows a collection of home decor items in pastel tones including a woven pink and white rug, mint and white cushions, and a mint basket in and a pink teachers’ trolley.

Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Theme 3

A pastel theme is always popular and for good reason! It’s calming, pretty and there are so many sweet office supplies and decor items available in pastels. If you want to be pedantic (*cough* like me), aim for pastels with a cool base or a warm base, rather than mixing both. It just ties everything together. The best MJLL items for a pastel theme are definitely the Spotty Pastels and Modern Rainbow ranges.

A birds eye view of a reading corner shows a series of books, some cushions in soft pinks and neutrals, and a stuffed toy. Bunting letters spell out the words ‘calm corner.’

 A fantastic illustration of how pastel themes come to life with decor, from @teachingwithmissburford.

Products that will help you achieve this look:

4. Rainbow Classroom Theme

A graphic shows a collection of home decor items in rainbow tones including a white rug with zigzags, a blue trolley cart, a rainbow table lamp and mustard-coloured cushions. Tones of navy, mustard and red run throughout the items.

Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Theme 4

Rainbow themes are pure fun - almost anything goes! My tips is to choose a select number of colours so it’s not too overwhelming. And embrace clashing patterns! Modern hues of navy, mustard and burgundy are fun, but then again, classic primary colours always will work too! I’d recommend my Spotty Brights or Tropical ranges for a rainbow theme.

looking in a mirror at an affirmation station display in miss jacobs little learners spotty brights range. In the mirror we can see a reflection of a classroom with bright coloured decor in shelves and wall displays.

Check out this stunning Rainbow theme created using my Spotty Brights Affirmation Station and vibrant rainbow classroom decor, from @missj_primary_teacher.

Products that will help you achieve this look:

5. Earthy Classroom Theme

A graphic shows homewares in earthy neutral hues. It includes mustard-toned rugs and cushions, a wicker basket, a striped mustard lamp and a white teacher’s trolly.

Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Theme 5

And finally - an earthy palette with rich berry hues, mustards, brick colours and emeralds gives a lovely lush aesthetic. And you’ll have plenty of MJLL themes to pair it with - my Spotty Neutrals, Boho Vibes, Earthy Rainbow and Boho Plants ranges all work with this colourway.

A wide shot of a classroom shows desks, whiteboards and a variety of chairs. In the foreground, a science and nature zone includes a lattice with creeping ivy, a desk with mirrors and a side table with pinecones. The whiteboard and back wall features items from the Boho Vibes Decor Bundle in Desert Neutral Tones.

How good are the earthy vibes in @teachingwithmissamanda’s dreamy classroom?

Products that will help you achieve this look:

One Last Thought

Now I’m the first to admit that Pinterest doesn’t always represent the reality of our classrooms. In fact, it rarely does!  

So BFFs, let’s just agree to take Pinterest for what it is - a huge collection of ideas and inspiration. Our classrooms will always be busier, noisier and messier than those perfect pins we see, and that’s more than okay. If our students are happy, safe and learning - that’s all that matters! 

There are thousands of ideas on my Pinterest, so I humbly recommend you make the most of my addiction! And once you’ve landed on the colour scheme for you next classroom, make sure you head to my website to see which of my collections and resources will compliment it best. If you have any questions - I’m always here to help!


5 Pinterest-Worthy Classroom Themes - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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