The Very Best Resources for New Teachers

What are the resources every teacher needs? Coffee, wine, chocolate, a laminator and more coffee. That’s it - that’s the blog post.

I kid, I kid! 

There are over 800 resources on Miss Jacobs Little Learners, so it can be hard to know where to start. Today I’m compiling the most useful classroom resources and sharing advice for new teachers. Whether you’re starting your career or a new school year, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to save your precious time (and maybe a little sanity). 


1. A Great Storage System

    As your teaching career grows you’ll accumulate SO much stuff. Art supplies, activities, costumes, resources - they’ll be everywhere! Get ahead of the clutter and start with a tight storage system from the beginning.

    You don’t have to spend a fortune, but a few well-chosen storage solutions will keep you on track.

    When we’re talking about resources every teacher needs - well labelled storage is right up there! Love this reel from @misslisswheels!

    I find that when my organisation looks good I’m more likely to use it, which is part of the reason why I designed my binder covers , trolley labels and classroom labels.  Storage labels really contribute to an overall classroom aesthetic too.

    Labels, labels, labels- we love you! There’s something in every style to suite your classroom needs!

    But one warning - no matter how organised your stationery is - it will all vanish like socks in the dryer. At the start of every year of teaching you will buy markers and watch them disappear from now until you retire, it’s just a Universal Teaching Law.


    2. A Robust Behaviour Management System

    I know behaviour management is a huge priority when you’re a new teacher, so here’s a few resources that can help.

    • Hand Signal Posters allow kids to request what they need without distracting others. Include your kids when choosing what each signal means - this resource is editable.
    • Voice Level Displays help manage classroom noise, which is particularly useful for neurodivergent kids 
    • Class Rules Displays function as a great reminder and when designed with kids, they can inspire ownership
    • Class Jobs Displays empower students and help teach responsibility
    These behaviour management displays are classroom game changers! We love how you’ve used these @thatyoungeducator and @teachingwithmissmain

    Of course - behaviour management is a tool you’ll sharpen over time (that sounds way too menacing!) but those resources are a great place to start.

    A series of neutral coloured labels and small white button lights create a noise levels system. From level 0 to level 4, the labels read voices off, whisper voice, partner voice, group voice and outside voice.

    A voice level resource is small investment for a big difference! Gorgeous image via


    3. Effortless Record-Keeping Resources

    Most teachers find (the hard way!) that report writing is 10 times easier when you keep great records from the outset. Leaving it all to the final weeks of term means long nights, lots of stress and no life!

    So, keep your records in one spot and take time each week to keep them up to date. (Easier said then done, I know!) But trust me, future-you will love you for it!. 

    Three images show my Acing Assessment Pack.
    Three images show my Acing Assessment Pack
    Three images show my Acing Assessment Pack

    My Acing Assesment Bundle, reading assessments and maths assessments resources will help here. Similarly, the binder cover labels make a great resource for compiling and storing lesson plans, emergency teacher instructions, education research, professional development resources and that mountain of paperwork teaching requires.

    Is there anything more satisfying that organised binders?! Such an essential resource.


    4. Clever Classroom Layout

    Set up different zones in your classroom to attract a variety of learning styles, abilities and interests. 

    • Learning Units can be linked to nature themed stations, like a ‘fossil dig’ for example, where bones are hidden in a shallow dirt tray. Add small trowels and brushes for little scientists to discover clues to life past. These units are suitable for a range of grade levels too.
    • Bunting and Lettering Packs can be used to segment a reading nook with cushions, chairs and a variety picture and graphic books 
    • Reading Group Labels  can be used to carefully group readers together, and, they can be repurposed to create labels for an art station, with interesting materials like corrugated cardboard 
    • A Growth Mindset Display can help encourage healthy mindsets and even assist with relationship building, as it can be an anchor for class discussions

    Writing Goals and Reminders templates can be repurposed to create ‘learning passes’ where children can go to the library or work in the school vegetable garden at times arranged with adults.

    Three images show my Growth Mindset Display, Reading Group organisers and Bunting Pack” style=
    Three images show my Growth Mindset Display, Reading Group organisers and Bunting Pack” style=
    Three images show my Growth Mindset Display, Reading Group organisers and Bunting Pack
    We love a beautiful zone set up, like these ones! @teachingandorganizingchaos
     Such brilliant resource idea for new teachers via @happyclassroomhappylife.

    Classrom layout matters - it helps with inclusion, behaviour management, active learning and it gives kids space to self-regulate.

    But BFFs - the biggest resource you’ll need is in your staffroom. (No, not the espresso machine!). It’s your colleagues. All veteran teachers remember the thrill, nerves and excitement that come with starting this beautiful career - so reach out often!

    And on that note - reach out to me if you have any questions about my resources or anything at all! I’m just a DM away!

    An image shows a classroom corner with a range of Miss Jacobs decor items including the calendar, units and reading group labels. There’s also a cactus and a shelf visible.

    Here’s to a career filled with beautiful classrooms and useful resources!




    The Very Best Resources for New Teachers - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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