Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor

Looking for a simple way to transform your classroom from drab to fab? Or perhaps you’re after inspiration for some boho themed classroom decorations? I’ve got you covered! Know why? Because your classroom is going to look *beautiful* and on trend, with my neutral Boho Rainbow Classroom Décor bundle!

I created this stylish décor bundle back in 2019 with the modern teacher in mind! It includes everything a teacher like you would need to set up an amazing educational space for yourself and your students with new resources being updated and added regularly! Many of the elements are editable which means you can easily customize them to cater for the needs of your students and the requirements of your school. It’s also suitable for all year levels – primary and secondary! I have made sure to include multiple versions of each resource and all Australian State font options for those who require Victorian Modern Cursive or Queensland Beginners font (etc). See? Got you covered! 


I was inspired to create these stunning, neutral toned educational printables as an alternative to the bright colors we are so used to having in our classrooms. Colorful, busy classrooms can be overwhelming for students. Have you thought about using a neutral color palette to invoke a sense of calm and add an earthy feel to your classroom? Now’s your chance! Keep scrolling for a sneak peek at what’s included in my best selling Boho Rainbow Classroom Décor Bundle.

Take a peek inside the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle



A teacher trolley, 10 drawer cart or rolling trolley is a must-have item in every teacher’s classroom – IMO so why not spruce yours up with these stunning editable boho rainbow teacher trolley labels!


There are 2 neutral rainbow designs included in this pack – both editable so you can easily customize your rolling cart to suit the needs of your classroom.

Alphabet Posters

In the gorgeous neutral rainbow color palette, my Boho Rainbow Alphabet Posters come in four different designs suited to both lower and upper elementary. (See below)

They come in a Standard Primary Font as well as each Australian State Font – VIC, QLD, NSW, TAS, SA as well as a Cursive font option for US Teachers.


Editable options are also included for teachers who require a different font or are in a bilingual classroom. Simply type your text into the text box provided.

Behavior Chart

Due to popular request, I have included an editable Behavior Chart which some teachers choose to use as a visual way to keep track of your students’ behavior. Simply move your students up and down the chart using a peg with their name on it as a form of behavior management for your classroom. It comes in two editable designs that you can easily customize to suit your class’ needs.

Boho Rainbow Birthday Display

I remember loving seeing my name and birthday up on the classroom wall as a kid. That’s why I created a Boho Rainbow Birthday Display, that comes in two editable designs. There is a heading poster for ‘Our Birthdays’ and a Months of The Year Birthday Chart.

Boho Rainbow Binder Covers and Spines

Keep your teaching resources, assessment checklists and planning documents organized and easily accessible using these Editable Boho Rainbow themed teacher binder covers and spines. There are a whopping 20 editable designs for you to choose from. Created in a stunning neutral color palette, each of the designs feature modern images of muted rainbows to help you transform your office space and keep your organization on point!


Bulletin Board Bunting and Banners – boho style


This is one of my favorite ways to transform a classroom, mainly because it’s such a simple addition! My Bulletin Board Bunting and Banners are *so* simple to edit – just type in your text into the text box provided to create stunning bulletin board headers that *POP*!


Classroom Jobs

Giving students jobs around the classroom has always been a hit with my students. They thrive on having a sense of responsibility and ownership over their classroom. My Classroom Jobs display is a simple and stunning way to make this happen! Display them in your classroom and change them as frequently as desired.


Clock Numbers

Is there any greater joy than seeing your students learn to tell the time? (Well, I can think of a few… but you get my point!) With my Clock Numbers, all you need to do is simply cut out the numbers and place them around your classroom clock! They come in two designs as well.


Classroom Calendar and Weather Display

This gorgeous Class Calendar and Weather display comes in two versions. It’s sure to brighten up your Morning Meeting Area and excite your students because *they* are the ones who change the interactive pieces around each day! It’s such a simple tool for helping students learn about days of the week, as well as seasons and weather.

Classroom Labels – EDITABLE!

If there was one thing I couldn’t live without as a teacher, it would have to be labels! They’re *essential* for keeping a classroom organized. Use my Classroom Labels on your students desks, bag tags, tubs, math and literacy resources, teacher and office supplies, organize your storeroom tubs, cupboards and more! You can even use them to create a boho rainbow themed classroom library!


They’re available in two neutral rainbow designs. And probably my favorite thing about these labels – is that because they are editable, you can even create your own Classroom Affirmation Station for your students to look at each day!

Boho Rainbow Classroom Posters – EDITABLE

I created my Editable Boho Rainbow Classroom Posters using a stunning neutral color palette with muted tones. To make it as simple as possible to use, all you need to do is type in your text to create your own customizable classroom posters so it suits the needs of your class. These make a great bulletin board display for classroom rules or values, binder covers, amazing work coming soon display, growth mindset displays, motivational quotes – whatever your heart desires!

Days at School Tally

Reaching the 100 Day milestone is special. Each morning, reinforce early years number and place value concepts with this 100 Days of School display.


Door Display

Your door display is the face of your classroom, so it really helps you set the tone for your room! The sign on this sweet display reads “We are a rainbow of possibilities” and includes editable labels for you to type in your students’ names.


Learning Intentions, Success Criteria, WALT, WALF etc

This display can be used in two ways: simply type in your learning focus, print and display. Or, you could print blank sheets, place them in a plastic pocket and display them in your classroom. Just use whiteboard markers to record your daily learning focus and erase them to re-use the next day. My Learning Intentions and Success Criteria come in multiple editable designs so you can pick your fave!

Number Posters

My Boho Rainbow Numbers Posters have been a real hit lately, and it doesn’t surprise me – because my students have always found them so useful in my classroom. They’re available in a standard primary font as well as all the Australian fonts for each state.

These Number Posters come in the following numbers:

0-30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 – in 2 versions; ten frame dots going up and down as well as dots going across the ten frames.



Student Name tags and Goals Desk Plates

The boho rainbow student desk plates include an alphabet and number strip and come in a standard primary font as well as all Australian State Fonts. There is an editable strip for teachers to type in their students names. All you need to do is print and place on your student’s desks to create a modern boho rainbow look!


I’ve made my Student Name and Goals Desk Plates available for all year levels. With this editable file, simply type in or hand write your students’ names! I’ve included six various goals desk plates are included for you to choose from, with all Aussie fonts available.


Teacher Toolbox Labels

Keep your classroom, stationery and office supplies organized, with my editable Teacher Toolbox labels. I wanted you to be able to customize your toolbox because we all have different bits and bobs to store! In the Neutral Rainbow Classroom theme, I have two styles of editable labels available – one with a black outline and neutral color palette outline.



Neutral Rainbow Visual Timetable with Clocks

We all like to know what the plan for the day is, right? So do our students! Keep your class on task and in the loop with what’s on for the day with this stunning Visual Timetable. Included is a PDF version – just print and go, as well as an editable PowerPoint version – just type in your own text to suit your class needs and choose your own fonts! I’ve also added in separate clocks because you may wish to use them on the side as a teaching point for your students.

I’ve also included 2 designs in the pack – one with just boho rainbows, and the other using the boho color palette with little graphics for each subject – perfect for the early years classroom!


Boho Rainbow Welcome Posters

My gorgeous Boho Rainbow Welcome Posters can be placed on the classroom door or window to welcome your students each day! I’ve added nine various styles of welcome posters, because I want you to be able to pick your fave, or alternate them as often as you like! Just choose your own font, type in your classroom name, print and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous welcome poster!


Word Wall Alphabet Headers and Word Cards

With my Editable Word Wall Alphabet Headers and Word Cards, you can very easily choose your preferred font. Simply type in the words that suit your classroom needs. They’re also available in all Aussie state fonts!



That’s all, BFFs!

I hope you loved getting a sneak peek into my best selling modern classroom decorations bundle – the neutrals Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor range. If you have any questions about any of the products, please don’t hesitate to ask below! If you’d like to grab the bundle for yourself, simply click here.


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