Miss Jacobs' Teacher End of Year Gift Guide

BFFs, when I tell you it FRIGHTENS me to be writing the words ‘end of year’ already… I’m truly amazed that we’re already almost in 2022!

It’s been a freaking rough two years for anyone in the school system, to be pretty up front about it. For teachers and students alike, the challenges that have been thrown our way have been *so* tough to navigate – but even with remote learning in the picture, it feels like the bonds we’ve made in the classroom (virtual or in person) have been stronger than ever.

The end of a school year is always a bittersweet time. I cried on the last day of school without fail every single year I taught! You become so attached to your little learners and I know for a lot of teachers, myself included, you might like to send them off into their next chapter with a little gift.

I’ve been asking a few of you in my private Facebook community lately for your student gift ideas and you had some great suggestions that I wanted to share with everyone!

And for those of you who want to do something nice for your colleagues or teacher friends, I’ve got some teacher end of year gift ideas for you too.

Student gift ideas: What to give students at the end of the year

Classroom memories slideshow

If you’ve been taking pictures or videos throughout the year, a USB that brings them all together is a really nice way to farewell your kids!

Personalised bookmarks

For teachers who’ve made a library part of their classroom, a bookmark is the perfect way to remind your little learners of their connection to reading.

A hand holds six colourful growth mindset bookmarks with affirmations printed on them.

These Growth Mindset bookmarks would make such a lovely gift! And great news, BFF – you can download them for FREE from my resource library! Just log in or sign up here.

Write a short note on the back of each bookmark (print on firm card stock if you want to avoid the laminator) about each child and why you’ve loved having them in your class.

Bubble wand with ‘You blew me away this year’ gift tag

Regardless of their age, I don’t think I have ever met a child that doesn’t like playing with bubbles! For some reason, they just seem to bring a smile to every child’s face!

If you are looking for an affordable gift for your students, look no further, as you can pick up a bubble wand from your local Kmart or Big W for around 50c each!

Simply pair it with one of my cute ‘You blew me away’ gift tags and you are good to go!

bubble wand gift tags for student gifts

bubble wand gift tags for student gifts

These adorable ‘You Blew me Away’ gift tags would make the perfect addition to end of year bubble wand gifts!

Painted rocks

Got a more creative side? I saw this idea a while back and it’s always stuck with me as one of the more simple yet sweet student gift ideas.

Pick up some smooth rocks from a hardware store like Bunnings (most shops like Kmart now also have rock painting kits, but these are a little more expensive) and unleash your inner artist!

On one side, paint a word or attribute that fits each student. If you’ve had an affirmation station in your class this year, it could relate to an affirmation that this student really connected with. On the other side, write the student’s name, the year, and then sign the rock.

Images of colourfully painted rocks that have a positive characteristic written on them, like ‘determined,’ ‘artistic,’ and ‘insightful.’ On the reverse, the students’ names are written along with the school year that they were created.

Here’s an example of painted rocks that are just too cute! These pics are from the clever souls over at We Heart Teaching.

It’s a little more involved than the other ideas, but it’s also a gift I guarantee those little learners will keep for many years after they’ve left your classroom.

Just type ‘painted rock student gift’ into Pinterest for ALL the inspo you could possibly need!

For colleagues and friends: Teacher end of year gift ideas

Custom plaque

Everyone who I’ve given a teachers’ plaque to has absolutely loved it – they’re a super easy way to customise a desk or corner in the classroom without much effort.

These ones from Elkwood Designs are my go-to – Boho Rainbow, of course, and lots of customisation options to make a plaque that’s as unique as your friend is!

Teacher planner

I *wish* specialised teacher planners had existed when I was in the classroom! I always loved the idea of a planner – my mind works at a million miles an hour! – but because the sections were always so generic, I’d end up scribbling notes on any bits of paper I could get my hands on.

Enter – the teacher planner. These are organised by term (ummm, amazing much?!) and have spots for things like student information, PD notes and assessment.

An image of a colourful teacher planner opened to the ‘March’ calendar view.

I’m lucky enough to know the super talented teacher behind Mrs Edgar teacher planners, and can tell you that Jo has poured so much into creating these! Trust me when I say that there’s something special about things made by teachers, FOR teachers. Check them out here.

There are a few brands where you can buy these around now, and I guarantee your friend will cry happy tears when they open up this teacher end of year gift.

Custom library embosser

If you know a teacher who’s avidly collecting books for their classroom library, then this is the *perfect* gift for them!

A custom book embosser lets them easily stamp the books in their collection, in a really unique way.

Reusable coffee cup

The majority of teachers I know are usually running on 100% caffeine before 9am! A reusable coffee cup is a thoughtful gift that you just know they’ll get a tonne of use out of.

Some online options even let you personalise the cup with the recipient’s name and coffee order – I’m a sucker for anything personalised, so I can’t think of anything better than getting ‘the Starbucks experience’ every day!

And there you have it! My top student gift ideas and teacher end of year gift suggestions for 2021. Let me know if you use any of these suggestions, or if you’d like to add some of your own down in the comments!

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