9 Teacher Gift Ideas the Teachers in Your Life Will LOVE

 ’Tis the season for gift giving friends, that glorious time of the year when everyone is out and about, catching up with everyone, entertaining, and giving gifts to those they care about! It’s also the time of year when parents go through all their kiddo’s teachers, coaches and instructors and have to think about a present for them all. 

This is not at all an easy task – so today I thought I’d share my gift guide for buying the teachers in your life a thoughtful gift because let’s face it, gifting can be tricky.

Finding the right gift takes time and thought – and can often be expensive. Sometimes a box of choccies is just nice and simple (and let’s be honest, who has ever turned down chocolates? Not me!). But if you’re looking for that perfect prezzie that’s both unique and something a teacher genuinely wants, you’ve come to the right place.

I just want to note that while getting your child’s school teacher a gift is a kind gesture, it’s certainly never an expectation. I think most teachers would agree with me that a hand-drawn picture or a nice card expressing gratitude for a year of learning, is more than enough when it comes to end-of-year gifting, so don’t feel the need to go overboard. If you are, however, looking to get a gift, I’ve collated my ideas in one handy gift guide to get all the teacher’s in your life a lovely gift.

Whether it’s a gift for your child’s teacher, your teacher bestie, or a fresh teaching grad, there are some fabulous small businesses out there with unique gift ideas that’ll suit and please just about everyone.

Take it from me BFF, as sweet as it is receiving gifts from students, teachers do NOT need another coffee mug, scented candle, or spa set. Get them a gift they will not only LOVE but actually use – all while supporting local businesses (it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN). Read on to find out how. 

How cute is this custom Miss Jacobs name plaque from Elkwood Designs?

Cute teaching accessories

Teaching accessories make for the perfect gift because your recipient will not only love it but actually use it in their day-to-day teacher life. My teacher friends absolutely adore having the items listed below as part of their teaching kits.

 It’s the teacher lanyard for me

funky patterned lanyards

Teacherlatte has the most amazing collection of teaching lanyards and other teaching accessories in a range of colors and styles including collaborations with incredible Indigenous artists – how great is that!

For the ultimate organization king or queen: a teacher planner

pastel pink 2023 organiser

Another popular essential for teachers are these beautiful teaching planners from Mrs Edgar. These planners are perfect for getting through the school days and staying organized. Plus, the designs are in collaboration with local artists so there is something to suit everyone. If you’re not sure what pattern to go for, there is also the option to choose a gift card and give the gift of choice – I'm sure the teacher in your life would appreciate it.

Teacher affirmation stamps in every color imaginable

Vibrantly coloured affirmation stamps

The Teaching Tools is another great place for adorable classroom accessories. This brand sells a huge range of teaching stamps and classroom accessories – perfect for teacher gift-giving.

Upgrade their kit with some stunning stationery

colorful notepad

There are few teachers out there who don’t appreciate nice stationery. I can’t get over this Friends notebook from Carolyn Suzuki Goods

When in doubt, personalized gifts are always a winner

Back in my teaching days, the best present I ever received was from a student from Sudan. He and his family had only arrived in Australia that year and come Christmas time he was observing with interest, how students were coming in with wrapped Christmas presents for me. After a few days of seeing this – during his free time – he decided to create his own gift for me. 

He gathered a box and some Christmas wrapping from the recycle bin and the next day presented me with a card and a gift of his most prized possessions 🥺​.

a box of nik naks with a note that reads "To miss Jacobs, Mer C and happy year, From Eizek" written in messy children's hand writing

Oh my heart, how cute is this student gift!

This was by far the most thoughtful gift I have ever received from a student. It literally brought me to tears in front of the whole class. 

I am a sucker for personalized gifts and I know most teachers love them too! It shows the thought and planning behind the gift and let’s face it, if it's got my name on it, it’s most likely going to take prime position on my desk!

Custom name plaques

Elkwood Designs is my go-to for personalized gifts. Full disclosure, this is my sister’s brand, so I am biased, BUT very much like me, my sister pours her heart and soul into anything she creates so you always know you will be getting the highest quality when purchasing from her store.

3 unique, creative, painted timber name plaques

Just look at how cute these teacher name plaques are! Match your recipient's style and classroom decor with loads of cute designs, colors, and patterns available online. I can just picture the Eucalyptus leaf Teachers Plaque (pictured in the middle) matching my Botanical Classroom Decor Collection – so dreamy!

Elkwood has a section on their website dedicated to personalized teacher gifts, so you are bound to find a gift to suit every teacher in your life. AND it gets better BFF! My sister has been ever so kind and is offering 20% off her range for the MJLL community.

Use code MJLL20 during checkout to save some cash and score a stunning, bespoke piece to give the perfect customized gift.

Soft and sleek monogrammed water bottle

personalized soft pastel pinkish colored, Stainless steelwater bottle with the name "Charlie" on top of the lid

Another great personalized gift is these custom, stainless steel water bottles from Beysis. They come in a range of super cute soft pastel colors and are the perfect size to fit in a teacher’s bag. 

Last-minute gift ideas

Is your child the one who tells you at the last minute that they need a spectacular gift for their favorite teacher by tomorrow morning? 😅​ Here are some quick, last-minute gift ideas that are an easy win and still extremely thoughtful.

Food and beverage vouchers

You may be surprised to know that many of your favorite local restaurants sell gift vouchers! Does your teacher rave about a certain coffee shop or restaurant? Pop in on the way to school (if you’re in a real time crunch) and pick up a voucher – they will think you are the bee’s knees. 

Don’t overlook the classics

We mentioned chocolates earlier, but if you’re looking for quick and easy gifts, food and wine are always a hit. Gift hampers or premium pantry items (think olive oils or chocolate-covered anything if they have a sweet tooth) can make for great gifts – especially ahead of a busy Christmas period with lots of guest-entertaining in the mix.

Still looking for a gift? Why not classroom decor?

 I know what you’re thinking! How on earth can I give the gift of classroom decor to my teacher friend? Well BFF, I am so glad you asked 😉​.

So many teachers in the community have trusted Miss Jacobs Little Learners for classroom resources and decor in their classrooms all over the world. 

This year – for the first time ahh 🤩 – I have released MJLL gift cards onto my website. And in my humble opinion, they are THE perfect gift for the teacher in your life, and here’s why.

If you’re shopping for your teaching bestie:

This probably goes without saying but all my teaching friends LOVE fresh classroom decor. With a gift card, your friend will be able to choose a decor theme they love and pick out some extra cute items for their little learners. If you’re a teacher yourself designing and executing classroom designs could be a fun (and super sweet) activity to do together. 

 If you’re buying for a new teaching grad:

 What better way to get a grad motivated and excited about looking for teaching jobs than having a head start in creating their dream classroom? With a MJLL gift card, new teachers can start thinking about what they want their very first classroom to look like and feel motivated to get into the job hunt. 

I remember feeling SO excited to decorate my first classroom so I am all but certain the next gen of teaching grads are just as excited.

If you’re getting a gift for your child’s teacher:

 To say thanks for a great school year, an MJLL gift card is a winner. Not only will you have the most unique gift in the class, but your child’s teacher will also love having a bit of extra cash to spend on decorating their classroom. Plus, my collection of displays, decor and teaching resources will help engage your child in their learning (that's another win-win-WIN).

Purchase a MJLL gift card for your child's favorite teacher. And if the special teacher in your life loves it, be sure to let me know over on Instagram.

Gifts for teachers, sorted ✅

Well there you have it, a tonne of gift ideas fit for all the teachers in your life. What did you think? If you gift any of the ideas you’ve just read about – I want to hear how it goes! Tag me in all your #TeacherGift pics over on Instagram

 9 Teacher Gift Ideas the Teachers in Your Life Will LOVE - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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