Student Expert Tags - say bye to the classroom craziness! {FREEBIE}

Now, I don’t know about you, but my weekly Computer sessions in my grade are CHAOTIC!

Every child gets a laptop. They then need to log on with a username and password. Then wait for any updates to load. (Grrrrrr) Then silly little Google Chrome pop-ups come up (EVERY TIME!!!!). Next, they need to type in the URL and then their Reading Eggs or Mathletics user names and passwords. Finally, they can access the program (provided all these steps have been followed correctly).

During all this, I am running around like a mad woman helping them all out. It takes me a good half an hour to get them all logged on and settled and it is VERY STRESSFUL! I used to really dread our laptop sessions.

So…… I had no choice but to get some extra assistance from some I.T experts….. some competent students in my grade that is!


Student expert tags

Ever since I introduced ‘I.T Experts’, my job during this time has been much less stressful. My chosen experts help with closing unwanted pop up boxes and typing in user names and passwords for children who are struggling. So effectively, we have 3 people going around assisting the students logging on instead of one and it is soooo much less time consuming.

The other day I made these little I.T Expert Tags for them to wear :) My little helpers feel really special when they wear them.

I would love to share these Student Expert Tags with you all. I have listed them as a FREEBIE on TPT and they are available here:

This pack also includes some general ‘Expert Tags’ for you to use in other areas.

Simply print, laminate, hole punch and attach to a lanyard.

I also have editable Classroom Labels available in seven styles if you’re after something to suit the aesthetic of your classroom.

I hope this helps make things a little less ‘CRAY CRAY’ in your classroom. May they lightens your load, and may your Student Experts thrive with their new responsibilities!


Student Expert Tags - say bye to the classroom craziness! {FREEBIE} - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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