Boho Classroom Decor Inspiration: My Favorite Modern Boho Themed Classrooms

Back to School season will always be one of my favorite times on the calendar! One of the best parts of my MJLL community over on Instagram is seeing first-hand, the amazing boho themed classroom set-ups that teachers all over the world are creating with my modern classroom decor bundles.

I try to share as many as I can, but I also know that you can never have too much inspiration when it comes to setting up your classroom for the year! So, I’ve sticky-beaked into the classrooms of some of my teacher friends over in the US and rounded up my favorites for you.

These incredible educators have created beautiful, engaging learning environments for their little learners using resources from my Modern Boho Rainbow and Boho Vibes classroom decor bundles. With a little printing and a lot of creativity, the end results were too beautiful not to share!

If you’re setting up your own boho themed classroom and looking for a bit of inspiration, then you’re in the right place, friend!


Cozy boho themed classroom set-up – @mycozyclassroom_

Nicole has been teaching for five years, and in that time I think it’s safe to say she’s nailed the set up process! Just when I think it’s not possible for her to step it up, she has created the most stunning classroom for 2021.

I am all about calming classrooms, and just looking at these pictures has me feeling ready to take on my to-do list (and that’s saying something!)

boho-classroom-decor-inspirationboho-classroom-decor-inspiration boho-teacher

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The boho classroom of my dreams – @misszandthefirsties

Hattie is a second year teacher, and this is her first year teaching second grade! I love seeing how having a year under your belt changes the way you approach your second time around in the classroom, and if Hattie’s classroom set up is anything to go by? She’s in for an INCREDIBLE year!

Teachers like Hattie are why I love to create classroom decor bundles that contain a variety of resources. They get the ball rolling, but each teacher has *such* unique talents and I love seeing how this translates into different spaces!

modern-boho-classroom modern-boho-classroom modern-boho-classroom

Get the look: Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle

My two favorites: boho and rainbows! – @keepinggupwithkenna

Makenna spent most of her first year teaching via Zoom, so I am *extra* thrilled for her that she was finally able to make her dreams of a neutral boho themed classroom come true!

I love how she’s used pops of color without the room feeling too loud or overstimulating. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good rainbow moment!




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The definition of a boho classroom – @the_bohoteacher

Anyone who has boho in their handle is sure to know a thing or two about this theme! Sarah’s classroom just gets better the more that I look at it.

I love the way she’s used other pieces like the rug and artwork to tie the whole boho/neutral theme together! This classroom really does feel like a home away from home, and I’m sure her little learners will feel the same way.


Get the look: Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle

Bright and modern boho – @teachinglittlemindss

I would honestly love to jump straight through the screen and into Sabrinna’s classroom!

“This year I transformed my room into a beautiful, calming yet visually stimulating setting for my kiddos to grow and learn in. The neutral colors, boho rainbows, plants and lights that I used to create this space are just a perfect mix for a successful learning environment.”

Get the look: Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle





Want more inspo? I’ve got you covered!













For another twist on the boho theme, check out some of my other classroom decor bundles:


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So there you have it! A snapshot of a few of my favorite set-ups from Back to School 2021. I’d love to see how your boho classroom turns out – make sure you tag me over on Instagram so I can stickybeak away and admire your awesome work!


Boho Classroom Decor Inspiration: My Favorite Modern Boho Themed Classrooms - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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