Modern Boho Classroom Decor

Looking for a simple and stylish way to transform your classroom? My Modern Boho Classroom Decor Bundle will take your classroom to the next level!

With the boho-loving teacher in mind, I created this bundle, also known as my Boho Vibes Collection, using a calming Desert Neutrals color palette. It includes everything you could need to create an organized *and* stylish classroom.

Editable Classroom Decor

The resources included in this Modern Boho Classroom Decor bundle are suitable for all year levels in primary and secondary. In addition to using a Standard Primary Font, I created each and every resource in this bundle to be EDITABLE! Included in this pack is an editable PowerPoint file of every resource so that teachers in a bilingual or dual language classroom can easily and effortlessly customize them quickly and easily. This is also an added bonus for Australian teachers who require their state’s school font such as Victorian Modern Cursive or Queensland Beginners font.

Keep scrolling for a sneak peek at what’s included in my best selling Modern Boho Vibes Classroom Decor Bundle.

Take a peek inside the Modern Boho Classroom Decor Bundle


Alphabet Posters

alphabet-posters-boho-vibes earthy-boho-style-alphabet-posters

In the gorgeous neutral color palette, my Modern Boho Vibes Alphabet Posters have four different designs you can choose from. They’re all editable to suit bilingual and dual language classrooms. Effortlessly print the Standard Primary version included or type in your desired font into the text box provided. It’s as simple as that! I’ve also included some versions with Australian State Fonts for my Aussie Teacher friends.

boho-style-alphabet-posters alphabet-posters-boho-vibes

Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters

Pop these gorgeous Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters up on a bare wall in your classroom to easily incorporate my Boho Vibes theme into your teaching space. Your students will be so excited to see their amazing work up there, too!


Behavior Clip Chart

As it’s has been such a hit in my store, I’ve included an editable Behavior Chart. Teachers can use this as a visual way to keep track of students’ behavior. Simply move your students up and down the chart using a peg with their name on it as a form of behavior management for your classroom.

Binder Covers and Spines

Keep your teaching resources, assessment checklists and planning documents organized and easy to access with my editable Modern Boho Vibes teacher binder covers and spines. There are a bunch of editable designs for you to choose from. Created in a stunning boho-inspired style, each of the designs will help you transform your office space and keep your organization on point!



Birthday Display

I remember loving seeing my name and birthday up on the classroom wall as a kid. That’s why I created a Modern Boho Vibes birthday display that comes in two editable designs. There is a heading poster for ‘Our Birthdays’ and a Months of The Year Birthday Chart.

Bunting and Bulletin Board Headers

This is one of my favorite ways to transform a classroom, because it’s so simple! My Bulletin Board Bunting and Banners are *so* easy to customize – just type your text into the text box provided to create stunning bulletin board headers in gorgeous muted-tones.


Classroom Calendar and Weather Display

This gorgeous Class Calendar and Weather display comes in three editable designs. It will brighten up your Morning Meeting Area and excite your students as they change the interactive pieces around each day! It’s such a great tool to help little learners memorize days of the week, as well as seasons and weather.


Classroom Jobs Display

Students thrive on having a sense of responsibility and ownership over their classroom. So giving them jobs around the classroom has always been a hit with my little learners. The Modern Boho Vibes Classroom Jobs display is a simple and stunning way to help this run smoothly! Display them in your classroom and change them as frequently as desired.

Classroom Labels


One thing I couldn’t live without as a teacher? Labels! They’re absolutely necessary for keeping a classroom organized. Use my editable Classroom Labels on your students desks, bag tags, tubs, math and literacy resources, teacher and office supplies, organize your storeroom tubs, cupboards and more!

And probably my favorite thing about these labels – you can even create your own affirmation station for your students to look at each day!



Days at School Tally

Reaching the 100 Day milestone is special. Each morning, reinforce early years number and place value concepts with this 100 Days of School display in my Modern Boho Vibes theme.

Door Display

Your door display is the face of your classroom, and it can help you really set the tone for your room! My Modern Boho Vibes editable sign reads “We are a rainbow of possibilities” and includes editable labels for you to type in your little learners’ names.

Editable Posters

Multiple designs of my Editable Posters are included in this bundle, and can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation. There are so many uses for these posters! You could use them to make binder covers, classroom rules posters, door signs, labels, and growth mindset displays for your bulletin boards. The possibilities are endless!

Learning Intentions, Success Criteria, WALT

This editable display can be used in two ways: you can simply type in your learning focus, print and display. Or, you could print blank sheets, place them in a plastic pocket and display them in your classroom. Just use whiteboard markers to record your daily learning focus and erase them to reuse the next day. My Learning Intentions and Success Criteria come in editable designs so you can pick your fave!

Motivational Classroom Posters

Lately I’ve been decorating my office with a range of inspirational quotes and affirmations and I am loving the positive vibe it’s creating for me. ⁠⁠I know your students will benefit from it too! These posters come in two sizes: A4 size as well as a smaller set to perfectly fit your Ikea Tolsby or Fiestad frame.

Number Posters

My Numbers Posters have been a real hit lately, and it doesn’t surprise me – because my students have always found them so useful in my classroom. They’re available in the Australian fonts of each state. Two versions are available, and both are editable.

These Number Posters come in the following numbers:

0-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.


Student Desk Name Plates

I’ve made my Student Desk Name Plates available for all year levels. I love that it means you’re able to bring a little bit of that Boho vibes feel to your students’ desks. With this editable file, simply type in or hand write your little learners’ names! Various name plates are included, with alphabet and number line, as well as Aussie fonts available for you to choose from.

Teacher Toolbox Labels

Keep your classroom, stationery and office supplies organized, with my Teacher Toolbox labels. They’re of course editable, so you can customize your toolbox to store exactly what you like! I created these labels to fit the 12 or 20 drawers toolbox from Bunnings.


Teacher Trolley Labels – 10 DRAWER CART

Not only are these labels measured to fit in a 10 drawer trolley perfectly, but they’re also editable. You can customize every label so that each drawer holds exactly what you need it to!


Visual Timetable

We all like to know what the plan for the day is, right? As do our little learners! Keep your class on task and in the loop with the day’s schedule with my stunning Visual Timetable in muted-tones. Included is a PDF version – just print and go, as well as an editable PowerPoint version – just type in your own text to suit your class needs and choose your own fonts!

Welcome Posters

These gorgeous Modern Boho Vibes Welcome Signs can be placed on your classroom door or window to welcome your students each day! There are various styles of welcome posters, so you can pick your fave, or alternate them as often as you like. Just choose your own font, type in your classroom name, print and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous welcome poster!





I hope you loved getting a sneak peek into my best selling modern classroom decorations bundle – the neutrals Modern Boho Classroom Decor range. If you have any questions about any of the products, please don’t hesitate to ask below! If you’d like to grab the bundle for yourself, simply click here.




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