Jungle theme classroom ideas ft. Modern Jungle

If you’ve not kept up with the latest – I recently launched my new Modern Jungle collection in early December and oh my goodness you guys gave it SO much love. This year, rainbow and boho have been the IT-girls of classroom decor themes, but I really feel like earthy tones, plants, animals and loads of greenery are going to have their main character moment soon and I am here for it.

If you’re set on a jungle classroom for your next classroom set-up, then read on for classroom inspo, plenty of jungle-theme classroom ideas and a closer look at the Modern Jungle decor collection. 

Modern jungle decor bundle

The complete Modern Jungle decor bundle in all her glory

Behind the design: The Modern Jungle Collection

As I mentioned before, I predicted that animals and nature-themed classrooms might make a comeback which was the inspo behind this collection. When I released Boho Plants early in 2022, SO many of you jumped on leafy greenery for your classroom setup so I knew that Modern Jungle would also be hit with teachers in the community. 

Featuring soft greenery, earthy neutral tones and everybody’s fave jungle animals, Modern Jungle is perfect to get your students excited to learn from the moment they walk into their very own jungle-themed oasis.

Modern Jungle first day of school sign

Just think – how cute will all your students look holding up these SUPER adorable Modern Jungle first day of school signs!

5 Ideas for a Jungle classroom set up 

If you are looking to create a modern jungle-themed classroom, here’s 5 ideas to inspire your wilderness adventure. 

1. Use natural, earthy colors and tones

To create a modern jungle theme, consider using a color scheme of greens, browns, and tans. The Modern Jungle collection makes it SO easy to display soft and warm shades of green and brown. Earthy colors and calming tones have been linked to improved concentration, focus and reduced anxiety in students so if that’s your vibe for your classroom this year then you really can’t go wrong. 

Modern Jungle Calendar labels

How aesthetic is this neutral color pallet from the Modern Jungle calendar display

2. Add plants (if you can keep them alive ha!) 

Adding plants (real or artificial) to your classroom can help bring a jungle feel to the space with added greenery. If you’re anything like me, choose an easy and low-maintenance plant that requires little care (because the last thing teachers need is to come back to a classroom after the holidays to a room of sad-looking plants ha!)

You might consider hanging plants from the ceiling or placing smaller ones on shelves or desks – out of reach is key for your extra little learners. Philodendrons or ferns are great options for the classroom as they are low maintenance and not to mention really cute. If you wanted to go the extra mile with your jungle classroom theme, you could add ‘jungle maintenance manager’ as a classroom job to get your students involved in taking care of them.

Image of a Philodendron plant

Philodendrons are some of the easiest houseplants to grow and care for and the colours are amazing. 

3. Use animal prints (but not the tacky kind) 

Animal prints or animal-themed designs can add a modern twist to your jungle theme. When I was creating this collection, I knew that although an obvious choice for a jungle decor theme, leopard print can be tacky so instead, I chose the most subtle watercolor detailing to compliment the rich earthy tones – and I just love the way it turned out. In a nutshell, if I could give 1 piece of advice for using animal print in your classroom – less is 100% more!

product images of the Modern Jungle collection

The subtle pattern of these resources gives the edgy ‘wild’ look for a jungle theme but it’s not cringe or overbearing.

4. Incorporate jungle-themed posters or artwork

Utilize posters or artwork throughout your classroom to really capture the colorful (yet calming) vibe of neutrals and set the scene for your jungle adventure. Visual cues work wonders to help students retain information, stay engaged and help reinforce what they are learning. My Modern Jungle decor collection has SO options when it comes to posters. Check out my range of voice-level displays, motivational posters and visual timetable displays for some highly visual, jungle-themed decor for your classroom. Or to start the year off on the right foot, why not set up a really simple affirmation station mirror using the affirmation station labels as shown below.

Product images from Modern Jungle decor collection

The color and the combo of colours in this collection just brings the perfect mix of bright and calm, as shown in the affirmation station labels and hand signals display.

5. Utilize jungle-themed accessories and resources for your students

Keep your students organized without sacrificing your classroom theme with cute accessories for the classroom as well your students. Desk name plates, meet-the-teacher templates and binder covers are perfect tools for classroom management and add a personalized touch to your classroom. And yes BFF, you guessed it, you can find all of these (and SO much more) in the Modern Jungle collection.

Products from the Modern Jungle decor collection

Classroom management that is also aligned with your classroom decor theme … winning. 

Ready for your jungle adventure?

Well there you have it BFF, everything you need to create a jungle oasis for your classroom! If you love the Modern Jungle theme as much as I do, be sure to bundle and save with the Modern Jungle decor bundle. It will save you a bit of extra cash and you get every jungle-themed resource you could ever want.

Happy decorating!

Shop the Modern Jungle decor bundle 

 Jungle theme classroom ideas ft. Modern Jungle - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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