How to plan and teach a Non-Fiction Unit - Stress Free!


Stressed about having to plan and teach a non-fiction unit, let alone a year’s worth of them? I get it. It takes time. It’s a process with many aspects. Collecting quality resources, while covering all areas of the curriculum: reading, writing, speaking and listening, science, maths… It’s a lot to get your head around! In your first few years of teaching it can be especially overwhelming. Even as an experienced teacher, it still takes me a LOT of time and creativity. 

However, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to start planning every unit of work from scratch and you certainly don’t need to do it all on your own!

One thing many teachers may not realise is that whilst I *love* creating stylish decor to help beautify classrooms around the world, there’s something I’m equally passionate about. Helping teachers take the stress out of planning and teaching. This is why I created a series of done-for-you, differentiated non-fiction units that can be integrated across multiple areas of the curriculum and spread over the ENTIRE term!

There are so many busy teachers who have the motivation to prepare their own lesson plans as well as gather and/or make the resources to accompany them. But the reality is, they just don’t have the time! So being able to assist other teachers plan and teach a non-fiction unit – stress free? Well, that’s priceless!

Below, you’ll find some of my fave print and go non-fiction units – including what little learners seem to love the most – animals and bugs!!


Non-Fiction Reading and Writing Unit

This Non-Fiction Reading and Writing Unit includes step by step lesson plans and templates to make it super easy for you to plan and teach your English unit for the whole term. It can also be combined with any non-fiction topics that appeal to your student’s interests. I especially love integrating it with the science topic of Living Things.

Included in this done-for-you non-fiction unit are detailed lesson plans and teacher guides, posters and differentiated activities and resources. I promise they will make teaching information texts a breeze!

This unit will definitely make your planning easier and teaching Information text types a lot of fun!


AUSTRalian Animals Unit

Teaching Living Things or Information texts this term? You are going to love using this differentiated Australian Animals inquiry unit with your early years students!


Aligned with the Australian curriculum, this print and go unit includes resources that have been carefully designed to cater for the varying abilities in your K-2 classrooms.

As an Australian teacher, I’ve tested this unit in my very own classroom. This means I *know*, first hand, that your students are going to love learning about the classification and features of the 13 Australian Animals included in the pack.

Inside you’ll also find pre and post activities for school trips to a wildlife park or zoo!



Bugs and Minibeasts Unit

This unit is all about bugs and includes fun activities, information fact sheets, worksheets and lots more! It is the perfect accompaniment to your Bugs Thematic Unit.

The Bugs and Minibeasts Unit is filled with differentiated resources and teaching ideas to provide your little learners with engaging learning opportunities and expand their knowledge of minibeasts, insects and bugs whilst integrating it into the Early Years Curriculum.

This non-fiction unit includes a variety of Reading, Writing and Math activities and would be great to start in Spring!

So there you have it! Such a simple solution to reduce stress, save time and have more fun with your students! I honestly believe investing in these resources will not only help you you plan and teach your next information text unit, but it will truly give you back hours of person time, too! Win-win, hey!


How to plan and teach a Non-Fiction Unit - Stress Free! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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