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We all have conversations with our students and give them little personal goals to work on from time to time but are your students really taking note of them and remembering these discussions? Are their parents aware of their personal goals and do they know how to reinforce them at home?

I have created these Personal Goal Posters to work in conjunction with my popular



Print off and display the relevant goals in the classroom.

You may like peg your students name or place these FREE pencil name tags on the sides of the corresponding goal to display who is working towards which goal to inform both yourself and your students.

The next time you ask your students what their Writing Goal is, you won’t get that BLANK look on their face! ;)

These personal goals posters for students include:

✔ 80+ various personal goals in the following areas:

- Speaking & Listening

- Behaviour

- Social

- Skills

- Work Quality & Learning

- Responsibility

- Special Needs

✔ I CAN Statement Posters for each goal

✔ EDITABLE spare posters for you to type in your own personal goals to customise for your class needs***

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Happiness in Second

Great visual to keep up in the classroom year round to help my students identify, understand, and work toward their goals!

Gaston Girl Creations

This really help my students remember what their goal is for today and they try their best to do the required skill to earn tokens.

Megan O.

Great resource! Thank you.

Jessica R.

Thank you for this amazing resource!

Erin Kaitler

Compliments the other goals posters perfectly.