Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Templates

As a teacher, it's super important to have Lesson Plan Templates to fall back on. A good Lesson Plan Template can help you stay organized and on track, be more effective with your teaching strategies, and plan for different levels of learning in your classroom.

Lesson planning can be fun, but it can also be a huge time commitment, especially if you’re new to teaching or are shifting between grade levels. After spending a whole lot of years in the classroom, there’s one thing I know for sure… an effective lesson plan is essential for any teacher.

It helps you organize your classes and gives students a clear idea what the learning content will be. And the right Lesson Plan Template can save you hours of prep time, and help you keep a good structure of lessons in your class. The best bit? All that organization and forward planning will help you feel more confident when it comes to guiding your students' learning.

Whatever stage you’re at in your teaching career, whether you’re starting out as a new teacher or you're a seasoned pro, lesson planning can be an overwhelming task. You have to brainstorm and organize ideas for different teaching strategies, factor in any classroom-specific rules you need to set with students. And then you need to come up with the lesson intro, the actual tasks and activities, and how it’s all going to be wrapped up.

There is a lot of work involved. But there is hope! You can save yourself time, reduce stress, and provide engaging and effective learning for your students by using Lesson Plan Templates. My Lesson Plan Templates are ready-made, completely customisable and designed to help teachers save time and have more fun when planning their lessons.

So what kind of lesson plans have I got for you, BFF? During your first week of school with your new grade, in addition to finding the perfect First Day of School Sign, you might want our Lesson Ideas for the First Week Back. It includes ice breakers, lesson ideas worksheets and resources to ease you through the first day of school and beyond, to get to know your class and engage your students.

When it comes to teaching your students about non-fiction reading and writing, you can save time with my Non-fiction Reading and Writing Lesson Plans. This handy pack includes detailed lesson plans and differentiated activities and resources to make your planning easier and teaching Information Text Types fun! This Lesson Planning Template pack includes colored classroom posters outlining the features of a non-fiction text and examples of each feature with a definition and cute graphics to match. And it has Graphic Organizers and Activities for your students to plan and create their own non-fiction writing pieces.

And in the math department, my Distance and Measurement Lesson Plans will save you time planning, leaving more time to have fun teaching! This pack contains EVERYTHING you need to teach and assess your K-1 students the concept of Length, using a hands-on and engaging approach. Plus it has been developed in conjunction with U.S (Common Core) and Australian Curriculum Requirements.

Find the perfect Lesson Plan Template for you and have fun planning! Or browse through my Classroom Posters, Classroom Door Displays and other Classroom Decor to help you transform your classroom from drab to fab!