7 teacher-approved ideas for using Google Slides in the classroom

Introducing Google Slides, the ultimate classroom companion for every teacher. This powerful tool is your perfect ally to keep your students on task, streamline their day, and ignite their engagement. While it's already excellent for classroom management, there are so many epic uses for it that you may never have thought of. 

In this blog, I've got your back with seven of my favorite ideas for using Google Slides in the classroom. From streamlining student progress to setting the tone for your day, these ideas will not only keep your students engaged and focused but also make your life as a teacher a bit easier (I challenge you to find me one teacher who would say no to that). 

7 Teacher-approved Ideas for using Google Slides in the classroom - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

1. Meet the Teacher Nights: Making a Memorable First Impression

One of the key moments where teachers and parents come face to face is the much-anticipated Meet the Teacher Nights. Take this opportunity to enhance the experience by harnessing the power of Google Slides, creating an engaging visual presentation that matches your decor theme. Offering a presentation gives you the opportunity to display your teaching philosophy, outline classroom expectations, and provide essential insights into the upcoming school year. Plus, even the parents will appreciate how cute the slides are 😉.

A meet-the-teacher template mockup on a desktop computer.

Meet parents in style with a cute and customized meet the teacher slide (this one is from the Daisy Gingham Neutrals range). 

2. Streamlining Student Progress: Center and Reading Group Rotations

Managing center or reading group rotations is a breeze with Google Slides. Design a rotation schedule for each group, outlining tasks, locations, and timings to encourage self-directed learning. Empower students to confidently navigate their academic journey, fostering independence and unity, resulting in a well-organized and self-driven classroom environment.

Example of the Google Slides from the Australiana collection displaying reading group rotations.

All your rotations displayed neatly on the board – winning! (P.S. this template is from the Australiana collection).

3. Setting The Tone For The Day: Morning Meetings Made Easy 

Rise and shine! Transform your morning meetings with a slide deck that breaks down the day's schedule, important reminders, and instructions for upcoming activities. Add visual cues to keep students engaged and on track, ensuring everyone starts the day with a clear sense of what’s to come – even if you are all still just waking up HA!

UGC of Google Slides from the Boho Rainbow collection being used in the classroom.

Save time creating digital displays from scratch and customize editable templates instead just like these gorgeous Google Slides available in every decor theme. 

4. Enhancing Time Management Skills: Visual Timers

Incorporate countdowns into your presentations with the help of Google Slides’ timers, providing students with a tangible representation of how long they have left on their task. Whether for individual assignments or group work, these visual timers provide an invaluable tool for nurturing essential soft skills. As the seconds tick away, watch your students own their schedules, prioritize their workload and stay on task. Suddenly, every second becomes tangible, and students master the art of time management without even realizing it.

An example of using Google Slides to display a timer countdown showcasing the Boho Plants Google Slides 

Visual reminders that also improve student time management? Say less. (ft. Slides from the Boho Plants collection)

5. Displaying Lesson Objectives and Learning Intentions

Set the stage for effective learning by creatively displaying lesson objectives and learning intentions through Google Slides. Craft visually appealing slides that not only match your decor theme (😉 ) but also outline the significance of the lesson's goals to help students understand the purpose of their work. The gorgeous illustrations (seriously have you seen the Australiana Google Slides) can help keep your students stay engaged and may help the message not only resonate but also amplify the connection between learning goals and application of work. The result? That pesky "What are we doing today?" question becomes a distant memory, no longer disrupting the flow of the class.

UGC content showcasing Google Slides from the Spotty Pastels collection.

How lush is @learningwithmiss.ashlee’s matching Spotty Boho set up! SO cute.

6. Lesson Instructions and Steps: Guiding the Learning Journey

Guide the learning of your students with precision by utilizing Google Slides for detailed lesson instructions. Break down complex tasks into manageable steps, complemented by visuals, links, and resources and have lesson instructions ready to go before class. These steps act as reliable reference points, serving as visual aids that assist students in staying on the right track throughout the lesson, fostering effective interaction and engagement with the content. 

UGC content of Google Slides in the classroom showcasing the Spotty Pastels Google Slides.

Spotty Pastels Decor theme 🤝 Google slides with @smileswithsam

7. Centralizing Resources: Daily Lesson Plans

Seamlessly infuse lesson plans into your slides, designing a timetable that effortlessly integrates vital resources. From YouTube videos to Google Doc links, everything is neatly organized within this central hub and ready to present to students (or have them in front of them as they work through lessons). Experience the ease of having all you need at your fingertips, simplifying your daily teaching journey – because who wouldn’t want that!

Flat lay graphic of the 50+ customizable templates in the Google Slides collection. Showcasing Slides from the Botanical collection.

My templates include over 50 editable and pre made Google Slides and Powerpoint Templates with styles to match every decor theme – how stunning is the Botanical range!

Your decor theme just went digital 

Before you start creating 200 new Google Slides for your class—take a look at my collection of templates! Featuring a wide variety of themes, including Boho, Pastels, and Neutrals, you can mix and match to perfectly match your classroom's style. So whether your classroom radiates Boho Vibes or if Modern Jungle is more your style, there are LOADS of editable templates to match your unique taste.



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