Top classroom setups from back to school

Depending on where you are in the world, you probably relate to the following two realities.

You’ve either just headed back to school with a tan, fresh office supplies and a clean classroom. Or, you’ve just faced every winter cold/flu/virus in your classroom, as the end of the school year races toward you.

Either way, now feels like a good time to share a roundup of incredible classroom setups. These are just some of the beautiful classroom images I’ve been tagged in over the northern-hemisphere summer, by the MJLL community.

So whether you’re seeking inspo or you just love peeking into other teachers' classrooms, keep scrolling for the sweetest learning environments around!

My Top Classroom Setups for your brand new classroom this year - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Bright and Beautiful

One thing I noticed in my feed this year was the return to all things bright and beautiful. Vivid colors, bold displays, rich hues - it was all on show in your classrooms.

The first image shows a classroom with a light blue rug that has the alphabet and animals across brightly colored letters. There’s a whiteboard with a colorful Visual Timetable and Alphabet Posters on the wall. The second image shows a smiling teacher sitting sideways on an armchair with rainbow colored display items in the background (including bunting that spells Mrs. Warhurst). The third image shows a classroom wall with two flags and a large display board that’s bordered with colourful yellow and blue trim. There’s white backing paper with black polka dots and brightly colored posters that say ‘Amazing Work Coming Soon’. Orange chairs are stacked on top of each other to the side.
Images via @diaryofasuperteacher @the.sunshine.teacher and @learnwlaur
Have you checked out the Spotty Brights collection?


It feels fitting too - after the years we all endured teaching over Zoom, a bright color palette feels suitably cheerful. 

The first image shows a classroom with a small black stage in front of a large whiteboard. The whiteboard has rainbow Alphabet Posters and Skip Counting Numbers, and the whiteboard has a Visual Timetable on it too. The stage has cushions in the shape of an apple and a rainbow. The second image shows a teacher taking a selfie in a mirror, wearing a white sundress. The mirror has a bright colored Affirmation Display, and a rainbow paper border. The right image shows a classroom with a dark green board that’s surrounded by fairy lights, and in the foreground there are small tables with four chairs around them. There are rainbow colored Alphabet Posters surrounding the green board.

Images via @Diaryofasuperteacher@teachingwithwhit@makingmemswithmissm


Often this brightness was extended through to things like bunting, whiteboard borders and rugs. And you know what? It’s a clever design choice - often school furniture comes in very bright colors, which can be tricky to coordinate with when you’re more of a neutral lover.

The left image shows a classroom with a large circular rug that has a sun, sky and clouds that are surrounded by the alphabet. The whiteboard has rainbow colored Alphabet Posters and cut out letters spell ‘we are all welcome’. The middle image shows a teacher standing at a stand up desk, with her hand in the air and a smile on her face. Her classroom has colorful decor items including a Classroom Calendar and Alphabet Posters. The right image shows a royal blue wall with color posters on top, and the wall to the left is cream with large cut out lettering that spells ‘What I love most about our classroom is who I share it with.’ There are bookshelves underneath and a grey circular rug on the ground.

Images via @misszandthefirsties, @happywithmrshibbard and @chuongclassroom.


No matter the color scheme, I also saw plenty of beautiful, inclusive and celebratory messages too, spelled out with my Bulletin Board Lettering Packs. Quotes and phrases proved popular - and for good reason.

A great classroom is judged by how it makes its members feel. And feeling welcome, inspired and engaged? Well that’s about as good as it gets! 

The love, time and effort that @diaryofasuperteacher has poured into
this room is simply beautiful!


A graphic shows a range of brightly colored MJLL resources including voice levels, word wall, hand signals and colour posters displays, as well as Auslan Alphabet posters. The heading on the graphic reads ‘Want to create a bright and beautiful classroom? Try these!’
The Spotty Brights collection is a color-loving-teacher’s dream!

Calming Neutrals

The left image shows a whiteboard that’s filled with decor items in neutral tones, including hand signals, a calendar, alphabet posters, skip-counting numbers and a ‘days at school’ display. It’s framed by garland in muted tones of deep burgundy, pale pinks and dusty blue. The middle image shows a teacher sitting against a table with her hands in her lap wearing a gingham sundress. Her classroom in the background has soft neutral tones, and we can see a hint of number posters. The right image is closely cropped to the top of an antique wooden chair and a floor lamp. The whiteboard behind has a small date calendar, and we see alphabet posters in boho neutral tones.
Images via @incredible.kinders, @teachwithplumly, and @tiffanyfrostwhite.

Perhaps the biggest trend of the year was a neutral and subdued color palette. Whether it was earthy tones, peaches and pinks or even muted rainbow tones, countless teachers opted for a soft, calming and welcoming vibe.


Always enamored by your classrooms  @miss_grosse_!

The first image shows a wideshot of a classroom with light, warm tones of beige, cream and peach. There’s a large whiteboard framed by fairy lights and posters in soft rainbow colors. The middle image shows a teacher standing in front of a wall. The wall has posters that say  ‘amazing work coming soon’ in tones of deep ochre, salmon, green-grey and orange. The right image shows a large timber shelving unit with white trays, they’re all labeled with labels from the Spotty Neutrals range in a range of nude tones. The labels say things like homework, writing, workbooks, booklets and spelling.Images via @Mycozyclassroom, @buy.from.beth and @littlerainbowteacher.

One of the great things about this aesthetic is that it works really well with decor items from everyday stores like Target in the US and Kmart in Australia. So it’s no surprise that plenty of teachers incorporated their armchairs, lamps, rugs and cushions into their classroom decor in the most beautiful way.

The first image shows the back of a classroom door that’s been covered in white paper with a fine white polkadot print. There’s a long mirror with an affirmation station display in boho tones of oranges, pinks and soft blue-greys. The middle image shows a teacher in a sundress with her arm in the air holding a sign that says ‘first day of school’. The whiteboard behind her is filled with a calendar and weather display in the same tones. The whiteboard is lined with alphabet posters from the Boho Vibes range. The right image shows a teacher’s desk that has the polka dot print with bunting letters in nude tones that spell ‘Mrs Tucker’. Behind the desk is an American flag and cut out letters that spell ‘be positive.’

Images via @tiffanyfrostwhite, @myteachergotstyle and @tuckerteachingthird.


This talented teacher @lololoveslearning has some of the most gorgeous displays I’ve seen!

A neutral palette is perfect if you’re wanting to create a low key space that feels coordinated and calm. And for classrooms with plain white, off-white or cream walls it all comes together so easily.

The left image shows a whiteboard that’s filled with decor items in neutral tones, including hand signals, a calendar, alphabet posters, skip counting numbers and a ‘days at school’ display. It’s framed by a garland in muted tones of deep burgundy, pale pinks and dusty blue. The middle image shows a teacher leaning against a table smiling at the camera. The background is a display that reads ‘Focus Phonics’ in bunting flags from the Spotty Neutrals range. The right image is a whiteboard with a range of different items from the Spotty Boho range which features colours like dusty rose, taupe, denim and grey. The decor items include a calendar, days of the week, a ‘days at school’ display and burning letters that spell ‘calendar’.
 Images via @incredible.kinders, @teachingwithry, and @ateacherwithaplan.
 I like neutrals… and it seems I’m not alone!


Another benefit of a more subdued palette is that it can be particularly helpful for neurodivergent children, who can find a brighter and bolder classroom distracting or overwhelming. (Having said that, done well, bright classrooms can be great for all neurotypes too!)


Such a stunning room by @laurenbeabout using the Boho Vibes range!

And if you’re a teacher with a large room and heaps of wall space, a neutral theme is a great option. The lower contrast means your eye isn’t drawn to the spaces in between your displays, which helps the room feel cohesive and neat.

The left image shows a teacher smiling with her hand on her hip in a white dress, in front of a whiteboard lined with pink paper. There’s cream cotton tassel garland and Boho  Rainbow motivational posters up above. The middle image shows a teacher in front of a classroom wall with lots of tubs on shelves, and a display for showcasing amazing work. The right image shows a teacher with her arm in the air and her heel kicked up in front of a whiteboard that says ‘Welcome Second Grade.’ There are alphabet posters above her whiteboard, and skip counting numbers below. There’s an American flag on the right of the displays.

Images via @ms.suttonlovesmath @learning_with_laub and @keepinggupwithkenna.


My favorite neutrals this year? The Boho Plants range!

But the best part? If you want to recreate this look in your own classroom, you’re spoilt for choice! I have so many neutral tones across my range including the  Boho Vibes, Boho Rainbow Boho Plants, Spotty Boho, Spotty Neutrals, Earthy Rainbow and Botanical ranges.


A graphic shows a range of MJLL decor items including Spotty Neutrals, Boho Vibes and Boho Rainbow Bundles, as well as a Hand Signals and Auslan Alphabet display. The heading reads ‘Want to create a calming neutral classroom? Try these!”

There’s no shortage of options in boho and neutral tones here at MJLL!


Warm and Welcoming

One thing I absolutely loved to see was the clever use of lighting and furnishings to create cozy and warm spaces. Couldn’t you just imagine settling in for a day of learning in these gorgeous spaces? They act as perfect inspo for those of us with smaller, darker spaces too. J’adore!

The left and right images show a classroom with grey brick walls and timber furniture. The room is lit with floor lamps, fairy lights and table lamps. The result is a warm and cosy classroom environment. The middle image features a teacher standing in front of her whiteboard, on top of a rug that has warm rainbow tones. The display board and whiteboard have fairly lights surrounding them, and a floor lamp is visible to the side of the image.

Images via @whitneypaszek and @learningwithnadia.


Such a deliciously cozy vibe (and perfect song choice!)


Pretty in Pastels

Right at the intersection of bright and soft is, of course, a pastel theme! I have to say, a pastel theme was probably the most heavily requested range I created here at MJLL, and I totally get it.

The Boho Range + @ambitiousbabedesigns’ digital planner
are such a gorgeous match, don’t you think?

From Alphabet Posters to Classroom Labels, pastel items can be the main character or a supporting act for any classroom aesthetic.

What a divine example of clever customization! Love what you’ve done with my Spotty Brights and Pastels Alphabet Posters @heyteachermeg!


Want to recreate this look? Take a browse through my Spotty Pastels resources, and the entire Decor Bundle. There are so many wonderful, practical and functional items.

The left image shows a teacher’s desk that has black and white polkadot front with a pastel tassel garland.The whiteboard is bordered by alphabet posters from the Spotty Pastel range. The middle image features the same posters above a digital screen and in the foreground a teacher holds a giant inflatable balloon in the shape of the number one. The screen says ‘welcome to first grade’. The right image features a teacher sitting cross legged on a chair in the corner of her classroom holding a little sign that says ‘First day of school.’ The background features soft colored decor items including in neutral and pastel tones.

Images via  @emilyy67@lifewlittlelearners and @fastforwardtofirst.


Forget the adjectives… just type ‘Miss Jacobs Little Learners’ ;)

A graphic shows a range of pastel items including bulletin board lettering, alphabet posters, classroom labels and the Spotty Pastels Decor bundle. The heading reads ‘Want to create a pretty pastel classroom? Try these!’

They may look sweet but fair warning - they pack quite the punch!


Rainbow Wonderland

Of course, it’s not just color schemes that can function as the basis for classroom design. Animals, environments, objects or concepts can all be transformed into classroom themes too.

And I saw that in spades with rainbows.

Whether they were pastel, bright or subtle - these symbols of happiness, optimism and Pride were everywhere. And whether you use actual rainbow decor or homewares, or you just add hints of rainbows into a broader theme, it’s pure deliciousness!

The left image shows a neon sign in the shape of a rainbow, and on the opposite wall are rainbow coloured affirmations. The middle image shows a teacher in front of a display board that says ‘Welcome to Pre-K in rainbow coloured letters, underneath a large rainbow decor item. And on the right a teacher leans over toward the camera, behind her we see a range of decor items including number posters from the Modern Rainbow range.
Images via @miss.delamater, @makingmemswithmissm and @manda_leighhh.

Once again - when it comes to rainbows you’re spoilt for choice at MJLL - between the Boho RainbowEarthy Rainbow and Modern Rainbow ranges, there’s a rainbow to suit all tastes and needs.

A graphic shows a range of decor items that feature rainbows, including Desk Plates, Binder Covers, Alphabet Posters and the Boho Rainbow and Modern Rainbow bundles.

You can go all out, or quite subtle -
but a little rainbow here and there is never a bad idea!


Please know that this list is nowhere near exhaustive - there are just too many beautiful classrooms to feature! And above all BFFs, I hope you and your students enjoy your learning environments throughout a safe and happy year. 

Thank you for choosing my resources in your classrooms.



As always, if you have any questions or you need help choosing the resources I’ve featured above? I’m only a DM away!



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