Trend report: The top classroom decor trends and best sellers of 2022

The end of 2022 is (literally) around the corner and before we all freak out about 2023 rearing its head, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the AMAZING year we’ve had and take a look back at all the classroom decor trends that took 2022 by storm.

This year has been incredible for Miss Jacobs Little Learners and I want to thank you for being here, buying the products and resources that I pour my heart into, allowing me in your classrooms and supporting my business. I feel like the best way to cap off the year is to have a bit of fun so sit back, relax and enjoy the MJLL classroom wrap-up for 2022.

Think of this as the medal ceremony of the teaching world, the Logies or Oscars of classroom decor, and the Spotify Wrapped of education resources, ALL bundled into one big blog. 

The new collections that launched in 2022 

It’s been a biiig year for Miss Jacobs Little Learners! Lots of changes, growth, innovation, and a huge community of lovely teachers that is continuing to increase in size every day. My team has expanded, there’s LOADS in the works and I really feel like next year will be even bigger. 

In 2022, MJLL launched 4 new collections starting off in May with the release of Boho Plants! I knew I needed something earthy and green for those teachers out there looking for a softer classroom theme that radiated calm energy and you guys LOVED it! Fast forward to November where I soft launched 2 new – and highly requested – decor packs, Pastels and Ombre Neutrals. After launching a few different spotty ranges in the past, the feedback was that some of you loved the colors and the graphics but just wished you could remove the spots. I heard you loud and clear and created these 2 minimalist packs without the spots. And if you’re holding out for the Rainbow and the Boho without the spots, keep an eye out for those coming soon. Then last but not least in early December I released my brand new collection Modern Jungle and you guys LOVED it! It may be too early to tell but I think it could be a popular classroom decor theme for 2023. 

The most loved classroom resources

While loads of you loved to score all your classroom resources in a bundle, others love to pick and choose pieces throughout the year and mix and match decor collections. Without further ado, here are the awards for the top 3 most loved MJLL products of 2022: 

The bronze medal goes to … 

The Boho Rainbow Bulletin Board Lettering Pack! The community has created some AMAZING classroom displays using these lettering kits featuring different fonts and 3 styles of lettering in multiple color options making it the 3rd most popular resource from the MJLL collection. How lovely is this feedback from Brittany, “bulletin boards are no longer a hassle to create with this cute and useful resource! I love how it matches my boho rainbow classroom theme”. You guys especially loved how the lettering matches nicely with the other MJLL Boho collections and it’s versatility and ease of use, a worthy third-place winner. 

@_lex_bailey's boho rainbow bulletin board letters, taking prime spot on her classroom wall

Beautiful image from @_lex_bailey on Instagram using the Boho Rainbow bulletin board letters. 

The silver medal goes to … 

The Boho Plants Meet the Teacher Template! Although a surprising winner, this editable template is such a cute way to welcome new students into your classroom so I can see why it came in at number 2. This product includes 8 different templates making it the perfect teacher tool, take it from Rachel who left this glowing review, “I needed some templates for back to school night and these were perfect. The colors are adorable and they were easy to use.”

Meet your teacher flyer template filled in by Miss Jacobs

My completed example of a meet-the-teacher template.

And taking home the gold medal …

The Boho Rainbow Growth Mindset Posters! Teaching students how to have a growth – instead of a fixed – mindset is super important. These posters are the perfect visual aid for students to remind them of all they are capable of. Plus, they are super cute, totally on trend and the perfect addition to my best selling Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle which explains how they scored the top spot. 

Maryn sent us some amazing feedback after adding these posters in her classroom. She said “this is perfect for my BOHO classroom theme! I've gotten so many compliments :)”. Thank you fo much for your feedback Maryn! 

@lololoveslearning cheersing her iced coffee to her Boho Rainbow growth mindset display

@lololoveslearning shares her completed Boho Rainbow growth mindset display – so cute!

Honorable mentions 

While the following products didn’t finish in the final 3, they were still some of the most popular resources and classroom decorations in 2022 – and we all love an honorable mention. So special shout out to: 

Congratulations to all our winners and nominees and best of luck for 2023 ha!

The MOST popular classroom decor theme for 2022 as chosen by you…

Choosing a decor theme can be hard and I know many of you love to swap your classroom theme every year with a fresh classroom decor bundle. But in 2022, there were some clear favorites when it came to classroom themes. Here are your winners for most popular classroom decor bundle in 2022.

The bronze medal goes to … 

The Spotty Boho Clasrrom Decor Bundle! With the perfect blend of soft, neutral tones and oh so cute spotty patterns, Spotty Boho is a great decor collection to create a fun classroom that doesn’t lose it’s zen vibe.

three great setups using the spotty boho decor

Gorgeous Spotty Boho setups. 

The silver medal goes to … 

The Spotty Bright Decor Bundle! While some didn’t LOVE how extra this collection was, so many more of you chose this vibrant and bright collection for your classrooms in 2022, and for good reason! This decor collection adds the perfect pop of color for a highly engaging classroom with decor that just lights up the room - and your student’s faces.

super cute uses of the spotty brights decor range

Some Spotty Brights classroom inspo.  

And taking home the gold medal …

And the gold Logie goes to the original (and the best) Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle! It didn’t surprise me at all that this was my top best selling decor bundle for 2022. With the perfect mix of rich boho colors and fun rainbow designs – it’s truly the perfect recipe for an adorable and engaging classroom. Thousands of teachers around the world clearly agree, as it’s now been the top contender for 3 years in a row!

our Boho rainbow 10 drawer trolley signs, Decor bundle and Growth Mindset wall display all looking fabulous in classrooms

Highlights of the Boho Rainbow range from real teachers' classrooms. 

What’s to come in 2023? 

Even though I JUST launched my newest collection Modern Jungle, Miss Jacobs Little Learners is not slowing down any time soon. Keep an eye out for ANOTHER new collection launching ahead of the Australian back-to-school period in January 2023 – and crikey it’s going to be EPIC! 

Another year done.

Well there you have it, MJLL 2022 wrapped. BFFs, have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing you in the new year with loads more Miss Jacobs Little Learners goodness to come. 

Happy teaching and a VERY happy new year!

– Chantelle (a.k.a Miss Jacobs)

Trend report: The top classroom decor trends and best sellers of 2022 - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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