Sea Life Unit: Differentiated K-2 Unit



Today I am sharing my latest pack with you all – my Sea Life DIFFERENTIATED K-2 pack!

I created this pack because I know what it’s like having so many varying abilities in the one grade. Having to cater for them all is a lot of work.
I’ve spent waaaay too many hours coming up with learning tasks for my support group and extension group. (And of course that’s on top of the other tasks for the remainder of the grade!) So I wanted to create something that teachers could use for ALL LEVELS.
This pack includes things such as labelled diagrams and emergent readers focusing on sight words and one-to-one correspondence. I’ve also included writing detailed information reports and creating Non Fiction/Information texts including features like contents pages and glossaries.
If your support group can’t manage that, they can always create a fact sheet on their sea creature instead :) 

A SEA LIFE adventure

My students visit the Aquarium during our Sea Life unit so I have included a Pre and Post Aquarium visit section to get the most out of your excursion! It includes things like writing a list of questions to ask the Marine Biologist, Student Name Tag (Marine Biologist & Deep Sea Diver) badges for your students to wear when they are there. I’ve also added POST activities like writing a thank you letter to the Marine Biologist and a recount of the day. There are 4 different versions of writing lines to suit your students’ needs.


During this unit, your students will be working towards creating an Information Book of their own on a sea creature of their choice. All templates and graphic organisers have been included and there are 2 versions – a support and extension.

OR your students can create an Information Book about ALL sea life throughout the unit and compile it together at the end.

It also includes colour and black & white Close Reads for 9 various Sea Life creatures.









Each section of the pack comes with instructions and a breakdown of how to use it in your classroom. :)
I really hope you enjoy using this unit with your students! Sea Life is such a fun topic to teach! Any feedback is welcome.


Check out some amazing student work!

And seeing as though we are talking about Sea Life, I just HAD to share with you some cute crafts that one of my fellow teachers did with her grade this week.
If I were a sea creature…..
WAAAAY too cute!



Sea Life Unit: Differentiated K-2 Unit - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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