6 ideas for decorating a pastel themed classroom

BFF I’ll be honest, I adore a rainbow classroom theme as much as the next teacher. Rainbow classrooms seem to effortlessly radiate positive energy and are bright and happy – everything classrooms should be. So how can teachers create a space that shines, but is also calming, spacious and simple … pastels are the answer. 

The color theory demonstrates how certain colors can affect our mood and dictate the way we feel in a space. In the context of the classroom, a pastel themed classroom that highlights subtle colors like baby blue and mint may also elevate feelings of calm, tranquility, and serenity. And let’s be honest, if it’s one thing that teachers often need more of in the classroom, it’s tranquility HA! 

This is what inspired me to create my Pastels and Spotty Pastel classroom decor collections. I feel like these collections are perfect for those teachers who want to create a rainbow classroom, but also want to inspire a stress-free classroom that radiates an unflustered oasis ha! 

If this is you, today I thought I would share some classroom inspo featuring 2 of my best-selling decor themes and showcase 6 design ideas for creating a dreamy classroom environment using a soft pastel color palette. Let's dive in. 

Spotty Pastels classroom decor collection

6 decoration ideas for a pastel themed classroom

Transform your walls with posters and displays

When it comes to decorating your classroom, starting with plain walls is a MUST. Color on color on COLOR is when a learning space starts to transition from bright to overbearing. 

Hint: If your walls are dark you might consider using a white or lighter colored fabric to cover any colors or patterns that may clash.

Using pastel posters in the classroom is a great way to create a visually pleasing and calming atmosphere while also providing educational content. From maths posters and voice-level displays to lettering for your bulletin boards, word wall posters, and more, you can transform any blank wall into an effective learning tool with pastel hues that pop!

Gif from @miss_grosse_ setting up her maths bulletin board using the pastels decor collection

Just look at this display from @miss_grosse_! The colors completely come to life against the white background – SO CUTE! 

Pastel furniture choices

While having a 100% pastel classroom would probably be a dream come true 🤩, teachers can achieve the same effortless aesthetic with just a few pieces of furniture in sweet pastel tones. You could add a soft purple rug to your reading nook, style your class with mint-colored cushions or decorate your teaching area with a baby pink desk chair like @smileswithsam did (check out her home office below, it is to DIE for!) 

3 column grid showcasing pastel classroom decor

A few cute examples of pastel decor you might like to implement in your classroom ft. @smileswithsam's amazing pastel home office. 

Choose colors that compliment soft rainbow hues

While some teachers say you can never have enough color in the classroom, I would argue that even with pastels, you can still definitely overdo it, so choosing the right accent colors are important too. If you’re including pastels in your classroom with the intent to create a calming space, harsh fluorescent colors or extra cool tones like navy or emerald may be too bold and overwhelm your classroom.

Instead, why not add earthy textures like timber and fresh greenery with some plants? These natural tones are the perfect match for pastels as they don’t clash or overpower but instead really accentuate the colors – which we love! 

Pastel decoration ideas

I just love the way each of these pastel tones shines against white or timber furniture and some fresh greenery. 

Affirmation station mirror 

If you’re unsure about a completely pastel classroom, adding one feature like an affirmation station mirror is a great way to add just a hint of pastel to your classroom. Simply pick up a mirror from Kmart or Target, purchase some affirmation station labels, print, stick, and hang and you’ve got a really sweet way for students to empower themselves, build their confidence, and be reminded of how great they are – and more importantly how great we teachers think they are!

Affirmation stations from the pastel and spotty pastel decor collection

3 teachers from the MJLL Instagram community repping Affirmation stations from the Pastels and the Spotty Pastels collection. 

Pastel storage solutions 

As well as aesthetic classroom decor, teachers can make their classroom management tools and teaching organizers look equally as beautiful and match their classroom theme. I recommend white or clear storage paired with pastel labels to ensure the color stands out. For example, my Spotty Pastels classroom decor bundle comes with labels for your teacher toolbox, your reading groups organizers, your teacher trolley, and labels for just about anything you need in the classroom.

Miss Jacobs Little Learners pastel classroom organisation solutions

Organize all your teaching essentials with some handy storage solutions paired with labels from your fave classroom decor collection. 

Get all your pastel decor in one classroom bundle

To create your dream pastel themed classroom, sometimes it helps to see everything laid out so you can decide which pieces you want to add. My advice? Get all your classroom resources in one handy bundle, look through the digital download and pick and choose which pieces end up in the final draft of your learning space. 😉 

I’ve heard from teachers time and time again that halfway through the year they decide to add or remove something in their classroom, so having a bank of resources on hand that matches your theme is never a bad idea. 

Create your very own pastel classroom in just a few clicks

Miss Jacobs Little Learners Pastel Classroom Decor BundleMiss Jacobs Little Learners Spotty Pastels Classroom Decor Bundle

Well, there you have it BFF! If pastel is your classroom vibe for this year, you are going to LOVE the MJLL Spotty Pastels and Pastels (minus the polka dots) decor ranges. Each classroom decor bundle includes a digital file with everything you need to create your very own pastel vision. I can’t wait to see you bring it to life. 

– Happy Decorating BFF!

P.S. if you DO go with a pastel decor theme please tag me in your piccies on Instagram. Can’t wait to see your classroom content. 

P.P.S if you love MJLL products and LOVE LOVE creating classroom content, be sure to sign up for my MJLL Ambassador Program

6 ideas for decorating a pastel themed classroom - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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