Measuring Length Unit: An Overview!

This is my newest product and it took me aaaages to put together! I wanted to create a Measuring Length Unit that teachers could literally purchase and follow from beginning to end without the need for anything else. (Hence, the taking me ages!)

EVERYTHING is included:

Detailed step by step lesson plans

Warm Up Games

Teacher Instruction

Student Activities

Math Centre Games






This unit is suitable for both the Australian Curriculum AND is also Common Core aligned. It covers all that is required to be taught from K-1 on Length and Measurement.


All activities are hands on and engaging. Some activities included in the pack include:


Foot Measuring Assessment Task



How long is my snake/worm?

This unit works so well in the classroom, through distance learning and also in the home schooling environment. It includes full detailed length measurement lesson plans broken up into:

– Warm Up,

– Introduction,

– Independent/Whole Class Activities,

– Share/Reflections, and

– Extension/Early Finisher Activities.

Here are a couple of great reviews I received about this unit:

“Covers everything I need, taken the stress out of my planning this holidays! yay! Thank you!!” – Miss Wrights Classroom

“Such an amazing resource with fantastic hands-on activities! All you need in the one unit.” – Evie C

Each time I’ve used this unit in the classroom, it has been so well received by my little learners. So I hope you and your students enjoy using this Measuring Length Unit in your classroom, too. I would love your feedback or thoughts in the comments below! I’m all ears!!


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Measuring Length Unit: An Overview! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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