Introducing… the Spotty Pastels Range!

There was a moment a few months back when I woke to my social media inboxes HEAVING with messages.  After a few minutes of scrolling, I realised that I hadn’t been hacked, cancelled or suddenly become famous. 

But the real reason for all the DMs? Well, I had just released my Spotty ranges of classroom decor. They’d come out in the Boho, Bright and Neutral colourways, but you guys, you wanted pastels!

I’m not exaggerating either. (Okay, maybe a tiny bit). But there were HEAPS of messages, and I absolutely LOVE that! Always tell me what you want!

BFFs, I’m tickled (pastel) pink to tell you - the SPOTTY PASTELS HAVE LANDED! (Well… almost. Read on to see the release date.)

An office is filled with the new Spotty Brights range. We see a bookshelf next to two teacher trolleys, a teacher tool box on top of the shelf, a range of binders in the shelves, bunting on the front, alphabet posters lined up at the top of frame and large numbers lined up underneath. It’s all in shades of pastel pink, blue, purple, yellow and green.
Here it is! The brand new Spotty Pastels range.

How it all Came About

The inspiration for the spotty ranges came when I discovered a gorgeous spotted vinyl in the craft section at Kmart. After I spotted it (pun intended) I immediately felt excited (not an unusual feeling for me in Kmart) and I just knew I had to work spots into my designs.

I’d been getting lots of requests for bright decor as I’d been steering towards neutrals for the few years prior. So I thought - why not combine both elements and see how it looks. 

As soon as I created the first piece in the Spotty Brights range I just had a hunch it’d be a hit. Then I moved on to the binder covers and the editable bunting, and then I just couldn't stop!

I have to say, putting the pastel range together, I totally understand why pastels are so popular. They’re bright without being overpowering, they’re soft, they’re welcoming and they’re just so pretty. And the range is coordinated - it all feels neat and sweet. 

Forever obsessed with these stunning must-haves for teachers, the Spotty Pastels teacher’s toolbox and teacher’s trolley!


The Other Little Bundle of Joy

As always, my hot tip with any Miss Jacobs new release is to start with the bundles. It’s where you get the best value and you get to see everything in the range. 

The bundles are always discounted (by up to FIFTY percent!). But of course, if you only need an item or two, you can pick them all up separately.

So, here’s what’s included in this bouncing bundle o’ joy…

A graphic lists the different items in the Miss Jacobs Little Learners Spotty Brights collection, against a background that’s a soft mushroom colour. The heading reads ‘What’s in the bundle? Spotty Pastels.’
That’s 26 ways to save you time!

Over on the website, I’ve listed all of the info you might need - details about whether the item is editable, which fonts it comes in, the different variations - the lot.

But of course, if you ever have any questions, I’m only a DM away! And speaking of questions…


When is it Being Released?

Here’s the thing. Friends don’t make friends wait in the queue, they sneak them in early for pre-drinks! And that’s why I have a *mailing list* for all of my teaching BFFs. (That’s you!).

Today, everyone on the mailing list will be getting an EARLY BIRD link to shop the range, PLUS a little discount. And when I say little, I mean HUGE! (I couldn’t possibly tell you what the discount is - that’s for mailing list eyes only - but I can say it rhymes with merty mree mercent).

But if you really don’t love joining mailing lists with discounts, sneak peeks and early access (plus the odd super-useful email), the range will drop this THURSDAY 21 APRIL!

The reading group resources and binder covers are jussst about my favourite item! What’s yours?

So, BFFs, if your classroom could do with a little refresh, or if you just want to stock up for when the mood strikes - take a look at the range!

I sincerely hope you love it - I know I sincerely love playing a part in your beautiful classrooms. 

I’d love to hear your feedback too, so tell me your thoughts over on Instagram or Facebook. After all, those DMs have been known to spark great things!



Introducing… the Spotty Pastels Range! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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