How quality classroom decor can save you money in the long run

When it comes to teaching resources, every dollar counts. Let’s be real; we don’t have someone footing the bill for our classroom decorations so we need to do the best we can with the budget we have.

It’s super tempting to save money and find cheaper classroom decor solutions, but did you know that investing in quality, stylish and timeless classroom decor can actually save you money throughout your teaching career? 

Here’s why.

Durability means less replacement costs

Choosing high-quality materials for your classroom decor pays off in the long run. Durable posters, strong charts, and long-lasting bulletin board decorations make your classroom look better and last much longer than cheaper options. While cheaper items might need to be replaced often, quality ones stay in good condition for many school years. This means you won’t have to buy new decorations every year, saving you time and money. 

Here’s an example of how you can save.

Imagine you're considering purchasing colored cardstock to print visual aids for your classroom. You have two options: a cheaper, lower-quality cardstock and a slightly more expensive, higher-quality cardstock.

Option 1: Lower-quality cardstock

  • Cost: $5 for a pack of 10 sheets
  • Durability: Each sheet lasts approximately two months before fading, tearing, or becoming damaged beyond use.

Option 2: Higher-quality cardstock

  • Cost: $8 for a pack of 10 sheets
  • Durability: Each sheet maintains its integrity for around six months before showing signs of wear and tear.

Now, let's crunch the numbers:

For Option 1 (Lower-quality cardstock):

  • Cost per month per sheet: $5 / 10 sheets / 2 months = $0.25 per month per sheet

For Option 2 (Higher-quality cardstock):

  • Cost per month per sheet: $8 / 10 sheets / 6 months = $0.13 per month per sheet

In this scenario, although the higher-quality cardstock initially costs more per pack, it lasts significantly longer before needing replacement. As a result, the cost per month per sheet is lower than the cheaper alternative.

Now, let's consider a typical classroom scenario:

Say you need 30 sheets of colored cardstock to create teaching resources for your classroom. With Option 1, you would need to replace all 30 sheets every 2 months, costing you $7.50 per month ($0.25 per sheet x 30 sheets).

With Option 2, you would only need to replace all 30 sheets every six months, costing you $3.90 monthly ($0.13 per sheet x 30 sheets).

Over the course of a school year, the cost savings with Option 2 become even more! So, try to choose better quality materials. Even though they might cost more upfront, they’re a smart investment for the future of your classroom.

Editable resources adapt to changing requirements

Editable resources are like magic wands, letting teachers refresh classroom decor and resources every year. Choosing to purchase an editable template means you’ll get so much more use out of it. 

Editable classroom decor means that it can be used for multiple things in the classroom. For example, take editable posters - they can be used as motivational or inspirational quotes, classroom rules posters, student book covers, reading group organisers, summaries of information learned, bulletin board displays, welcome posters - THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! Just type in your own text and customize it for your classroom needs - use it over and over again - year after year!

Another example is the classroom labels pack - $6 for HUNDREDS of labels in various sizes; you can use them as student name tags, desk plates, book bag labels, supply tags, tub labels, classroom library labels, etc.

You see, it all comes down to cost per use.

Similarly to using higher quality materials for your templates, editable templates can save you money over time. 

Let's say you're comparing a $5 editable classroom decor template with a $5 non-editable one. If you can use the editable template for 5 years, that's $1 per year ($5 ÷ 5 years = $1 per year). 

But if the non-editable one is just for one year, that's $5 for that year. So, in the long run, the editable template is better because it costs less each time you use it.

Miss Jacobs Little Learners has both editable and non-editable classroom decor but even our pre-made, non-editable templates can be used again and again if printed on high-quality cardstock or laminated. 

Modern classroom decor stands the test of time

We’re known for our modern designs. Gone are the days of cringe-worthy classroom decor - you can decorate your classroom in a stylish design that you will love and create a classroom that you are proud of (Trust me, you won't be in a hurry to take everything down / repurchase a new theme year after year). You'll be so happy to use it again regardless of the year level you are teaching as our decor caters for all year levels, whether you are going for a modern jungle theme or a boho rainbow theme - MJLL classroom decor is adaptable for all year levels.

Top tip: the BEST value for money is purchasing your classroom decor in a bundle (List inclusions and savings)

Simply reprint the pieces you need to change—such as students’ name labels—and you’re good to go. Timeless decor that doesn’t go out of style—that’s yet another cost-saving bonus for your classroom! 

Choosing quality classroom decor doesn’t have to cost a lot. By picking durable materials and editable resources with timeless themes, you can avoid frequent replacements and minimise spending over time. Considering the cost per use helps you see the true value of your investment. With quality decor, you can create a great learning space for students while being smart with your budget. So, remember, investing in good decor is not just about looks – it's about saving money too!

If you’re really budget-savvy, don’t forget to check out our classroom decor bundles.

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