Get Your Teach On in Term 3!!!

I am so excited for each and everyone in our Miss Jacobs’ Little Learners community as we head into Term 3.. the Golden Term! ✨ This is the term where we really get to focus on the heart of teaching. It’s such an amazing term and so close to what many of us dream teaching will be like when we’re studying. We get to really teach our students, have fun in our classroom and watch our kids thrive!

Whilst Term 2 is mosly focused on watching (and assessing) our students’ growth, Term 3 is OUR turn to grow! It is an incredible opportunity to deepen our teaching skills and grow confidence in ourselves as teachers.

So this term, before I go on maternity leave, I’m going to be sharing resources, tips and tricks to help you “Get your teach on”!!

Together, we will explore how to deepen your teaching practice and expand your skill set. This will allow you to be the best teacher you can be!

#1 Get Your Teach On

Addition strategy posters as part of the Maths Posters Bundle

I don’t want to give too much away about what we’ll be exploring together in Get Your Teach On throughout Term 3 just yet but… I’m just waaay too excited to hold it in!!!

We will be exploring topics such as:

  • The best resources to help you enjoy the Golden Term!
  • Meeting your students where they’re at so no student is left behind
  • Confidently directing student led learning
  • Setting up your students to be lifelong learners
  • A holistic teaching approach to using goals slips to see your students grow

“Get Your Teach On” Resources

Term 3 is such a great term to develop yourself as a teacher. So I wanted to share my Top 5 resources to help you “Get Your Teach On”. Each of these resources equip you to hone your skills, expand your teacher tool kit and deepen your student’s learning:

  1. Reading Groups Posters & Labels
  2. Thematic Units Bundle
  3. Maths Posters Bundle
  4. Goals Mega Bundle
  5. English Posters Bundle Reading and Writing Strategies
Plant posters as part of the Thematic Units Bundle

At the beginning of this year, I put it out there that my hope for each and everyone of you this year is that you feel:

1. PRIDE as you create a beautiful learning environment for your children

2. CONFIDENT teaching your students throughout the school year

3. IN CONTROL and stress-free because everything is organised and runs smoothly

4. SUCCESSFUL at helping your students learn and in making a difference in their lives

5. JOY in your life outside the classroom, as you save time and take back your life

I absolutely loved being on the Acing Assessments journey with you over Term 2. I’ve had so much *amazing* feedback that it made people really take a step back and name their success as a teacher (on their own terms). So this term… I’m really excited to explore growing our confidence together as you join me for Get Your Teach ON!!!

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