Five For Friday: 5 fun things about this week!

I seriously can’t believe it’s Friday… again!!! This week has gone so fast! So here we go – 5 fun things about this week!

To be honest, I have been so exhausted lately. I think I’m run down. :( Reports are around the corner though so I MUST find some energy (from somewhere) and push along. I have actually had some terrible neck and shoulder pain which has crippled me for the last few weeks and I had to take some time off work to rest and recover. So…. this is actually a combination of 2 weeks worth of school events as I missed last weeks. I must keep reminding myself….
I have only 7 weeks to go till my holiday in Bali!! :)


For now though…. it’s time for Five For Friday, Thanks to Doodlebugs Teaching!
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1. Aquarium Excursion

If you read my blog regularly, you may know that we have been studying Sea Life this term. As part of our unit, we went to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. This by far, was the highlight of my TERM. We. had. a. ball!!!!

My little Marine Biologist badges were worn by all my students – they looked so cute!

They are included in my new Sea Life Pack :)



Here are some pics from the day :) The Penguins were DEFINITELY my favourite!! Soooo adorable!






2. A class book by Prep M

I couldn’t help but snap some shots of this gorgeous class book that the Grade Preps at my school made with their lovely teacher, Ms Mary. It makes me want to go back to teaching Prep!!!
The Very Hungry Ladybug. By Prep M






3. New Product: Learning Intention Displays

I have created and uploaded some new products over the last few weeks. This is my new Learning Intention Display pack. It’s also available in three other styles.
In many schools, including mine, we are required to display our learning intention/lesson focus/I can statement (whatever you want to call it) in the classroom. This is so the children are aware of what they are working towards and it gives them a sense of achievement at the end of the lesson once they have mastered the skill.

I have tried so many different ways of presenting this and I FINALLY came up with a method that suits me and isn’t time consuming or a waste of ink and paper. Simply print off the sheets, place in a laminating sheet and use whiteboard markers to write down your daily focus!


4. Place Value & Length

We have been working on Place Value! This is such an important maths concept for the children to grasp – it can be quite tricky to teach though. We played this Place Value trucks trading game that the kids LOVED! I have absolutely no idea where it came from – it’s one of those things that gets passed from one teacher to another over the years – and I guess if something works, you use it again and again!
Simply roll a dice. Add or subtract that amount of MAB blocks onto your board. The aim is to teach the children to trade once they get to 10. We used it for subtraction this time so we started with the hundreds block and traded for 10 tens blocks etc. You can do it the other way around for addition and start off with just one MAB block and try to get to 100.
We measured the length of things around the room using our handspans. This lesson had a lot of movement in it!(which the kids always love).
If you are teaching measurement, be sure to check out my LENGTH PACK with loads of measurement activities and assessment materials for you to use.


I also have these two Place Value Posters which are so handy to have around the classrom.




5. Boston

On a different note – unrelated to teaching….
It’s been raining and cold the last few weeks here in Melbourne so poor Boston hasn’t been out all that much. He’s been feeling a little neglected. So, to get our attention he likes to steal things. 
Mainly socks. Doesn’t matter if they’re mine or Shaun’s, he’ll find them and try to steal them. I’ve had to throw a pair away because he sneakily took them outside with him and we found them a few days later all dirty and smelly. YUCK!
This is what I have to put up with after a long day at work… A sock stand off! hehe 

I hope you enjoyed my 5 fun things about this week, and I hope to see you here, same time next week!


Five For Friday: 5 fun things about this week! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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