Behind the design: The new Cute Sea Life Decor Collection

Behind the design: The new Cute Sea Life Decor Collection - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the 'Cute Labels' collection (seriously you guys 🤩​), your enthusiasm for a sea life theme couldn't be ignored. So, after some brainstorming and a few days locked in my creative cave, I could not be MORE excited to share the Cute Sea Life Decor Collection – a fresh and modern twist on a classic theme showcasing playful illustrations and a stunning color palette. Check out this lookbook of ocean-themed classroom inspiration and go behind the design of my newest collection. 

Organize your entire classroom with matching Cute Sea Life labels from Miss Jacobs Little Learners
Achieve classroom organization goals with the coordinating Cute Sea Life labels by Miss Jacobs Little Learners.

The classic MJLL color palette meets under the sea. 

The color palette I’ve chosen reflects a modern twist on the traditional under-the-sea theme, steering away from the loud primary colors usually associated with it. Instead, I've curated a classic MJLL muted color scheme featuring soft blues, greens, and accents of, coral, teal, and melon pink. It’s not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that feels inviting and conducive to learning.

Organize your teaching resources in a beautifully muted color palette of greens and blues accented with pink and yellow.
The Cute Sea Life collection features everything you need to organize your space, including these adorable reading group organizers.

Get acquainted with Cute Sea Life characters

Let's talk characters. In the 'Cute Sea Life' collection, we've got 26 adorable sea creatures stealing the show. From playful sea horses to majestic sharks, each illustration brings a charming touch to your space. Imagine an underwater world filled with diverse characters – sea plants, shells, angelfish, pufferfish, seahorses, starfish, jellyfish, crabs, sharks, turtles, octopuses, whales, and stingrays. No exaggerations here; it's a genuine and adorable collection of sea life creatures ready to capture the hearts and imaginations of your students.

The illustrations in the Cute Sea Life collection aren’t highly detailed or super fancy. Just adorable 2D illustrations of your students’ fave underwater creatures.
Organize your class with editable desk name plates from the new Cute Sea Life collection.

Unveiling the Decor Bundle

The 'Cute Sea Life' Classroom Decor Bundle isn’t your run-of-the-mill collection. It's a toolkit designed to make your classroom visually appealing and functional. From alphabet posters to voice-level displays, to editable bulletin board borders and everything in between it covers a wide spectrum of resources that align with your classroom needs.

The Cute Sea Life Decor Bundle has everything you need to create an under-the-sea paradise in your classroom.

The Cute Sea Life Decor Bundle includes: 

  1. Affirmation Station
  2. Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters
  3. Alphabet Posters
  4. ASL Posters
  5. Auslan Posters
  6. Binder Covers and Spines
  7. Birthday Display
  8. Bulletin Board Borders
  9. Bunting
  10. Calendar
  11. Class Newsletter
  12. Classroom Jobs
  13. Classroom Labels
  14. Classroom Rules
  15. Clock Numbers
  16. Color Posters
  17. Days and Months
  18. Days at School
  19. Door Display
  20. Editable Posters
  21. First and Last Day of School Posters
  22. Flip Calendar
  23. Goals Mat
  24. Hand Signals
  25. Learning Intentions
  26. Levels of Understanding
  27. Meet the Teacher
  28. Motivational Posters
  29. Number Posters
  30. Shape Posters
  31. Slides
  32. Student Name Plates
  33. Table Numbers
  34. Teacher Toolbox
  35. Teacher Trolley Labels
  36. Visual Timetable
  37. Voice Levels Display
  38. Word Wall
A complete ocean-themed space with decor from the Cute Sea Life Collection by Miss Jacobs Little Learner.

Matching Math Poster sets and English Posters in the unique Cute Sea Life color palette are also available for separate purchase so that you can match your classroom decor with all your essential teaching tools.

A completed classroom showcasing matching labels from the Cute Sea Life collection to organize your space.

A completed classroom showcasing matching labels from the Cute Sea Life collection to organize your space.

Love for the Cute Sea Life collection. 

The Cute Labels mini collection was meant to be a tiny debut for MJLL, offering labels in adorable colors with simple illustrations to assist teachers in organizing their classrooms. But, surprise (and in hindsight, I probably should have seen it coming), you all went wild! The feedback poured in with so much love for the collection. All my inspiration comes from the Miss Jacobs Little Learners community, so if you ever have a must-have idea for your classroom, just shoot me a DM. I'll do my best to turn your visions into reality within my theme.

 All the lovely comments I have received from teachers in the community on Instagram.

Creating your very own ocean-inspired classroom 

Creating a sea-themed classroom is easy when you have the 'Cute Sea Life' Decor Collection at your fingertips. Your positive response to this collection has been nothing short of inspiring. I'm grateful for the excitement and love you've poured into making this underwater adventure come to life in your classrooms.

Customize your classroom labels to personalize your classroom and make it your own.

Miss Jacobs Little Learners has a range of editable and customizable digital resources to make your classroom totally unique.

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