Affordable classroom decor solutions that suit every budget

Affordable classroom decor solutions that suit every budget

I know sticking to a classroom budget can be tricky. And I also know that everyone’s budget differs, the same way that their priorities do – not to mention the ways in which their little learners learn best. So I’ve put together this collection of bestsellers for every budget (and teaching style) to help you pick and choose your perfect classroom decor solutions. You’re welcome!

Free resources

I’ve made it super easy to get started on your affordable classroom decor journey with my free resource library! Sign up to my mailing list and you’ll receive instant access to stacks of decor, printables and resources – not to mention exclusive flash freebies (that aren’t available on my website!) – directly to your inbox. 

The library includes nifty bits and pieces like conversation starters to prompt deeper thinking, motivational posters to give your little learners a boost, fun activities like counting games, and even ‘first day at school’ signs – all things that are sure to make your classroom the talk of the school (particularly the conversation starters. Get it?). And did I mention they’re completely free?

Under $5

One of the best things about my classroom decor? I’ve designed everything with little learners in mind, based on my own experience as a classroom teacher. That means this done-for-you decor will actually help your students remember what you’ve taught them, and guide them in their independent learning. 

Take these addition strategy posters, which remind students how to apply important mathematical rules and concepts. Or my punctuation posters, which explain when to use parentheses, ellipses and exclamation marks (and more) – complete with examples. Save time spent fielding the same questions over and over, and simply direct your little learners to your answer-covered walls!

Another handy addition to your space? This nifty bulletin board lettering pack! With a range of editable letters, you’ll be able to create beautiful, functional learning zones and bulletin boards that are sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Under $10

Prepare for each new day with ease using my morning meeting slides. Simply open up your template in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, type in what you need your little learners to know – whether you’re introducing a lesson, reminding them about homework, providing instruction or sharing the day’s structure – and pop it up on your screen. Bonus: These include working timers to easily set time-based expectations!

Of course, to make your classroom really *pop*, we can’t simply stop at informative posters and displays. Curate your classroom perfectly with a matching set of labels, which can be used for desks, boxes and organizers (and anything else you can think of).

You can also go beyond basic letters with this beautiful set of illustrated alphabet posters. With drawings of everyday objects, animals and food items across the entire alphabet, your little learners can easily identify and remember each letter. And as a bonus, you’ll find posters for AUSLAN and ASL included in the bundle – each accompanied by a visual depiction of the relevant sign. Handy! (Get it? Because they’re hands? I’ll see myself out…) 

$20 and under

If you have a little more room in the classroom budget, check out my series of collections, which include multiple editable downloads in each bundle. 

Help your little learners with their reading, writing and spelling with this handy set of English posters. I’ve designed these to display phonics, text types and comprehension strategies, as well as parts of speech and traits of writing (and more!). Choose to include the images provided or leave them out if you’d rather focus on the text. Easy breezy!

My Math posters bundle is a one-stop-shop for all your numeracy needs. It includes editable downloads that display times tables, place value, fractions, shapes, and strategies. Diagrams and illustrations set the scene and ensure students can see exactly what each term means.  

Under $50

Take your slides to the next level with my mega growing bundle, which gives you lifetime access to all of our slides (over 100!) in every available design (14+!). That means you can change your style every year, and keep things fresh for your new class! 

Want it all for less? Grab an all-inclusive decor pack and save! These include all of your favorite posters, labels and slides, in your chosen design style, to make your classroom as cohesive as can be. What’re you waiting for?

Give your classroom a modern makeover

Ready to spruce up your classroom with practical-yet-stylish decor that swiftly takes it from drab to fab? You’ve come to the right place! Check out my range of totally on-trend classroom decor, select a set that suits your aesthetic, download, edit, and get to decorating! I can’t wait to see what you create.

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