Congratulations - on Acing Assessment and now your students are thriving!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This week is the final week of Acing Assessment and I am BEYOND proud of each and every one of you for everything you’ve put into this journey with me. I have watched you navigate how to assess your students throughout the term, create a culture of independence in your classroom whilst you’ve assessed, and then written kick-ass reports with as little stress as possible!! You have developed as teachers, expanded your education tool-kit and most importantly, made an incredible impact on the beautiful students in your classroom. So now…it’s time to CELEBRATE!!!!

#1 Celebrate achieving your SUCCESS Criteria


Featuring Tropical Learning Intention Display – included in my Tropical Decor Bundle

This term, we set ourselves the Learning Intention of Acing Assessment…and this week, we can celebrate that we have MET our Success Criteria: Our students are thriving!

WALT (We are learning to)

  • We have learnt… to build independence in our classroom
  • We have learnt… that Do Not Disturb signs are a gift from the heavens!
  • We have learnt… to give the students reference tools to save them from asking us 1 million questions!!
  • We have learnt… that maths & literacy games are the bomb for encouraging independence

WALF (We are looking for)

  • We were looking for…a simpler way to prepare for writing reports and the Acing Assessment Resources was our golden ticket!
  • We were looking for…how to leave a meaningful personal comment in reports and the Personal Goals slips helped us NAIL it!
  • We were looking for…the magic unicorn way of doing reporting, only to realise that your unique way is ok! #youdoyouboo

WILL (What it looks like)

  • This looked like…shifting our negative self-talk to a growth mindset, so we believed in ourselves
  • This looked like…encouraging a Growth Mindset culture in our classroom, so our kids believed in THEMSELVES!

TMB (This matters because)

  • This matters because…success as a teacher is not about a number on reports, but about how we’ve impacted our student’s lives
  • This matters because…we need to remember how far our students have come because of us!
  • This also matters because…the reason WHY we became teachers is so much bigger than writing good reports!

So again…can I just say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Over the last two months, we have been through so much together and you have blown me away at the work you’ve done within yourself, with your students and in your classroom. You have absolutely Aced Assessment and your students are thriving as a result. Well done!!!

#2 Celebrate ACING ASSESSMENT WITH your students


Whilst you’ve been the one in the driving seat for the Acing Assessment ride, your students have been on the bus with you! They have built independence, worked their butts off and learnt SO much…so celebrate this with them!!

If you like giving gifts to your students, I made these “You Blew Me Away” gift tags to go with Bubble Wands for my kids…and let me tell you, they absolutely LOVE them!!


If you haven’t already, you might want to throw your Publishing Party to celebrate your Fiction & Non-Fiction unit books that your students have written.

Or there’s just a good old fashioned Dance Party!!!! How do you like to celebrate the end of term (and especially end of assessment!) with your students?

#3 Celebrate YOURSELF with your family or friends

To keep on with the bus analogy, there is another group of people who have been on the Acing Assessment journey with you…your family and friends!! They might not have been on the bus, but they’ve DEFINITELY been in the pit crew – washing it, changing its tyres and keeping the bus running. So, now that Term 2 comes to an end…I encourage you to CELEBRATE with them.

It’s so tempting to just flop on the couch and watch 14 hours of Netflix straight…or power through all the things on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off. However, I’d love to encourage you to do something special with those people in your pit crew AND tell them the beautiful stories that you reflected on from last week’s blog. They need to hear those stories… because they’ve been a part of them by supporting you to create them.

For some of you, this might be planning a girls night out and making a toast to your friends for their support. Or it might be eating drive through Macca’s in the car with your partner whilst your kid sleeps in the back! Whatever it looks like…celebrate your success and your student’s success with those who have helped you achieve it. It will strengthen your relationship, your career and your life!

If you’ve missed any of my previous blog posts, take the time to head back and read:

Where to from here? If there are any Acing Assessment resources you’re missing – I encourage you to fill out your toolkit, so you can be one step ahead of this journey for Term 4.

I am BEYOND thankful to each and everyone of you for joining me on this Acing Assessment journey! Now enjoy your well-earned rest!



Congratulations - on Acing Assessment and now your students are thriving! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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