A quick update: Fundraisers, Musical Chairs Reading & GoNoodle!

A quick update

I can’t believe it is coming up to Week 5 already! This term has just flown! I haven’t had much time for blogging recently, however I am putting aside an hour or two to give you a quick update into what’s been happening. Its been busy, busy, BUSY!!!! 


On Friday our school and local community came together to raise money for the McGrath Foundation by participating in Pink Stumps Day. We played a staff vs students cricket match and I actually scored a few runs for the staff team! WOOP WOOP!! We managed to raise over $1200 from the day which is an awesome effort! 
Here are some shots from the day. 


I wanted to spice up our Reading Block a bit this week so I introduced something called ‘Musical Chairs Reading’. It worked a treat and the children really enjoyed it! 
Each child has a chair and on each chair is a picture story book – I used all my own personal picture story books to make it even more of a treat for the kids. As the music plays, children dance around the circle and when the music stops, the children sit on the seat nearest to them. They then read the book that’s on their chair. I waited around 5 minutes in between each song to give them enough time to finish the book. 


They truly didn’t want to stop! We are going to make it a once a month treat so they don’t get too sick of it! ;) 


Today I discovered GoNoodle! OMG where have I been???? I am rapt I found it!

This is going to change my classroom! Up until now, I have been looking up Brain Breaks on Youtube and its a bit hit and miss. If you aren’t familiar with GoNoodle you MUST sign up. Best of all – its free!

Set up your account here: https://www.gonoodle.com/home

You can choose from calming, energising and focused breaks. I’m looking forward to using the Yoga one :)

I have set my class up and have added a few brain breaks to my favourites – Will let you you know how it goes!


My kids LOVE it! Especially Koo Koo Kangaroo! Highly recommend you sign up your grade :)





I only have a 4 day week this week and next as I will be heading up to the Sunshine Coast for a wedding and a little getaway with Shaun :) I’m taking Friday and Monday off from school for a long weekend! YAY! 
We are looking forward to some sun and relaxation however Queensland has been experiencing some terrible weather conditions lately with storms, rain and crazy winds. I’m hoping it will have died down by them and that it will be safe to fly. Eek! Fingers crossed! 
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I hope you enjoyed this quick update, friend! Till next time xx
A quick update: Fundraisers, Musical Chairs Reading & GoNoodle! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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