6 Ways to Celebrate Students’ Birthdays

As a child, few things are more exciting than your birthday. And while many older children won’t admit it - birthdays are even better when they fall on a school day. You have a classroom full of people ready to celebrate and - if you’re lucky - you have a teacher who’ll make you feel super special.

I can never get enough of celebrating birthdays!

Today I thought I’d share a bunch of easy and affordable ideas for celebrating birthdays in the classroom. They won’t break the bank, but they will have your little learners beaming from ear to ear.

Love this door display @mrs.dellios has put together using the Boho Rainbow range. You could add a matching little birthday note too, like @teachingwithmisskiersten.



1. Start With a Birthday Display

The best place to start your planning is with a Birthday Display. Not only do they serve as a visual reminder of what birthdays are happening when (honestly, who can keep up!) they’re also fantastic for filling space in your classroom decor and solidifying the overall aesthetic of your classroom.

Adore these spaces by @wise_in_first and @brittanyraebecraft!

But most importantly? Students love to see that they’re being included and celebrated. I always loved seeing kids would quietly and proudly point out their names on the Birthday Display to their parents visiting the classroom.

Your birthday display be can an extension of your broader classroom aesthetic, just like the  Boho Rainbow items here.

I’ve created a whole bunch of different birthday displays to fit every classroom theme - there’s neutral tones, pastels, brights, rainbows, spots and so much more. I might be the tiniest bit biased, but I think they’re well worth a look ;)

Did I mention I love birthdays?! Having way too much fun with the Spotty Brights Birthday Display!



2. Crown Them Birthday Boss

I’m not sure if it’s the same across the world, but here in Australia, many families have a cheeky approach to birthdays.

A simple but effective Modern Rainbow display from @misszandthefirsties, goes so nicely with the Boho Rainbow range.

Let’s say you’ve been asked to put your dishes in the dishwasher, for example. If you reply “Ah, birthday girl!” you’re given a free pass. The idea is that you can be lazier, cheekier and more spoilt on your ‘special day’ and get away with it. It has its limits of course, but it’s effectively a one-day free pass to do as you please.

Absolutely adore the mixture of tones and textures in @primary.diaries’ Boho Vibes display.

You can adapt this slightly for the classroom, with what I like to call, ‘Birthday Boss.’ You simply nominate the birthday kiddo as ‘boss’ for the day and they get to ‘choose’ the activities, books and games for the day. Of course, you pull the strings by presenting only a few choices that you approve of, but it’s a wonderful way to give the children a sense of autonomy and control.

You can also give them the option to choose their favourite class job - it’s also a great way to rotate the best gigs between the students.

Ah, birthday girl! Image via @missmeg_04 and @teachingwithmisshonner


3. Have a Stockpile of Simple, Affordable Rewards

While a little gift isn’t necessary - there are so many other ways to make the day memorable - it does go down a treat! 

To keep it simple and affordable, I’ll usually pop to a dollar store at the start of the school year and buy one item in bulk. Whether it’s a fun straw and topper, a little stuffed animal, a key ring, slap band, pen or a fidget toy, I’ll get a few colour options for the children to choose from.

I then pop them all in a draw, add my little Happy Birthday Labels and the job is done! Honestly, if I had to go out and buy separate gifts for each birthday I’d never remember.

How cute are those flower-shaped highlighters from @miss_chahoud?
You can really attach these Birthday Balloons to just about anything!



4. Create a Slideshow and… a Disco?!

One of my absolute favourite ways to celebrate a child is with a customised slideshow. It takes five minutes to pop together but can make them feel so loved.

A simple slideshow can do wonders! Images via @teachingwithalexia and @learning-withemma.

Using my Google Slides templates, simply add a few photos, share a few kind observations about the child's strengths and include some wishes from the class.

When you turn the lights down low to watch the slideshow, there’s a fun twist you can add for extra memorability.

If you have a disco light (which is a rarity for the average population, but surprisingly common among teachers!) it can be so fun to pop it on, add a music track to the slideshow and have a little dance. You can call it a Birthday Boogie and make it a little tradition for your class. While the surprise factor only lasts for one birthday - the fun factor will never cease!



5. Decorate the Birthday Throne

This next tip is so simple it feels almost silly to type it! But one of the simplest and most impactful things you can do to celebrate a birthday is to decorate the student’s chair. For a day, that tiny and humble plastic chair becomes a throne.

The newest Birthday Display on the block, the Boho Plants range!

Even just a single helium balloon attached to a chair can really mean so much. But why not go all out and add wrapping paper, big bows, feather boas - anything you like!

It’s a fun way to signify to the class that a VIP is in the house and help any visitors to the room know that something special is happening. Also, the other students may get a real kick out of helping you decorate the night before.

Love this classic Birthday Display (left) from @miss.christiansen. And doesn’t this shot from @missglassroom just make you feel happy?


6. Create a Lucky Dip

Did anyone else read Babysitters Club Books as a child? If you did, you’ll remember that they had a ‘Kid Kit’ which was a tub filled with activities for the kids they were babysitting. It varied from week to week and always surprised and delighted the children.

Now, I know it was fiction but for some reason that idea really stuck with me, and I made a variation for my own students and it was such a hit. 

Simply start by grabbing a small tub, container or drawer. Fill it with small and cheap reward items, like fun stationery or fidget toys, or little treats.

We love a versatile label!

Then, using my trolly cart labels, or my general classroom labels give it a catchy name.  For instance - you could call it a Birthday Box, or a Kindness Container, or a Terrific Tub. 

When you see behaviour that’s kind, terrific - or, in this case - there’s a birthday, you can whip it out and the children can choose a special treat. Its varied and spontaneous nature of it makes it a real drawcard and makes it feel quite special.

Such a fun use of lace and bunting from @mrsfrantzenkinder! And ditto on the right - super fun use of my Spotty Brights Classroom Labels!

This idea works at any time of the year as a fantastic tool in your reward and recognition system. 

Hope this has helped, BFFs!

So there you have it BFFs, those are my six favourite tips to celebrate your student's birthdays. If you need any help choosing from my collections, drop a comment below or shoot me a DM, I’m always here to help!



6 Ways to Celebrate Students’ Birthdays - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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