21 of the Best Teacher TikToks

It’s dark. You’re in bed. You’re quietly chuckling into the soft glow of your cell phone. You told yourself you’d have a scroll for five minutes. Four hours ago. 

And tomorrow night - you’ll do it all again.

Sound familiar? Chances are you’ve discovered TikTok, or as I like to call it, The Great Time Vacuum!

TikTok’s not just a bunch of Gen Ys dancing and lip syncing. With one billion active users a month, it’s so much more. In fact, there’s limitless relatable, thought-provoking and deeply hilarious content on TikTok for teachers - content that’s often referred to as TeacherTok. The TikTok algorithm is famous for serving up exactly what you want to see, and it’s scarily accurate. (Who told them I was obsessed with Michael Jackson as a kid?!).

But MJ aside, today I’m sharing 21 must-watch TikToks for teachers. Just a warning though - once you fall in love with TikTok, you can kiss your early nights goodbye!


Teacher Hacks

With instant access to teachers across the globe, you’ll find a treasure trove of clever teacher hacks. 

Math teachers - so clever! Via @mathwithmsyi 
So many fun lesson ideas, like this one from @shauniemo. 
The “How’s it going?” kid is my fave. Via @mrheading. 
Well, well, well - here’s something similar I prepared earlier! via @pachatzke

Now BFFs - I wouldn’t just show you great ideas without also coming through with the goods! Here’s my very own Voice Levels Display and a Google Slides template with an inbuilt timer.

Voice level display via @teachingwithmissmain from my Spotty Brights range.

My Google Slides resource comes in a whole bunch of different aesthetics including Boho Rainbow, Spotty Brights, Neutrals and more. They’re totally editable too so you can add notes, prompts, messages or whatever you like!

Doesn’t the Boho Vibes design look so grand in @miss_grosse_’s classroom?


Sweet Ideas

TeacherTok is full of super sweet ideas to bring those warm and fuzzy feelings into your classroom.

So sweet! @misswarrensclass 
Now that’s a warm welcome! @teachingwithtayla

While nothing beats a present with chocolate and stationery, look after your student and relief teachers with all the info they’ll need too - I have just the thing!

A CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) Binder - beautiful and functional! Here are some tips on what to include.


Touching Moments

I’ll admit - I have had a little cry while watching TeacherTok! Sometimes it’s just what you need when your proverbial tank is low.

50 years as a high school teacher - amazing! Via @katherineinmanhattan 
Such a lovely way to connect with his students. And their little voices! Via @kjbr0wn


Young TeacherTok

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s a huge cohort of young TeacherTok accounts, many of whom aren’t afraid to have a laugh.


But it goes beyond that too - there’s a real sense of community for young teachers on TikTok.

There’s so much kindness to be found! Via @thattrendyteache


Funny Things Kids Say

There’s just nothing better than hearing the hilarious stuff kids come out with. And if TikTok is anything to go by, children are just as unpredictable and quirky in every country!

Too true! Via @iam.mrluke
If only, right?! Via @musicteachertiktok



My absolute favorite part of TeacherTok is the unpretentiousness of it all. Unlike many other social media platforms, it’s not all about being picture-perfect or looking the part. 

People like @mrwilliamsprek don’t shy away from talking about the hard stuff! 
So fascinating to see a regular day in the life of a grade teacher on the other side of the world! Via @jillianr3.

Whether it’s funny, heartfelt, cheeky or raw, there’s just something refreshingly honest about the teaching content in TeacherTok. (Well, most of it anyway!)

Stationery lovers can relate to @teachwithmx.ram. 
I genuinely snorted with laughter at this one from @itsthereallaura.



It's funny how many commonalities there are among teachers and students in every country. Whether you’re a middle school English teacher in Milwaukee or an elementary school teacher in Ethiopia - some things are just universal! (Like jangling lanyards and clapping to grab students’ attention, apparently!).

Every single detail is spot on! Via @millie 
Do your students do this? Via @maddiegracejepson


Classroom Resources and Decor

It’ll surprise precisely no one to know that my very favorite TikTok genre involves classroom supplies, resources and decor.

Type A for sure! TikTok @wittymelissa
Sound good? I got you BFF! TikTok via @teachingwithrachael

A teacher toolbox? Say no more! Rolling carts? Coming right up! Wax warmer? Actually, no. ;)

A little gorgeousness from the Boho Plants collection!

There are so many gorgeous clips of teachers decorating their classrooms and sharing their best finds. It’s inspiring without being unattainably perfect, and I love that.

Perhaps my favorite TikToks of all are your classrooms and my resources! Gorgeous room by @laurenbeabout, Boho Vibes decor by me! - Miss Jacobs Little Learners ;)

On the Miss Jacobs Little Learners TeacherTok account, you’ll find plenty of decor tips, tricks, fun little videos and classroom inspiration. I’ve basically rounded up all of the classroom decoration hacks I’ve learned over the years and made them into TikToks!

How to cut out the middle of your display headers. 
Every classroom needs a Teacher Trolley!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the fruits of my TikTok obsession research, BFFs! If you need any help with your classroom decor (or have a TikTok to share!), message me on TikTok



21 of the Best Teacher TikToks - Miss Jacobs Little Learners

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