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When you leave uni and step into the classroom as a teacher for the first time it can be, well, a bit of a shock!

On top of the actual teaching, you also quickly find out there’s a whole lot more to the job.

Teachers are required to create differentiated lesson plans that meet the widely varying needs of students, meet with parents and support them in their role as educators at home, find creative ways to teach the entire curriculum in a school year, AND potentially even take the whole show on the (digital) road when a global crisis hits.

I know what it’s like because as a primary school teacher in Melbourne, Australia I’ve experienced the pressure, overtime, stress and burnout that comes with it all first hand.

I’m Chantelle Jacobs,


I started Miss Jacobs’ Little Learners because, despite all the challenges, I love teaching. And I want to help other teachers thrive.

Not just because I’ve been where they are and I want better for them. But also because I believe that our children deserve teachers who are energised, engaged and who love what they do.

Teachers who care about creating classroom environments that support their students’ educational needs and set them up for a lifelong love of learning.

My mission is to make teacher’s lives easier with resources that help them go from overwhelmed to owning it. So they can become the confident, successful educator they’ve always wanted to be.

Over more than a decade of teaching, I’ve created resources that make lesson planning easy and that bring joy to the classroom —for teachers and students.

If you’re dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of your students – I’m here to help you.

Here at Miss Jacobs Little Learners, you’ll find stylish, high-quality teaching resources, practical guidance, inspiration and community.

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