Frequently Asked Questions

Choose from over 500 printable curriculum resources or make a request for something new.

After your purchase is confirmed, your digital file will wing its way to your email so you can download and start using it straight away.

Absolutely! With my educational products, you can add names, classroom details, dates, or anything else to make them your own.

All our products are downloadable, digital files that you can access immediately after purchase.

To open the files, you will be required to have a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. Please ensure your software is up to date to avoid compatibility issues.

Print as many copies as you like for your own use, as many times as you like, and enjoy. Too easy!

Purchase of Miss Jacobs Little Learners' resources entitles the purchase the right to reproduce pages in limited quantities for single classroom or homeschool use only.

Duplication for a friend, another staff member, entire school, or commercial purpose without purchase of an additional license is strictly forbidden.

Copying any part of this resource and/or placing it on the internet in any form (even a personal classroom website/ school server) is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Each of my classroom decor bundles is unique and the products included in them do differ from one another as they’ve evolved over time.

Please refer to the product description to see an outline of exactly what is included in each individual bundle prior to purchasing.


My website has different currency options based on your location. You can choose your currency preference using the dropdown menu located in the top right hand corner of the site.

All prices will be based on the current, daily conversion rate and is converted from the base price which is set in USD. (USD is the base rate to maintain consistency across all marketplaces that MJLL products are sold.)

Please note that GST / sales tax will be added to your purchase at the checkout based on the requirements in your location.

Once you purchase a bundle, you will have access for life to any updates or new resources that have been added to it. You will NOT have to purchase any new additions. 

You will be notified via email when updates are ready for downloading, so please ensure your email address is kept up to date.


My prices and products are all the same across all shop platforms however, TPT is an American website so it is set to USD.

Here are the differences between the two:

My website has different currency options based on your location. This is based on the current conversion rate and is converted from the base price which is set in the USD - the same as the TPT price. (for example, a bundle may be $34USD which converts to $50AUD)

Both platforms will also add GST at checkout.

If you purchase on my website in AUD, then you will not be charged currency conversion fees by your bank, however if you purchase from TPT the transaction will be in USD and then your bank will convert it to AUD and will most likely charge you a conversion fee.


I am unable to offer a custom order service at this stage due to the time it takes to create my resources and the volume of custom requests I regularly receive.


The majority of my classroom decor comes with an editable file, which allows teachers to modify them according to their individual classroom needs whether it be to type in another language for use in multilingual classrooms, changes in fonts or customised wording.

After your purchase is confirmed, your digital file will be automatically sent to your email so you can download it and start using it straight away.

Additionally, when logged in on my website, go to ‘Account’, and you will see the resources you’ve purchased in ‘Order History’.

If you have any issues, please contact and someone from the team will be able to assist you.

I recommend opening all PDF documents using Adobe Reader (free version) as this seems to have the least issues - unlike 'Preview' for example.

Please ensure your software is up to date to avoid compatibility issues. You can find the most up to date version of Adobe Reader here.

My editable files require you to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer in order to retain the design. For example, if you are opening with Google Slides or Keynote, you may lose the design elements and fonts.

Please ensure your software is up to date to avoid compatibility issues. You can download a free trial of MS PowerPoint here.

Most of my resources come with an editable version for you to customise to suit the individual needs of your students and classroom. This will be a PowerPoint file. You can download a free trial of PowerPoint here. (Please note if the file is a PDF, it will not be editable.)

  • Once you have downloaded your MJLL resource, open PowerPoint.

  • Select ‘Open’ from the menu on the left and select the resource you want to edit. (If the file is not showing, you may need to select browse and locate your file through the system viewer)

  • After opening you will need to save a copy of the file to make changes. Select File from the menu, then Save As and rename the file so that still have a copy of the original, unedited file

  • Now you can begin editing! To edit existing text, select the text you would like to edit and make any changes you need. 

  • You can also change the font and font size by highlighting to select the text you want to change, then right clicking on the text to show the font and font size in the menu.

  • To add an additional text box, select ‘Insert’ from the toolbar at the top and select ‘Text box’. You can position the text box by selecting and dragging to where you would like to add additional text. Format the font and text size as above.

  • To duplicate a slide, right click the slide in the left column and select ‘Duplicate slide’.

  • Once you’ve finished editing, be sure to save your file so you don’t lose all of your hard work!

Feel free to follow along to the video below:

Not all Miss Jacobs Little Learners products are editable. If a product is intended to be editable, it will be stated in the product description.

Please note the term 'editable' refers to certain text within the resource. Due to copyright laws, colour palettes and images are not editable.

If you are having issues extracting a zip file, make sure you’re aware of how your computer opens zip files. To unzip on a Mac, double click on the file and it will automatically open the folder in the same location. To unzip on a Windows computer, right-click the file in your download folder and select ‘extract all’ from the menu. This should open the folder for you in the same location.

For other operating systems, you may need to do a quick google search to check if a third party application is required for unzipping.

If you continue to encounter an issue with extracting your files, please email me  ( with your proof of purchase and my team will be able to assist you.

On rare occasions, a zip may appear empty when extracted. This can be due to a couple of factors.

1) Mac and Windows can sometimes have difficulty reading and opening files containing certain characters in their file name, so it may be down to a formatting issue your computer has with the product title.

2) Another factor may be speed of download. If your download has taken a long time to come through, it may cause a glitch in the zip, leaving it empty. Please ensure you have fully downloaded the file before trying to open it.

If you do encounter an empty zip, first try to re-download your product and see if that helps. 

If you continue to have this error, please contact me with your proof of purchase and the team will work with you to get you the files in another manner.


To see which font has been used in an editable file, click on the text box that says 'type here' and take a look at the font name in the font box on the PowerPoint dashboard.

The fonts used in my resources are not created by me and I therefore do not own the right to share them with others. I embed the fonts I have used in my editable files to allow customers to use them within the file, and while most don’t have an issue accessing them, for some reason, a small handful of people cannot.

Unfortunately, I don't have a solid solution to this problem, so it is for this reason that MJLL doesn't advertise that any of the editable resources have fonts embedded in them. I guess it's just a nice added bonus when they do work!

If you would like to purchase one of the fonts used and would like to know the name of it, click on the text box and the name will appear in the font section on the top left. I usually purchase fonts from TPT.

If you do not wish to purchase fonts, there are thousands of beautiful, free fonts that can be accessed from websites such as or which you can download to use in these files. You don't have to use the exact fonts that have been chosen in the examples.

To save on laminating, I recommend printing on white cardstock for extra durability. You won't need to use cardstock if you are laminating - you can just use standard 100gsm paper.

I like to use a high grade digital paper as it gives a higher quality finish than standard paper.


Everything I've created has been made to print on standard letter size / A4 paper, so all you need to do is print the resource as is! 

To enlarge: In your printer settings, select the paper size you’re after. Eg: A3

(If your printer has this capability)

To decrease: In your printer settings, select 'print two to a page' or similar. This will reduce the size by 50%.

I print all of my resources at home using my Epson Ecotank printer. I highly recommend it for everyday home use. The ink has lasted over a year and I print high volumes. It is definitely value for money with a great finish!

Hp Instant Ink is also a very cost effective and convenient option if you have large quantities to print throughout the year.

If you don’t have a home printer, other options are:




HP Instant Ink

Staples, Office Depot, FedEx, Walmart or Walgreens

Please note: If the store requests my permission to print the resources you’ve purchased, please show them my Terms of Use (page 2 of every resource) which states purchase of the resource entitles you the right to reproduce pages in limited quantities for single classroom use only.


MJLL's files are secured for editing, however there is no password required to print any of my resources. This issue is a glitch that happens when PDFs are opened in programs other than Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

To resolve the problem, open the PDF with the latest Adobe Reader instead, which can be downloaded for free here.

  1. Open Adobe Reader

  2. Select the resource you wish to view within Adobe Reader by clicking ‘File’ and then ‘Open’.

Just clicking on the PDF alone may still open the PDF in a default program.


Try going into your printer settings, and selecting 'print to fit' or 'shrink'. Each printer is different, so you may need to have a fiddle with your individual settings. If you’re still having trouble, I would suggest googling the exact model of your printer as there may be forums that will assist you with troubleshooting printing errors.

I'm no tech expert, but this is likely to have something to do with your printer or software.

You can find an article on printing that may have some helpful info for you here.

The colour tones are set in the PDF file, so the way digital files print is very much dependent on the quality of the printer, the type of ink (toner or liquid ink) and the paper used. You might also like to check if your printer cartridges need to be replaced to get the best colours possible.

Additionally, the monitor or screen you view the resource on may also affect the colour tones. This is because a high quality HD screen will display the resource more accurately than a standard monitor.

Firstly, congratulations on completing your teaching degree and scoring yourself your first teacher gig! 

In terms of classroom essentials, have you joined my FB Teacher Community Group? This would be a really great question to ask the community! There are lots of lovely teachers in there who I'm sure would be able to offer some wonderful advice and support moving forward too!

In the meantime though, I would say the following items are a great start:

-Teacher Trolley - a place to keep all your paperwork organised and stored in an accessible place in the classroom

-Teacher Toolbox - for those little bits and bobs that need a home and end up rolling around in your top drawer

-Binders / Folders - and lots of them! To house all your assessment notes, student work samples, lesson plans and planners. I like to buy white binders with a plastic sleeve in the front and spine so they can be labelled.

-A MJLL Decor Bundle - includes everything you need to get you started in setting up a stylish, engaging and organised learning space - a home away from home for you and your kiddos. Labels for teacher trolley, teacher toolbox and binders are all included in my bundles, and so much more!)

-Student Name Tags - also included in my classroom decor bundles!

-Baskets for your classroom library - I would check out the space you have to work with before buying these and also see if your school will supply them. You can then label them and organise them into categories.

-Laminator and laminating Pouches - to use on those items you want to keep and reuse year after year.

You can also check out my Classroom Essentials Guide for New Teachers HERE