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Growth Mindset

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  • growth-mindset-display-boho-rainbowgrowth-mindset-posters-boho-rainbow

    Boho Rainbow Themed Growth Mindset Posters | Neutral Rainbow Color Palette

  • rainbow-affirmation-station

    Affirmation Station [Modern Rainbow] | Positive Affirmations Mirror Display

  • Sale! stylish, bright and minimalistic teaching decor is set up at a desk with the words 'Spotty Brights decor bundle' over top.Spotty Brights Classroom decor binders and labels arranged nicely on a bookshelf

    Spotty Brights Classroom Decor | BUNDLE

  • botanical-growth-mindset-displaygrowth-mindset-bulletin-board

    Growth Mindset Classroom Display | Botanical / Nature Theme

  • modern-rainbow-inspiraitonal-classroom-posters

    Modern Rainbow Inspirational Classroom Posters | Boho Rainbow Decor

  • Sale! goal-setting-mega-bundle

    Student Goal Setting Mega Bundle

  • botanical-themed-student-goals-desk-mat

    Goals Desk Mat | Botanical Classroom Decor

  • Sale! assessment-and-reporting-bundle

    Acing Assessment Bundle | Report Writing Resources

  • affirmation station boho rainbowboho affirmation station

    Affirmation Station BOHO RAINBOW | Neutral Classroom Decor | EDITABLE

  • Sale! personal-goals-bundle

    Personal Goal Setting Bundle – for Students

  • A product front cover with cute, vibrantly coloured affirmation headers surrounding a mirror. Miss jacobs takes a selfie in the mirror, and the words 'affirmation station- editable' sit on topMiss Jacobs takes a selfie in her 'affirmation station' mirror display in her classroom, with affirming words printed on cute Spotty Brights Classroom decor round labels, surrounding the mirror

    Affirmation Station SPOTTY BRIGHTS | EDITABLE

  • Learning Intentions Miss Jacobs Little Learners Spotty Brights RangeLearning Intentions Miss Jacobs Little Learners Spotty Brights Range


  • Stunning student desk plates sit on a table with the names 'Harper' and 'Archie' on the front.Stunning student desk plates sit on a table with the names 'Harper' and 'Archie' on the front.



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