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Today I am joining a group of FANTASTIC Aussie teachers in a Product Linky that we like to call…


We have SWAPPED our products and have trialed and tested them in our own classrooms because we want to SHARE how they work with YOU!
Then we are going to GIVE away a copy of all products that have been reviewed to one lucky winner by entering the Raffle Copter! Easy!
And finally, I have a FREEBIE for you all at the end of this post :) Because – I love ya!

All the Aussie Bloggers that have been involved in this Linky are towards the bottom of the post for you the check out! There are some great products up for grabs that you will DEFINITELY find useful in your classroom.

Now for my REVIEW…


I have teamed up with the lovely *Tania* from Mrs. Poultney’s Ponderings and today I will be reviewing her pack called:
‘Read it, Fix It: Proof Reading and Editing with Insects’

This pack honestly couldn’t have come at a better time! On the first week back of term, I like to do a school holiday recount. Not only does it ease the children back into ‘school mode’ but it gives me an opportunity to read about what they did while they were away. (Let’s face it – I don’t really have the time to listen to 22 children tell me what they did on their holidays as they walk into the classroom on Day 1- I wish I did!)

Back to the pack…..

We have been talking about what ‘GOOD WRITERS’ do and the Writing Process so we spent a day on each step.

1: Planning our writing through drawings
2: Drafting
3: Revising and Proof Reading
4: Editing
5: Publishing

We used the Read it, Fix it: Proof Reading and Editing’ pack on days 3 and 4.


The pack comes with this fantastic editing poster – outlining each step in the editing process and a symbol for each one. We discussed each step as a grade and I used it in conjunction with my Writing Process Posters found here.


Then we went through each of the Punctuation Posters. These are adorable! The kids came up with little names for each poster. Eg: “Full Stop Boy” and “Exclamation Mark Girl!”


These posters are now permanently displayed in my room and cover the following:
*Talking Marks
*Full Stops/Periods
*Exclamation Marks
*Capital Letters
*Question Marks

And now for my favourite part of the pack…

These handy bookmarks. I printed and laminated one for every student in my grade to keep at their desks because I want them to remind my students of what to look for when editing.

I noticed such a difference when I corrected my student’s work on Friday. They were actually PROOF READING and using a red pencil to edit their work!! They produced some fabulous holiday recounts!




For those students who need more practise editing and revising their work, Tania has included lots of activity sheets which require students to edit the paragraphs. (Yes, she has thought of everything!)

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use this pack with my students Tania! Because it was a great series of lessons, we will continue to use this pack and make references to it for the remainder of the year. Such a fantastic resource!

Be sure to check out the other Aussie bloggers in the Linky below after you enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a copy of all of the resources featured in our Product Swap Linky!!

Happy Editing!

Now here is my FREEBIE for you!
Here is my Springtime Emergent Reader: What’s in your garden? focussing on the sight words ‘I can see’ along with working on Springtime vocal and colour knowledge.
It’s perfect for Pre K – K students or those who are still at the Emergent Reader stage.
You can grab it HERE:


I hope you enjoyed this weeks post – Swap, Share, Give!

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