Some Special Moments: The Life of a Kinder Teacher

I absolutely LOVE my job! Those who know me personally already know this and sometimes I wonder if people get sick of me talking about ‘my kids’ so often! That is why I enjoy blogging so much! It allows me to share things with people who want to know about it! People who actually care – otherwise, let’s face it – you wouldn’t be reading!

So today, I am going to share some of my most FAVOURITE gifts and drawings given to me by my students over the years. These are all from Kinder students – and they are all soooooo special to me. :)

This is my favourite gift of ALL TIME! Nothing will ever top it off.

It made me made me cry…. and cry…. and cry….

It was a Christmas Gift from a special little boy. He arrived in Australia from Sudan only a few years ago and was in my grade for 2 years as he repeated Kinder the first year he arrived in Australia.

During this time, we developed a very close bond.

He came from a very poor family, and during the Christmas period, the children in my grade began to give me gifts. This particular boy didn’t have anything to give me, so instead, he found some wrapping paper in the bin and began to make a little box during our free time at school. The next day he presented me with this. It was a collection of his toys!

This is a boy who has very little however he offered what he did have to me. (I’m getting emotional writing about it now and this is 3 years later).

He didn’t realise why I was crying at the time, but I will cherish that gift forever.

This one was a Birthday card given to me from the same student as above. I particularly love his drawings and choice of colours. :)

This letter cracked me up!

I asked the children to write me a letter while they were on school holidays and on the first day back at school, one of my cherubs handed me this.

It reads:

‘Dear Miss Jacobs, On the holidays I had diarrhoea. I vomit on my bed. I nearly stayed awake for all the night. My mum and dad cleaned my bathroom and my bed. I was red.’

Hahaha I love it! :)

These are some cute drawings the children have made in their own time and presented to me in the morning when they walked into school. They are always so excited to give me their presents. I have chosen to share these two in particular, because the one about the little girl’s ‘big nonna’ made me laugh so much and the other one was very colourful. I think he did a good job of drawing me :)

I hope these little pics made you smile :)

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