Kindergarten Literacy Center Ideas

Are you looking for some Literacy Center inspiration for your Kindergarten students??

At the beginning of the school year, it is important to reinforce alphabet and letter/sound knowledge.

Here are some activities we like to use in my classroom.

Ice Cream Cone Alphabet Match.

CupCake Letter Match

This pack has two options.

1. Match the upper case and lower case letters

2. Match the initial sounds with the corresponding letter

Again, great for differentiation in your classroom.

CVC Word Center Activities

These are great for differentiation in your classroom! They come in 3 different layouts.

1. All Blank – to be filled in by student

2. Middle (Vowel) sound missing

3. Beginning sound missing

You can use the set you require depending on your individual student needs, OR you can group your students accordingly. Can be used with magnetic letters or whiteboard markers.

Initial Letter and Sound Cards

These cards focus on the initial sound in words. Can be used with magnetic letters or whiteboard markers.


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